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There are many ways to play Keno, and it’s definitely not surprising, as who doesn’t like a simple lottery-type game where you can win loads of money?

Keno has come a long way

For online lottery players who have already taken the opportunity to play Keno online, you probably didn’t sit down to enjoy a game thinking about ancient China; but, believe it or not, Keno goes back thousands of years to the Chinese emperor.

According to ancient documents, the history of keno begun with a man named Cheung Leung.

With Cheung Leung’s city being at war for a long time, supplies for his army were running low. People eventually refused to give any more money to help the war effort, so he created Keno giving them a game of chance which enabled him to raise money for supplies.

With everyone loving the chance to win something for themselves, not only did Cheung Leung have happy soldiers, but they also eventually won the war, and the Keno game became a huge success.

Many Ways to Enjoy Playing Keno

When we hear the name Keno, we think of a game of chance. We also assume that there’s just one version of the popular lottery-type game. But, many of you, who may be new to the world of Keno, but be surprised to find out that there are in fact many ways to enjoy playing Keno.

There are many variations of Keno around the world, and the more you know about the various keno games, the more that you will be able to make educated choices about your which Keno game best suites you.

Power Keno

Power Keno is a keno game that originates from Australia. This version of Keno has the same rules as a regular keno game, but it also comes with an added bonus.

The bonus comes into play if the twentieth ball drawn matches one of the player’s picks. If this happens any winnings are quadrupled!

Super Keno

Super keno is quite similar to Power Keno, except that the focus in on the first ball instead of the twentieth. So, for example, if the first ball drawn matches one of the player’s picks, then the player’s winnings will be quadrupled.

Way Keno

Way Keno gives you the option to choose groups of different numbers, all with the same number of numbers. This creates more ways to win. Think of Way Keno as playing several keno games all at once. Confused? If you pick three groups of numbers, with 4 numbers in each group. This would be called a 3/4 Way Ticket. By doing so, you will playing three games of 4-spot keno, all on one keno ticket.

Combination Keno

If you thought Way Keno was a bit confusing, meet Combination Keno. This versions of Keno takes Way Keno a step further by allowing you to combine your groups of numbers in various ways.

So, if you have chosen three groups of 4 numbers, with Combination Keno you can combine groups A and B, A and C, and B and C, to form three different sets of 8 numbers each, and combine groups A, B, and C to form one set of 12 numbers. This would be known as a 3/4 – 3/8 – 1/12 Combination Ticket. Phew…

Online Keno

With Online Keno, however, all that you need is a few minutes and a computer, and viola, you get to play Keno online in its simplest form!  So, even if you don’t feel like getting dressed up for the casino, and you feel like trying your luck on something new, we have you covered at

Find the Right Keno Game for You

With so many Keno games available right here on, Keno offers a variety of great options with easy-to-learn rules. The best part about playing Keno online, is it doesn’t require you to put out a large sum of money to enjoy yourself.

Take a look for yourself and enjoy our fun-filled Keno games and see what online lottery players are raving about!

As you can see, Keno is a great game that has been around for centuries, and it's easy to play with simple rules.

With so much to do in life today, it’s essential that we all find a way to relax and unwind once in a while. Online Keno is a great answer to the rat race of life, and an opportunity to enjoy yourself without too many complicated rules or decisions.

Go ahead and try it out — you deserve the break!

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