A Euromillions Jackpot Too Big To Ignore

As Michael Douglas found out in the 80's thriller, Fatal Attraction, there are some things in life that just cannot be ignored, one is an unstable relationship partner and the other is money!

When we say ‘money’ we’re not talking about the spare change in your wallet or even the contents of your cheque account. We’re talking about €166 MILLION, in other words, the Euromillions Friday night jackpot!

New arrivals to the site, here is what you have been missing:

Date of draw Jackpot Amount
7th June €100 million SuperDraw
11th June €112 million Rollover
14th June €129 million Double Rollover
18th June €143 million Triple Rollover
This Friday
*** €166 million Quadruple Rollover ***

The question on everyone’s lips is will a winner be found on Friday night or will be in store for a potentially record breaking jackpot next week?

Either way, this jackpot is simply too big to be ignored.

Money Never Sleeps

Another classic Michael Douglas film, Wall Street, taught us all another very important (and perhaps more obvious) principle about money: It never sleeps!


Thanks to the power of compound interest (what Albert Einstein referred to as the ‘most powerful force in the Universe’) your jackpot prize would be earning you a sizeable fortune in interest payments alone.

With €166 million invested you could very easily live on the interest alone without ever having to touch your capital. Even the most modest of investment returns would earn you over a million Pounds per annum easily. A return of just 1% would earn you €1.6 million for example.

In whatever way you choose to invest your vast wealth after Friday’s jackpot win just make sure you have a little fun first!

But before you can win, you have to play...

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Posted by Harshall (20/06/2013)

I agree, am not gonna miss this one under any circumstances, its just too big to imagine :)

Posted by Owen (20/06/2013)

I wish it was me going to win this great price and pray that one day I will be the one on the list.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (20/06/2013)

this IS the greatest fortune you could ever have! actually it is everyones biggest fortune if you are in the running and playing! im playing now!...i want a head start for this one!

Posted by Harshall (21/06/2013)

Such a massive jackpot makes me so excited!! Today is 21st totalling to 3, very lucky, and full date totalling to 6, again very lucky, get the feeling that the jackpot is going to be won today. It could be me :)))

Posted by Etta (21/06/2013)

This Friday is mine the jackpot is a gift from universe to me sheerrr

Posted by IWw0Ut- (22/06/2013)

"too big" is not an appropriate description of the jackpot now with its 5th rollover! now its phenomenal! ginormous! and out of this world BIG!!!!!! and extraordinary!

Posted by Etta (22/06/2013)

Still gona get it ;already did my listings.

Posted by G Richard (22/06/2013)

Lets hope one of our 'family' cracks this BIG Euromillions rollover!

Posted by Darren (23/06/2013)

Believe me people, this jackpot is mine, ladies enquire within ;-). 11:11

Posted by Harshall (24/06/2013)

The euromillions jackpot is gonna be won tomorrow for sure, no more rollovers, take my word for it!!

Posted by Krishnan (25/06/2013)

Only it is nothing fatal about Euro as long as one does not spend too much on it. It is all a Balancing act between fantasy and reality. One or a few winners on whom Goddess of Luck will bestow her wield, will be becoming rich. Let at least this time the winner be from Huge Lottos player !

Posted by Judy (1/07/2013)

Congrats to the winner

Posted by Johnny (2/07/2013)

It's very hard to imagine to win this Jackpot...and its very hard to imagine who Win this Highest Jackpot ever..

Posted by Debashish D (11/07/2013)

Indeed it's too big to ignore...!!!

Posted by Georgios (1/09/2013)

euromillions always has a lot of money, so there is no way that i will ignore it

Posted by Georgios (2/09/2013)

i am feeling very lucky these days so i think its my turn to become a millionaire!!!

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