Quick pick vs self-pick: what’s really the best

If there was a formula to winning the Powerball jackpot, we’d all be millionaires by now. The mystery of which numbers will be drawn and who will be a winner is all part of the appeal of the lottery. We enter our numbers and then wait for draw day. Whether you match 1 ball or all 6, matching any ball means you win something! But how do you choose your numbers and what are your options? Today we’re looking at quick pick vs self-pick.

Quick pick vs self-pick: what’s really the best

Self-pick: the old school approach

Picking your own numbers is the most traditional approach for selecting lottery numbers. This method reminds people of a time before online gaming where they would stand in queues and physically mark the numbers they would like to enter on their lotto ticket. Self-picks are often very personal experiences for lotto players because it not only allows them to select their own numbers but there’s often a sense of nostalgia attached to it.

Self-picks can also be fun for players. Here players will use numbers like birthdays, anniversaries, telephone numbers, ages or addresses and they would either play the numbers as is, or mix them up to create new number combinations.

self-pick: the old school approach

The drawbacks of self-picking

Besides winning the jackpot, players often say that self-picking their numbers can often be the most enjoyable part of the lottery experience. However, there are some drawbacks.

Another drawback with self-picking numbers based on birthdays and anniversaries, is that the calendar month is limited to a maximum of 31 numbers, while Powerball numbers go up to and until number 69. Much like the previous drawback, if many players are using this strategy and limiting their number selection to the number 31 and lower, if these numbers are drawn as the winning numbers, you will then need to share the jackpot with many other winners.

Self-picking number strategy

Besides self-picking numbers based on birthdays and anniversaries, another way to select numbers is by strategically looking at previous winning numbers and selecting your numbers based on that.

This strategy breaks down numbers into three different sections; hot, cold and due numbers. By looking at previous winning numbers players will select hot numbers because they have been drawn many times before. Other players will look at previous winning numbers and select cold numbers that have not yet been drawn for a very long time. Lastly, players will calculate the average amount of times a number has been drawn and try to predict when it will be drawn again, because they are now due numbers.

For an in-depth look at hot, cold and due numbers, have a look at our recent article Lotto numbers and how to pick them explaining everything.

Self-picking number strategy

Quick pick

Quick pick numbers are one of the perks of online lotteries. If you’re feeling uninspired, an online number generator will select numbers for you. Many players enjoy this option because it relieves the pressure of having to pick the perfect numbers and it’s also a great time saver.

However you’re selecting your numbers, remember every number combination has an equal chance of playing, so keep playing and good luck!

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Posted by Thinh (4/04/2018)

Thanks for the info!

Posted by Sundarasrinivasan (7/06/2018)

Quick pick unless you have strong intuition or repeated dreams about particular set of numbers.

Posted by Leyla (3/01/2022)

Thanks for the info!

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