What do lottery tickets and dream homes have in common?

Open plan with sliding glass doors? Or classic architecture with brown brick finishes? What does your dream home look like?

Many of us like to fill our homes with quality items we find at a reasonable price, the 21st Century is all about still getting your butter on a budget. However, the truly extravagant home features are luxuries for a reason; their price tag.

While many people dream about these features, others are enjoying them every day in their homes. So what do dream homes and lottery tickets really have in common? Winning any jackpot can turn all your dream home into a reality. Here are the most popular home features of 2017. Maybe they could be yours if you win.

  1. Infinity Pools with a view

  2. Infinity pools with a view

    Spend sunny days cooling down in the water while relaxing your mind by appreciating breathtaking views. Starting from $45,000, this relaxation feature could be yours if you won the SuperEnaMax jackpot.

  3. Marble staircase

  4. marble staircase

    Nothing screams opulence much like entering a home and being greeted with the grandeur of a marble staircase. One celeb who particularly enjoys this feature, is American electronic DJ, Moby. His home boasts a stunning black and white marble staircase in his foyer. Do you prefer classic black and white or would you go for something a bit more daring?

  5. Topiary garden with a fountain

  6. garden and water feature

    Directions to your home would include you saying things like “turn left into the gate and drive through our garden” or “drive up the garden until you reach the water feature at the front door”. Sounds too good to be true right? This is a reality for some. Lush green grass and perfect tree sculptures line gravel rounds that leads to water features of angels or bowls overflowing with water. Whatever it is, it’s always beautiful.

  7. Walk-in closets

  8. walkin

    Sharing clothing space is so last year. Clothes need their own space and room to breathe. As a bonus, walk-in closets allow you to put your favourite items on display for you to enjoy each time you get dressed. Whether you plan on grouping your clothing by occasion, colour or season, walk-in closets give you the space to do exactly what you want. You could fund this dream home feature if you won the US Powerball jackpot.

  9. Split homes

  10. split home

    There’s the age-old saying ‘variety is the spice of life’ and that’s exactly true when it comes to split homes. Why live in one space when you can live in two completely different spaces? Build it exactly the way you want to. Place your entertainment room and living space in one section and bedrooms in another. Place a garden in between or a water feature to promote serenity between your homes. How would you design your space? We’re partial to water features and large entertainment spaces, but that’s just us.

Do you have a favourite from this list? Maybe one or maybe you’d like them all? Take your chances with this week’s US Powerball jackpot and you could be on your way to building your dream home.

This post was written by
Michalah Francis - who has written 69 articles

Posted by Zeljko (24/01/2018)

That is why I am playing. Deam home with infinity pool on some nice place....

Posted by PRADIP (25/01/2018)

not only dream home, so many things will happen to winner life.

Posted by Thinh (26/01/2018)

Thanks for the info!

Posted by Zeljko (28/01/2018)

..ocean view and a palm trees like on your picture will also do....

Posted by PlayHugeLotto (29/01/2018)

Good luck to everyone playing! Maybe that dream home can be yours one day.

Posted by PRADIP (29/01/2018)

one most dream in people's life about their "VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL HOME".

Posted by Leyla (21/01/2022)

Thanks for the info

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