The supersized game; Mega Millions Max

It’s been an exciting few weeks for our players. They’ve been enjoying promotions, exclusive lotteries and game updates leaving them smiling from ear to ear. We can officially say that we have no intention of slowing down either. So are you ready for our newest announcement? We’re proud to announce our newest lottery, Mega Millions Max!

The supersized game; Mega Millions Max

What is Mega Millions Max?

If you think this lottery sounds familiar, that’s because it probably does, it’s the child of Mega Millions, except there’s nothing small about it.

Mega Millions Max is based on the Mega Millions lottery that players have come to know very well over the years, except one thing has changed - the jackpots. Mega Millions Max jackpots are bigger and more exciting than ever.

Mega Millions currently holds the record for the third biggest jackpot ever won but Mega Millions Max plans to top that. To prove that they’re well on their way to being one of the highest jackpots ever won you can easily compare the two jackpots. For the same draw, the Mega Millions jackpot sat at $45,000,000 while Mega Millions Max sat at a gigantic $700,000,000!

Mega Millions offers maximum jackpots to get you the coveted title of Multi-Millionaire.

How you can play Mega Millions Max

Much like the game many players have enjoyed before, Mega Millions is similar, but the jackpots are huge!

Mega Millions Max uses two separate ball sets. The first ball set holds the main numbers ranging from 1 - 70 while the second ball set holds the MegaBalls with numbers ranging from 1 - 25.

To enter to win the Mega Millions Max jackpot, players need to pick 5 numbers from the main numbers and 1 Mega Ball.

How to play Mega Millions Max

Draw days

As Mega Millions Max is based on Mega Millions, draw days are the same; every Tuesday and Friday. The winning Mega Millions numbers are also the winning numbers for Mega Millions Max.

As the Mega Millions Max jackpots are always supersized, players assume that these are Superdraws, we are here to confirm that they are not. The massive jackpot numbers you see will become a regular feature for this lottery.

However, we can officially add that Mega Millions Max will have Superdraws from time to time. When these do happen, they will not roll-over and they will be once-off.

When Superdraws do occur, will email all players and inform them of this never-to-miss opportunity.

Prize Tiers

Matching up to 3 numbers means you’re still a winner! Players can enjoy prizes across 9 tiers with Mega Millions Max. Want to know what you can win? Find out here!

Where to play

As one of the official partners of Mega Millions Max, offers players exclusive access to this lottery.

We encourage all players to beware of imitations and only play with official Mega Millions Max partners where any winnings are guaranteed.

First we brought our players a world-class playing platform. Then we brought them 5-star customer support to help them play lotteries from around the world. Now we’re bringing players a lottery with jackpots so massive they think it’s Superdraws. Can you guess what we’ll do next? Keep up-to-date with our news so you never miss an important announcement.

This article forms part of our Mega Millions Max Resource Centre.

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Posted by Thinh (22/04/2018)

Thanks for the info!

Posted by Thinh (23/04/2018)

Thanks for the info!

Posted by Zeljko (26/04/2018)

This is very nice to know.

Posted by Ildefonso (13/05/2018)

This is an honest question and I hope PHL does publish and reply to it.What insurance companies are able to insure that "lottery" games like the Mega Millions Plus,PowerBall Plus and Superena Max are paid out if jackpots are won.Are players guaranteed to receive jackout payouts as per rules of the games,should they win,as these are not "real" lotteries?

Posted by PlayHugeLotto (14/05/2018)

Hi there Ildefonso, we love hearing from our players and answering their questions. Whenever you play an insured lottery with us, we pay a fee to an insurance company. In turn, the insurance company guarantees payout if your chosen numbers match the official result of the underlying lottery. (I.e. SuperEnaLotto / SuperEna Max, USA Powerball / Powerball Plus, etcetera). After being in the business for 20 years - you can trust that we understand the importance of fulfilling our commitment to you - which is to pay you when you win.

Posted by Leyla (31/12/2021)

Thanks for the info!

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