12 tips to manage your money and life after winning the lottery (Part 1)

Finally! You’ve been playing the lottery for years, and now, finally, you have hit the jackpot! The long-awaited life you’ve been dreaming of. Holidays on luxury yachts, private jets, ... wait a minute ... You know the story of Sharon Tirabassi, who lost his jackpot of $ 10 million in less than 10 years? You do not want that to happen to you, do you? So here are 12 tips that the PlayHugeLottos.com team offer young or future lottery winners. We want you to enjoy a happy and fulfilled life swimming in your millions. The first part of our series of 3 articles concerns the legal aspects of winning the lottery.

What to avoid

  1. Shout from the rooftops that you're a millionaire

  2. We all dream of a moment of glory: the crackling of camera flashes during our first press conference, the winning spot on the Ellen Degeneres show, the paparazzi that chase you when you leave Louis Vuitton.

    There is a setback to the winning the jackpot and some winners have paid the price. After earning € 160 million on the EuroMillions, Gillian and Adrian Bayford were harassed by the press in their village as well as on their return from a dream vacation. They were advised to hire bodyguards for their children, to avoid kidnappings!

    Fortunately, some European lotteries like the EuroJackpot, EuroMillions, SuperEnalotto, La Primitiva and UK Lotto, allow the anonymity of the winners. In the United States, only 6 states (Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, Ohio and South Carolina) allow this, against 38 that require the winners to go public, to prove that they actually exist. This transparency has also allowed them to thwart fraud.

    Do you want to remain incognito when you win? Just create a legal entity. We will come back to this later.

  3. Thinking that you are above the law

  4. So yes, when winning a jackpot, there are no financial boundaries when it comes to hiring the best lawyers, but this is no reason to commit crimes because nobody will come to save you!

    This was the case of Denise Rossi. Married to Thomas for 25 years, she suddenly filed for divorce, citing her husband's poverty. Denise made a terrible mistake: she never informed her husband or the court of her winnings. Since the state of California imposes transparency on income, the secret was out soon enough and Denise was forced to leave the total jackpot to her ex-husband.

Demander l'aide d'un avocatDefinitive Do’s

  1. Inquire ... about everything

  2. Before you even claim your millions, read the instructions on your ticket. You will also find the name of the organizing company. In most cases, you will need to sign on the back of the ticket to state that it belongs to you and prevent someone else from cashing your jackpot for themselves.

    We also advise you to photocopy your ticket and keep the original in a secure place until your winnings are withdrawn.

  3. Rent the services of a lawyer

  4. As we mentioned, you may want to hide your identity as a winner in the eyes of the world. For that, a lawyer is of paramount importance. You may want to consider creating a blind trust with your lawyer. You can then claim your winnings without having to reveal your identity to the public.

    In July 2016, the winning ticket for a $ 487 million jackpot was bought by someone who wanted to remain anonymous. According to the lottery officials, the winner claimed his winnings by creating the Robin Egg 2016 Nominee Trust, all with the help of a local law firm.

    Of course, a good lawyer will also help you in any personal or professional steps you can take in your life. Better not to play with your millions!

"With great power, comes great responsibility," says Benjamin Parker to his nephew Peter in Spiderman. The least we can say is that with great wealth, ensure great security. Fortunately, with the help of a good lawyer, you will be doing very well. After all, what are a few thousand Dollars when millions are at stake?

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Posted by Boris (14/12/2017)

I would say that with big jackpot comes great headache

Posted by Zeljko (14/12/2017)

This is very nice advice. Everybody who wins bigger prize should read and follow it. I hope that I will need these advices soon.....

Posted by Евгений (14/12/2017)

OK thanks.

Posted by Thinh (17/01/2018)

Hope to have chance using these tips!

Posted by Thinh (18/01/2018)

Thanks for these tips!

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