Find out which celebs play the lottery

Celebs want to win big too!


Can you instantly think of three things you and your favourite celeb have in common? Private chef? White leather interior Lamborghini? Mansion? You might not be able to relate to this, but the one thing we can all relate to is the lottery. Any jackpot is very appealing, so appealing that many millionaires and celebrities can’t resist. Some of the biggest names in showbiz take their chances in the hopes of winning big. Is your favourite celebrity among those who are playing? Let’s find out now!

Find out which celebs play the lottery

  1. George Clooney

  2. Powerball? MegaMillions? Turns out Mr. Clooney is a SuperEnaLotto fan! He once bought 1000 tickets in the hopes that he would win big. If, like us, you’re wondering why George Clooney would want to win big, here’s the answer. If he won he intended to donate all his winnings to charities that were assisting victims of the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake. Award-winning and big heart!

  3. Paris Hilton

  4. Paris Hilton and George Clooney might not have shared the golden screen together, but they do share a love for SuperEnaLotto. In 2008 the heiress shocked many when she was photographed buying 1500 SuperEnaLotto tickets. She might not have had big plans like George Clooney, but she did later admit that she planned on donating 10% of her lottery winnings to charities. Pity for her and those charities that she didn’t win big. Better luck next time!

  5. Simon Cowell

  6. Publically known as one of the wealthiest men in showbiz, he is also known to be a lottery winner. While he neither confirmed nor denied this, the public decided that he is a winner. In an interview, he hinted that he won a prize but continued to say that he always tickets the no publicity box on tickets to keep potential winnings out of the media. How very mysterious Mr. Cowell.

    simon cowell and paris hilton

  7. Madonna

    Known as a singer, songwriter and actress, Madonna truly has done a lot. But now we can add lotto winner to her list of titles. Madonna bought SuperEnaLotto and SiVinceTutto tickets in the hopes that she would win big. And then she did. Madonna walked away with €12,000 which she dedicated to help build schools in Malawi.

  8. Hugh Jackman

  9. Last but definitely not least. Hugh Jackman is known to be many things, a good actor and a gentleman, but people around the world have come to love him for his great team building efforts on movie sets. Have you heard this story? It’s a favourite for many! While shooting for Real Steel in 2011, Jackman bought his crew 500 US Lottery tickets. A year later he was still keeping the tradition alive. On the set of Les Misérables he spent £250 on tickets for the entire crew. Hugh Jackman believes that lottery tickets and the potential to win big are great ways to motivate team building. This is especially true for long periods of filming and long hours on set. Jackman once admitted to calling his team building efforts an ‘Australian tradition’ when in reality it isn’t. Crew members love the gesture, we would too!

Online lotteries provides everyone with the opportunity to win big no matter what. Whether you’re already a millionaire or you’re looking to increase that bank balance even further. Jackpots are going to be won, and who knows, maybe it could be Brad Pitt or maybe it could be you. Which lottery will you be playing next?

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