Feng Shui Rules to Create Wealth & Prosperity

Here at PlayHugeLottos.com we enjoy reviewing lucky objects and symbols that may help a lottery player become a lottery winner. In this news item we will be taking a look at the ancient Chinese art of Feng-Shui and how it can be applied to help us create prosperity and wealth.

Feng-Shui is the ancient art of object placement to increase positive energy in your life. The rules of Feng Shui to create wealth are actually pretty basic (at least to begin with) but you will first need a compass!

feng shui wealth compass

Find the South Eastern sector of your home

This sector of your home governs your cash flow and additionally the way in which you perceive your ability to create money. For a lottery player it’s pretty obvious that this is an extremely important area of your house.

So what do you do with this section of your home? For starters, you need to ensure that you place items here that align with wealth energies.

Here is a list of various things you can add to this sector of your home to increase your wealth:

Colours for prosperity – These ‘prosperity’ colours are purple, red and green. These three colours need to be introduced into this corner of your house.

prosperity buddha

Money – It goes without saying that money attracts money. Be sure to store images of money and wealth or even actual money in this sector (for example, a bowl of foreign coins). This also includes fake money, even Monopoly money will do.

Chinese Money Toad – Many will be familiar with these gold or green statues of the Chinese Money Toad replete with Chinese coin in mouth.

Gold fish – Whether you choose to have an aquarium, a statue of a gold fish or even just an image, these fish will bring you luck in this space.

Fountain – A flowing bamboo fountain is thought to be especially auspicious when placed in this sector and is also good for ones career.

Plants – More specifically a Jade plant or a small fruit tree, perhaps even some lucky bamboo.

Eight horses – Firstly the number eight by itself represents prosperity in Feng Shui, perhaps because the word for “eight” in Mandarin sounds just like the word for “prosper.” The image of the eight horses can either be in statue form or as a painting.

8 horses

Here are some other Feng Shui tips for creating a wealth-building energy in your home.

Love your wallet or purse

Treat your wallet with respect, keep it clean and clutter free (do not store more than is necessary). Additionally store it in an elevated position. If you can personalise it in some way e.g. with a lucky charm it will assist in ‘activating’ your wallet to receive money.

Keep things moving

In Feng Shui, anything that is moving helps keep the money circulating in your life. This is one of the reasons why a fountain is considered beneficial, because the water is moving.

After reviewing what we can do to activate the prosperity energy in our lives lets now take a look at some very definite don’ts when it comes to Feng-Shui.

What NOT to do!

The number one DON’T. Avoid clutter and dirt in your home. These serve as obstacles that prevent the accumulation of positive energy in your space.

Leaks are another big no-no! If there is something in the South-East corner of your home that is leaking then the theory is that your money will also be leaking away.

clutter feng shui

Toilets, kitty litter boxes, trash cans, broken objects and anything that is dead or dying needs to be cleared from the South East corner of your home. All of these things will drain the prosperity energy from your life if they are present in the money sector of your home.

There are a number of lucky objects and Chinese lucky symbols and numbers that may increase the luck and prosperity in your life. The philosophy behind Feng-Shui is what determines these symbols and numbers to be lucky. It is a comprehensive philosophy and also practical guide for creating a wealth-building energy in your life – amongst other positive things.

Are you now prepared to let the world know that you are ready for more financial prosperity in your life?

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Posted by IWw0Ut- (13/06/2013)

feng shui rules the way for prosperity in the chinese culture. there is also the VASTU perspective for the indian VEDIC tradition, for EVERYTHING auspicious, including prosperity, health and opulence. so try it all...something will surely help you with the SUPERDRAW!!!!!!

Posted by Volodymyr (13/06/2013)

win Euromillion's jackpot and to the sides put east- "green"$, tothe west another "white" banknotes ....

Posted by Harshall (14/06/2013)

Hats off to you guys, this is such important and useful information!! I have implemented some of this already, and will try and do the rest.. Thanks!!

Posted by Owen (14/06/2013)

But the one who decied to win is God through his son Jesus Christ because he gave as life, skills, Talents and above all He gave his Spirit to led us into prosperity. God says He gave as Power to become wealth I believe that. it is true. For everyone he/she is what they are by the grace of God.

Posted by Judy (14/06/2013)

God has given us all our lucky numbers just talk to him and listen closely...now play your lucky day might be today.

Posted by Rekha (16/06/2013)

ya it is a great way of making wealth.

Posted by Edmore (16/06/2013)

I agree with you Owen,its only God's grace that you need,if you believe you will be giving your testimony soon.Stay in his presence.All the best

Posted by Prunella (16/06/2013)


Posted by Julie (16/06/2013)

This is a such important and useful also to me the information! its very good

Posted by Harshall (18/06/2013)

Numerology too plays a very big role in abundance and prosperity!! Would love to see an article on this some day.. After all lottery is a numebers game :)

Posted by Harshall (18/06/2013)

Numerology too plays a very big role in abundance and prosperity!! Would love to see an article on this some day.. After all lottery is a numebers game :)

Posted by Krishnan (24/06/2013)

This is an excellent article. Also a personal wealth vase can be created which is considered to be a very effective Feng Shui symbol to attract great wealth and prosperity. It is a vase filled with precious/semiprecious items, to be kept at home/ office or any premises and can be a powerful tool to invite and maintain prosperity. How do one go about selecting a wealth vase? I will post the complete procedure to make a personal wealth vase to be kept at home

Posted by Subrata (4/07/2013)

its really amazing to know about the feng shui system. since it is so popular, it must yield results.

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