Most Expensive Lists for a SuperDraw Winner

Part of being a SuperDraw winner is being able to afford the finer things in life. Now might be the time to start paying more attention to the most expensive things your newfound wealth can buy you.

We’ve discussed what a Euromillions Superdraw prize of €100 million would look like; now let’s see some of the things it can get you. Over the last few years has brought you a number of ‘Most Expensive’ lists.
Let’s revisit them now in anticipation of your €100 million jackpot prize win this evening.

5 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms

Travel is always a top priority for Euromillions winners so make sure you are aware of your options. Read all about the 5 most expensive hotel rooms in the world.

5 Most Expensive Cars in the World

A brand new car is very often the first thing a new lottery winner purchases. You don’t need to purchase one of the 5 most expensive cars in the world, but you could if you wanted to.

Most Expensive Cars

5 Most Expensive Divorces

Nobody likes to think about it but it is an unfortunate part of being married. If your marriage should sour, as a Euromillions winner its highly likely that your divorce could make it on to this list.

The Most Expensive First Date

And for those just starting out in love... as a Euromillions SuperDraw winner you would be spoilt for choice when it comes to suitable new relationship partners.

"No need to split the bill!"

most expensive first date

The Most Expensive Comic Book

As a lottery winner it is important to keep yourself busy. You will have the resources at your disposal to engage in whatever hobbies tickle your fancy whether it’s collecting silver bullion or old Superman comics.

The World’s Most Expensive Apartment

When deciding on a new home, one that is more in tune with your hundred million Euro bank account, the first thought is always a sprawling country estate or perhaps a seaside villa. For those keen on low maintenance and communal living there is always the option of the world’s most expensive apartment.

If you take home tonight’s €100 million SuperDraw jackpot you can be certain that you will be seeing a lot more of those three little words: “World’s Most Expensive”.

Get used to it!

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Posted by Debashish D (7/06/2013)

becoming rich would definitely feel good for all.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (7/06/2013)

with the the superdraw can get the top 5 list of all. thank you for the recommendations! not a shabby list....he he he

Posted by Samson (8/06/2013)

Go for a world tour

Posted by Harshall (8/06/2013)

Coming to think of the massive superdraw, how 100 million would like and then to imagine the most expensive things; to begin with, you can't win it until you are in it, then you can't win it until you truly believe you can, cause somebody is winning it, why not you? So, make your beliefs stronger backed by your willpower, you are sure to achieve that massive jackpot!!

Posted by Owen (10/06/2013)

Indeed there is a lot to do with the Euro million in your pocket.

Posted by Harshall (10/06/2013)

As for me, more than material possessions, travelling around the world, experiencing every ounce of nature and adventure would be more pleasurable, a dream come true..

Posted by Judy (10/06/2013)

It would be nice to take a break from working hard for so many years...

Posted by Prunella (10/06/2013)

becoming rich would definitely feel good for all it be a dream come true

Posted by LnKGsL6 (12/06/2013)

would love to travel the world...every inch of this wonderfull globe and maybe to the moon....!!!!

Posted by Rekha (16/06/2013)

I will travel the whole world with the lottery money.

Posted by Owen (18/06/2013)

Becoming wealth was already my portion by God as He said He has given us/me power to become wealth, so winning Lottery is part of that truth and I believe that as long as God lives I will win.

Posted by Anuj (11/09/2013)

I want all these

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