Mega Millions vs. Mega Sena...Which lottery comes out on top?

When the subject is lotteries, the goal is always to become a millionaire, but the question is: which ‘Mega’ lotto to play, Mega Millions or Mega Sena?

If you are trying to achieve your mega millionaire dreams, let's agree that there is nothing better than playing in a lottery that already has ‘Mega’ in its name. The Brazilian lottery, Mega Sena, and the American lottery, Mega Millions, are two giants that stand out in the vast world of online lotteries. There isn’t a single person in Brazil who hasn’t heard of Mega Sena. And when it comes to international lotteries, Mega Millions is definitely the one that is most widely known. 

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Amongst all the other great lotteries, you will find these two Mega lotteries…but which is better? In order to choose wisely, we must first analyze them closely to understand the pros and cons of each of these outstanding lotteries.

Mega Sena vs Mega Sena

About Mega Sena

Mega Sena has been in existence for more than 20 years and during this time it has remained virtually unchanged. Since their very first draw, players choose 6 numbers from a set of 60 numbers. To win the grand prize, you must pick all the numbers correctly.

The Mega Sena draw takes place every Wednesday and Saturday at 20:00 GMT. However, from time to time there is an ultra-special Mega-Week draw that is added to the calendar. This special weekday raffle will usually take place on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, giving players more chances to become millionaires.

Mega Sena also has an exciting annual draw that takes place on December 31st. It is called Mega da Virada. During the entire year’s draws, a percentage of the entry money is designated to this lottery – so, this draw usually awards the highest jackpot prize of the year. This year's draw is estimated to be R$ 220 million and you can already place your bets here at - just make sure to choose 31 December as the lottery date!

About Mega Millions

Mega Millions was also released in 1996, but at the time it was called "The Big Game". It was only in 2002 that the name was changed to align more with the mega winnings that this lottery offers.

Unlike Mega Sena, Mega Millions has had some changes in the game throughout the last few years. The most recent change was on October 28, 2017. This change affected the number sets, their prize values in the various award ranges and the chances of winning were raised! See more information on the Mega Millions changes here.

To play Mega Millions, you must choose 5 numbers from a set of 70 numbers and 1 ‘Mega’ number from a set of 25 numbers. The sweepstakes happen every Tuesday and Friday at 11:00 PM (ET).

Prizes and odds of winning

When it comes to the top prize available, Mega Millions usually comes out in front. Their usual top prize is around $40 million and their record highest prize has hit a whopping $656 million. Mega Sena has a rather consistent top prize of R$2.5 million and a record highest prize of R$263 million. The Mega Sena lottery has only 3 bands of rewards, while the Mega Millions lottery has 9 tracks. The values of each reward level of Mega Sena depends on the amount of entries purchased and the number of winners per draw. Mega Millions has fixed reward amounts for all the bands, except for the main prize that continuously accumulates until someone hits all the jackpot numbers. 

In addition to the prize amounts, the odds can also help us decide which ‘Mega’ lottery to bet on. In this comparison, Mega Sena lottery comes out in front. These are your chances of winning the 3 main prizes in Mega Sena: Sena (1st) - 1 out of 50,063,860, Quina (2nd) - 1 out of 154,518, Quadra (3rd) - 1 out of 2,332. Mega Millions odds are quite a bit less: 1st prize - 1 in 302,575,350, 2nd prize - 1 in 12,607,306. 

The winner is…

In conclusion, which ‘Mega’ lottery should you play? While both lotteries have their advantages, it depends on what your main objective is that will ultimately decide which lottery is best for you. If your goal is to win BIG, Mega Millions seems the best choice, but if you want to have better chances of winning the main prize, Mega Sena is the way to go…

But, why choose between the two anyway, when you could have ‘Mega’ chances of winning all week? You can place your bets on Mega Sena on Wednesdays and Saturdays and on Mega Millions on Tuesdays and Fridays. That way you can have the best odds and biggest prizes for the entire week! Today’s Mega Millions draw will be worth $71 million. Mega Sena’s jackpot tomorrow will be a prize of R$24 million. Sign up now for both lotteries in one place, right here at!

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Posted by Zeljko (17/11/2017)

As lottery is a play against the odds I will always chose Mega Millions.

Posted by PRADIP (17/11/2017)

The jackpot that I win will be the one that is on top!

Posted by Zeljko (18/11/2017)

I played Mega Sena once or twice but I like Mega Millions more.

Posted by Zeljko (21/11/2017)

I prefer mega millions

Posted by PRADIP (21/11/2017)

both r good to me, because i want to win jackpot from both lottery.

Posted by Debashish D (23/11/2017)

It will be very difficult to compare the mega games offered on your website. All jackpots are amazing. Wish to win a jackpot one day from your website, and share a part of the the winnings with the entire PHL team.

Posted by Leyla (29/01/2022)

Thanks for the info

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