The countdown of the 5 biggest American jackpot winners

While investments can be one of the wisest ways to get rich, it is not the only way, and definitely not the fastest. There are a number of people in the world who have become multi-millionaires in the blink of an eye.

When you buy a Powerball, Mega Millions or any international lottery ticket, you will, without a doubt, imagine what you could do with that big jackpot in traffic on the way to work. Will you remodel? Will you travel the globe? The possibilities are endless when cost is no issue.

Let's see what the top five winning jackpots in the United States have been so far and who have been lucky winners. The names of lottery winners are not always published, but the article outlines the biggest jackpot winners and some information about the winnings.

The Biggest American Lottery Jackpots5. A Powerball jackpot of $ 590.5 million

In May 2013, Gloria Mackenzie won the US Powerball with a $ 590 million jackpot. This is one of the biggest single-player victories in American history. The 84-year-old Floridian chose to take her winning as a lump sum and Gloria walked away with about $ 370 million before taxes.

"This jackpot couldn't have been won by a nicer person," one of her neighbors told the American NBC television channel.

    Jennifers Gift Shop Wins The Lottery Too4. Mega Millions $ 648 million

    Ira Curry from Georgia and California's Steve Tran shared the Mega Millions jackpot in December 2013.

    According to the NBC Bay Area news, after winning this massive jackpot, Steve Tran, a transport driver told his boss; "I do not think I will be coming to work today, tomorrow or ever again." He had changed his life in an instant.

    Jennifer's Gift Shop, from which Tran bought several tickets, was awarded a prize of $ 1 million for selling the winning ticket.

    Ira Curry bought his tickets on a last-minute whim and chose the birthdays of his family members and seven of his own lucky numbers.

    The both of them wanted their massive $ 173 million jackpot winnings in a lump sum.

    Merle and Patricia Butler Wins Big With Mega Millions Lottery3. Mega Millions $ 656 Million

    The Mega Millions of 30th November 2012, saw three lucky jackpot winners crowned.

    Merle and Patricia Butler, winners from Illinois, won a staggering $ 218.6 million!

    In Maryland lotto enthusiasts can stay anonymous, so three winners from Milford Mill received their winnings as "The Three Amigos".

    The third winner from Kansas Ottawa wanted to remain anonymous.

    2. A Powerball jackpot of $ 758 million

    This massive Powerball jackpot is the largest single player lottery winnings to date. A 53-year-old Mavis Wanczyk, a Massachusetts native, bought a ticket from her hometown of Chicopee. She chose the lucky numbers herself unlike most players who play birthdays or horoscope numbers etc "Sometimes, occasionally, maybe birthdays," the confused winner answered when asked about her lucky number picking strategy.

    Powerball Lottery Jackpot Winner

    The victorious Wanczyk resigned after 32 years of working for the Massachusetts Health Center to live out her dreams, as reality.

    The recent multi-millionaire decided to take the lump sum and after taxes, a massive $ 336 million was paid out to her. What a life she must lead!

    Worlds Biggest Lottery Jackpot Winner1. Powerball won 1.586 billion dollars

    The biggest jackpot ever won in history was a result of the Powerball draw on 13 January 2016. The massive jackpot was split between three ticket holders. The winners were John and Lisa Robinson from Tennessee, another couple of Floridians, Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt, as well as Marvin and Mae Aco from California.

    All the winners had the opportunity to choose between two payout options. One is an annuity that would pay the whole amount in yearly installments which is a massive $ 533 million. The other option would be the cash payout where you would get one lump sum of $ 327.8 million. Which option would you go for?

    The lucky ticket of the Robinsons was one of the four tickets they bought from the grocery store. They chose to get the lump sum. "Tomorrow's no guarantee," John justifies his decision.

    Smith and Kaltschmidt from Florida also decided to redeem their victory winnings in a lump sum. Their plans for the future, with the help of their millions, include indulging in massages, getting a better truck, and retiring with health, wealth, and happiness.

    The Acosta's managed to remain anonymous for months after winning, but they published a news release in California telling couples that they are "grateful for the rare gift they have been given to them".

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