Instant win games then vs instant win games now

Quick win games started somewhere, let’s find out how they’ve turned into the games you love today.


Instant win games then vs instant win games now

Hoping to win a great jackpot is always exciting, but it’s the instant win games that makes us exactly that, instant winners. Whether you’re scratching to win or purchasing tickets in a raffle, there’s a quick game for everyone. But how did the games you love begin and turn into what they are today? Today we’re finding out how quick win games has grown over the years, let's begin!

  1. Scratchcards

  2. A game with many names, including scratch-offs, scratch games and scratchie, but at we like to call it scratchcards. Exactly as the name suggests, players need to scratch to win. Every ticket comprises of several areas concealing potential prizes, players then need to scratch the areas to reveal what lies beneath; a variety of potential winnings. Scratchcards are commonly referred to as quick win games because the faster you scratch the sooner you become a winner. There are no waiting periods or added anticipation, if you want to take your chances at becoming a winner today, then that’s exactly what you can do.

    Scratchcards weren’t always as convenient as they are now, they were originally produced using manual randomization techniques. In 1974 a scientist and retail promotional specialist produced the first computer-generated instant lottery game. Simple scratchcard games required players to scratch three or more areas and if all the areas matched, players became a winner! Whether players were required to match symbols, pictures, words or numbers, if they match - players win. Over the years scratchcards have changed, but the simplicity of this quick win game has always remained a constant.


  3. Keno

  4. Dating back to the Great Wall of China, Keno has come a long way from Ancient China. It’s a game many have come to love, but most don’t know how it began, we’re here to help you understand where this game came from.

    Surprisingly, the word keno has French and Latin roots. This word dates back to the French word quine meaning "five winning numbers" and the Latin word quini meaning “five each". But China is where it really all began.

    Legend has it that the game was invented in an effort to save the ancient city during a time of war. When defences and money were low, the game was created to raise capital to build the Great Wall of China as a defence against enemies. However, modern China denies using lotteries to fund public institutions and recognizes the late 19th Century as the time that this changed.

    Official documentations date 1847 as the year that the Portuguese government of Macao granted a license to lottery operators. Some even say that keno game results were delivered to distant villages using pigeon carriers, which is how the games got its name, báigē piào, directly translating to "white dove ticket".

    When families started immigrating, Chinese immigrants introduced Keno to the rest of the world and it eventually evolved into the game we have and love today.

Now, offers players the opportunity to play online, during their own time and at their own pace. Instead of waiting for a pigeon to land and give you draw results, with draws happen every 3 minutes, meaning you could be a winner every 3 minutes. As a bonus, we also offer Keno 9 and 12. Simply pick your preference.

Instant win games have come a long way from where they started; people queuing outside vendors and scratching cards using a coin. While those experiences are great memories, online instant win games are making it easier and easier for you to play and enjoy them. Do you have a favourite? Leave us a comment and let us know which instant win game you love.

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