The new millionaire maker: Powerball Plus

You’ve been asking for it, and now we’re giving you the exclusive info on the new millionaire maker, Powerball Plus!

Powerball Plus has officially launched and it‘s been an instant hit with players from around the world. Over the years, players have come to enjoy exclusive promotions and Superdraws, and this lottery is one more golden star that players can add to their list of favourites that they play.

As an official partner of Powerball Plus, we’re excited to be one the first platform to bring you this lottery with life-changing jackpots. Powerball Plus

What is Powerball Plus?

Like the game you’ve come to love, Powerball Plus is the bigger version of Powerball. It’s the game you’ve come to know but with jackpots that will make you double check the grand prize! They’re that massive!

Powerball Plus makes Powerball look like small change

What can you play to stand a chance to win the biggest jackpot possible? We’re sure the first name that came to mind was Powerball right? Powerball Plus is here to change all that!

The last Powerball jackpot sat at a very impressive $455 million, while Powerball Plus sat at $599 million! Powerball Plus isn’t a Superdraw either, so you can expect these whopping jackpots week after week every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

How do you play Powerball Plus?

If you know how to play the much-loved Powerball, then Powerball Plus will be the upgrade you didn’t know you wanted.

With a lottery that’s this exciting there has to be a catch? Wrong. Playing this exclusive lottery is easy too. Like all our other lotteries, log into your account and head over to the Powerball Plus play page.

Powerball Plus uses two machines to draw two sets of numbers, white numbers and the powerball. Players need to pick 5 numbers from a possible 69 from the white numbers and 1 number from a possible 26 from the red powerballs.

The Powerball Plus winning numbers are based on the Powerball winning numbers. If you’ve entered Powerball Plus and you match all 6 numbers that were drawn, then you’re a millionaire!

Remember, the two lotteries are different even though the winning numbers are the same. To win the Powerball Plus jackpot, you must enter and play Powerball Plus with

Powerball Plus

Where can you play?

To ensure that you’re playing for the biggest jackpot possible, only play with exclusive official Powerball Plus partners, like

Players have been enjoying exclusive play opportunities for years, and this is another chance to win big.

Draw days

Players have been asking if Powerball Plus is a Superdraw, we’re here to confirm that it is not. The massive jackpots you see can be won on draw days, which are Monday, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Unlike Superdraws, these are not once-off, but players stand a chance to win every week.

Comment below to let us know if you’ve played this exclusive game yet! The jackpot is there to be won, and someone needs to win it. Who knows? It could be you!

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Michalah Francis - who has written 69 articles

Posted by Thinh (23/03/2018)

Thanks for the info!

Posted by PRADIP (3/04/2018)

i hope that happy moments will come in my life very soon.

Posted by PRADIP (5/04/2018)

my congratulations to them

Posted by PRADIP (8/04/2018)

let's them celebrate their winning.

Posted by Zeljko (10/04/2018)

Very nice. Hope to win it once.

Posted by PRADIP (10/04/2018)

happy moment, GOD blessed them.

Posted by PRADIP (12/04/2018)

i day i will smile like u.

Posted by PRADIP (14/04/2018)

today i have buy USA POWER BALL and JACKPOT i must win !!!!!

Posted by PRADIP (15/04/2018)

today i failed to match usa pb ticket single number !!

Posted by Ildefonso (16/04/2018)

Euromillions Superdraw coming up on friday.

Posted by PRADIP (17/04/2018)

i must win jackpot very quickly.

Posted by PRADIP (18/04/2018)

today i have play GERMAN LOTTO, i must won jackpot !!

Posted by PRADIP (19/04/2018)

beautiful days must be come in my life.

Posted by PRADIP (23/04/2018)

how lucky both are !

Posted by Zeljko (23/04/2018)

Will you have a powerball plus again?

Posted by PlayHugeLotto (24/04/2018)

We're loving your enthusiasm for our exclusive game Zeljko! Keep checking your emails and updates, but we'll give you a hint, something big is coming soon! Good luck and keep playing!

Posted by PRADIP (28/04/2018)

i never quit until winning of 1 m $ or jackpot.

Posted by PRADIP (29/04/2018)

i also want BIG PRIZE AMOUNT will come soon in my life.

Posted by PRADIP (2/05/2018)

i m waiting for the happy moment.

Posted by Zeljko (2/05/2018)

It is on again. Nice. I like big jackpots. If I will ever win one, I like it to be BIG!

Posted by PRADIP (3/05/2018)

today i have match only 1 no.of oz power ball ! i will try again . . . .

Posted by PRADIP (6/05/2018)

oh GOD !! how long i have to wait for that sweet moment ?

Posted by Celso Ervin (7/05/2018)

i hope poweball plus become permenant in phl please

Posted by PRADIP (7/05/2018)

they r so lucky, indeed.

Posted by PRADIP (8/05/2018)

really "A M A Z I N G L U C K" !!

Posted by PRADIP (9/05/2018)

happy moment will come in my life, i m waiting.

Posted by PRADIP (10/05/2018)

very happy moment both r enjoying.

Posted by PRADIP (11/05/2018)

today i have match 1 no.of GERMAN LOTTO, 2 more nos. just very close !!

Posted by Leyla (6/01/2022)


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