Lucky Numbers for a Euromillions SuperDraw Rollover

With 2 Euromillions Superdraw rollovers within nearly 2 months of each other, not to mention a $590.5 million Powerball draw last month, 2013 really is shaping up to a big year for 2 of our favourite lotteries. Make sure YOU are picking wisely when it comes to your lucky numbers for these giant jackpots.

If history seems like it is repeating itself, you are not mistaken. This is the second SuperDraw rollover of 2013 and the prize has grown from €100 million to €112 million. When it comes to your lucky numbers, though, perhaps the time for repetition is over. Is it time to rethink your number selection process?

1 million euro

7 time lottery winner, Richard Lustig, suggests sticking with the same set of lucky numbers for every draw. If the €112 million Euromillions SuperDraw rollover has inspired you to update your lucky numbers we have a couple of suggestions for you.

The process of selecting your lucky numbers can be intensely personal or completely random. For those looking for some method in the madness here are 7 lucky number picking strategies for you to try.

House Numbers

Some people move frequently and may have collected a number of house numbers to their name over the years. If you can remember all of them then you can play them. Otherwise you can use your current house number along with the numbers of friends, relatives and places you often visit.

License Plate Numbers

Depending on the length of your license plate you could derive all or only part of a line from it. If you are missing a few numbers then you can use numbers from the licenses of friends or relatives. Just think, when you win big on tonight’s Euromillions SuperDraw rollover you can get a personalised plate made up for your new supercar. It can read: LOTTO 1 (or STARK 4 if you're Iron Man).

lucky number 4


This is a very common way of choosing numbers but presents a downside in that all the numbers will be low (below 31). Players will often group the birthdates of their close family members to come up with a winning combination.


Television and popular culture in general will often present lottery players with lucky numbers to use. The most obvious example was the set of lottery numbers that appeared on the hit TV show LOST.

Your Pet

Does your faithful family dog hold the key to picking your winning lottery numbers? There is only one way to find out.

Fortune Cookies

Chinese Fortune Cookies may very well hold the keys to your fortune. In addition to consisting of some wise words of wisdom most of them now contain 6 lucky numbers written on the back of the message. Alternatively you could simply try some traditional Chinese lucky numbers.

Fortune Cookie Lottery Numbers


For the superstitious there is always the ancient art of astrology to provide you with your lucky numbers. Most astrologers will calculate lucky numbers by constellation and provide a list for each star sign. You can view lucky numbers for your star sign on our lottery horoscope page.

Whether you painstakingly consult hot and cold number lists or simply click the quick pick option you never know if today will be the day that YOUR lucky numbers come up in the draw.

With €112 million up for grabs tonight you cannot afford to simply leave your lucky numbers to chance!

Remember, you can earn lotto points for commenting on our news items.


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Posted by Judy (11/06/2013)

I hope my second attempt will bring me good luck???

Posted by IWw0Ut- (11/06/2013)

watever way you choose to get your numbers,...please just get it and be in the race for the MILLIONS! good luck you all!

Posted by Owen (13/06/2013)

Lucky numbers can be in either way such as birth day, plot numbers, number plates or ones choice, But what really matters is the faith and believing in yourself that your numbers are the ones that will beat the least and be the one. As we say every thing is possible if you believe and nothing else.

Posted by Owen (13/06/2013)

Winning the jackpot is just the same like winning, Football, Netball, Golf and so on. those guys when their go in the game the go with faith, courage and believing.All what it takes for one to make it in life are those things.

Posted by Harshall (15/06/2013)

I have tried fixed numbers and quick pick options as well and have had small wins with both options. Small wins, but a great feeling though!! Waiting for the big one :)

Posted by Rekha (16/06/2013)

winning jackpot is a great aceivement in my life.

Posted by Yusman (24/06/2013)

After reading the information, via the Hugelottes team provide the impetus and motivation for the members of that history will repeat as the March to June 2013 and the Euromillions Superdraw roller Surpedraw extended to double roller superdraw. Where the Jackpot Winner will not only receive an amount of money, but it is also coupled with some luxury vehicles, which would stimulate the winning candidate to come in great numbers to buy tickets.In addition there is the opportunity offered by the hugelottes team, get a free ticket to try two or three small game as predictions of victory that have occurred in the period. This opportunity is an opportunity to take part in this competition test. Easy easy this strategy would be the best for me and the family, enter recipient's Jackpot Winner

Posted by Anuj (11/09/2013)

Simply amazing

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