After days of speculation and many people thinking "Did I wash my jeans with my EuroMillions Lottery ticket in them?", the winner of the €129,000,000 EuroMillions Superdraw that took place on the 8th of October 2010 has come forward to claim their windfall.

The extremely lucky winner, who entered the UK's richlist overnight, contacted Camelot (The company that manages the UK Lottery and all Euromillions lottery sales within the UK) and stated their intention to remain anonymous. In order to validate their claim, the ticket holder was required to present proof of where they had purchased their ticket. Camelot then proceeded to transfer their winnings into their account, aprocess which took less than a day.

Camelot did disclose the location in which the ticket was purchased, causing rampant guesswork among the locals as to who in their community had won one of the biggest single jackpots the world has ever seen.

A camelot spokesperson stated the following "We have a winner adviser, who is experienced in dealing with these life-changing moments, helping them. There are immediate, basic things to sort out, such as tax and wills. But we are there to help them enjoy the winnings, whatever they want to do with it."

Would you remain anonymous or would you shout it from the hilltops? Tell us in the comments section below...


Posted by 1YUVRDo7TYj (21/10/2010)


Posted by QtOE2Q (21/10/2010)

Definitely anonymous! Weird creatures come out of the woodwork before you can sort yourself out. Tell family first and then donations to charities.

Posted by MrSeO (21/10/2010)

I wouldnt say a word!!! I would quietly dissapear and retire on an island in solitude

Posted by S+Md (21/10/2010)

i would remain anonymous so that i could remain unknown to the beneficiaries ..... i'l be dishing out like mad !!

Posted by MOSES REAGAN PAUL (21/10/2010)


Posted by George (21/10/2010)

Anonymous without a shadow of doubt. In Africa, where I live I'd attract unwanted guests-relatives, friends and possibly criminals too!

Posted by Francois (21/10/2010)

donate 50% to wlefare,,,and dissappear..my fellow comment maker from Africa...I agree, I too live in Africa....best to go very " under-the-radar.....or buy an island....fish all da long..

Posted by NyBeX5 (22/10/2010)

Zip the lip! You do not need to be accosted by snake oil salesmen before you wrap your head around enormity of the situation.

Posted by Ga-+yxHe (22/10/2010)

To the world we will keep mum, immediate family will get a share, then we will retire and help those in need when and where we feel it is required.

Posted by Taavi (23/10/2010)

What are the odds, huh ? 1 to 80 million ? There is a bigger chance i will get hit by lighting 42 times then win a jackpot :p On topic: Yeah, i would definately stay anonymous.

Posted by R-ah6IxT (23/10/2010)

We will definitely stay anonymous – if you like or love someone you show it to them whilst they are an ordinary person, not wait until they are millionaires or billionaires! So yeah I’m happy to lose friends and family like those! ;-)

Posted by Mohd Sham (24/10/2010)

I would do like Jeannine.

Posted by DAVID (25/10/2010)

the situation will decide. nonetheless, i would most likely not carry a megaphone to announce my winnings.

Posted by 2zAI (25/10/2010)

I have not yet found a coffin that has money bags sewn in as an option! When I depart this earth I will have to leave what remains behind! Hey but after I have done my spending, a very little will remain for family (and some family I never knew existed) to fight each other over the crumbs!

Posted by Brian (25/10/2010)

Would definitely keep it quiet! I'd just buy a slightly better house and move to a bigger house (amongst other things)!

Posted by Leilanie (25/10/2010)

Actions speak louder than words. Will set up international businesses whose owner (me) can not be traced. Go on a shopping spree and spoil myself rotten and my family. To those who become suspicious through my business lawyers you are free t come check that I took out loans from the "international business companies" for my new business ventures.Employ qualified smart people t run these companies and live of my winnings.I''ll take the secret t my grave.

Posted by _2oIxRLbrny9bN3J_c (25/10/2010)

I'd definately choose to remain anonymous in order enjoy my sudden wealth queitly.I didn't tell the world when I was playing lottery,why should I now tell them after winning it?

Posted by R4I5maO2Z (25/10/2010)

I won't remain anonymous!,let the world know that I HAVE ARRIVED.

Posted by Inacio (25/10/2010)

The only reason that would make me not to stay anonymous, would be a duty to encaurage and motivate people around the World to play.

Posted by LnKGsL6 (26/10/2010)

yes yes yes ...the first thing i do is to help my old mother and get her in a old age home......but i will not even tell her one word.....i am a giver so many of my real frinds will benifit...so let the nrs roll!!!!!

Posted by Amr (26/10/2010)

i don"t win any thing tell now i hope i will amr essa

Posted by Ronald (27/10/2010)

I think it is only good prudence for one's sake and for the all loved ones and friends, that winnings are kept anonymous. Not for selfish reasons but to maintain sanity and a normalcy in the way of for the winner way of life and all those around. Only with a peace of mind can one then set out to do charities on the sly to help the hungry, homeless, the sick, the age and especially the porr children in the world with the excess amount. I would be the one - the anonymous but sly and chivalrous one. Chivalry is not dead.

Posted by Matjaz (27/10/2010)

Me too, definitely anonymous! You get 100+ new friends within a week probably. :)

Posted by Thomas (28/10/2010)

i will remain mum, i come from a country of hungry human beings. who would even kill for money

Posted by Insiya (29/10/2010)

how much i win i euromillions & when thks.

Posted by Leighann (30/10/2010)

I wouldn't tell a soul....... but everyone around me would benefit in one way or another!

Posted by Percivell (31/10/2010)

I will like to go with v.rich people in the world. Life is short, enjoy your life with heavy spending & relax in an unknown destination

Posted by N59J (1/11/2010)

I would remain anon and spoil the loved ones a bit.

Posted by David (1/11/2010)

Yeap, stay low-key, otherwise, all sorts of scum -- known and unknown, will bother you to your grave! Congrats to whoever won, fate has blessed (or cursed) you!

Posted by NKyCV5JUajKj6Rt (5/11/2010)

i don't think i will ever win something because my fortune tellers told me i was block and taken all my luck away:'{

Posted by Sajith (10/11/2010)

i was told i win a Big Jackpot one day...So ill move to Big house with luxury..and also donate for cancer patients and needful

Posted by Ahmad Haqim Qayyum (16/11/2010)

keep it low..

Posted by Mpho (23/11/2010)

I wouldnt tell a soul! Epsecially here in AFRICA with the WITHCRAFT!!! Aunts might put a curs on my CASH!!!

Posted by Mike (25/11/2010)

I would chose to remain anonymous.... keep a low profile and tell no one about my winnings. I wouldn't even want playhuge lottos to use me as a marketing tool.

Posted by +ZdZDN (29/11/2010)

I would settle my debt, find a farm in Kwazulu Natal, far away from other humans, be completely self-sufficient, and live without the need for money. I would like to teach youngsters to do the same.

Posted by JERMAINE (6/12/2010)

anonymous all the way cuz i don't want no one in my family to know and a certain few assosciate ppl i know to find out about my winnings

Posted by Aamir (11/12/2010)

I would remain anonymous,i want to surprise my family.. PRAY FOR ME EVERYONE

Posted by Rajkamal (17/12/2010)

i wanna open charity hospitals & old age homes n lil money to live my life to fullest... ;)

Posted by T7PhcnyB (2/01/2011)

Do a noble act to enable all those less fortunate. Old, young, disabled, homeless, .... would look to their needs. My family and friends....

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