£1M EuroMillions Lotto Winner Buys New Sewing Machine

Winning the lottery is a dream come true. For Violet Grimshaw, her good fortune came when she least expected it after winning £1 million in the August 18th EuroMillions lotto draw. Being a dedicated lottery player, you could imagine the joy on her face when she found out that her dreams had finally come true! 

Violet Grimshaw is from Norham, near Berwick in Northumberland, England. Violet has been buying lottery tickets for nearly 23 years from the same shop. This story stands testament to the fact that if you stay in the game and keep persevering, your lucky day will come sooner or later. 

On the 18th of August, Violet’s life changed forever. Now, she is the proud winner of a whopping £1M EuroMillions prize. The 63-year-old didn’t check her EuroMillions ticket right away. It wasn’t even her who discovered the amazing fortune! 

There was a pile of unchecked lottery tickets on her kitchen counter which she’d nearly forgotten about. She kindly asked her husband, John, 68, if he could take the unchecked tickets to the local store to see if any of them were winners. You can imagine John’s surprise when he discovered that one of the tickets were actually a winner. 

Imagine that. You think your next trip to the store is going to be very ordinary. You don’t expect a single thing, and then, just like that, your whole life changes at the drop of a hat. It must be an incredibly overwhelming feeling coming to the realisation that all the things you’ve wanted to do but couldn’t, are finally possible…But, we digress. Back to the story!

Violet knew something was up as soon as her husband came home. Her gut instinct told her that something had happened with one of the tickets. “John was shaking his head and looked as white as chalk. He kept telling me to call a certain number and couldn’t really look me in the eye properly. That’s when my nerves also started to kick up,” explained Violet. 

The number John was telling her to call was Camelot’s. When Violet eventually got around to calling Camelot and confirmed her EuroMillions win, she also went white as a ghost! Immediately after the long phone call filled with tears of joy, Violet called up her mother. 


Happy EuroMillions Winner


At first, she got a bit confused and initially thought her daughter had won £1,000 as opposed to £1 million. Many winners in the past have made this mistake before. Violet then called her two children, Paul, age 33 and Tanya, age 31. They both struggled to believe the amazing news about the EuroMillions win. Violet has also had a hard time trying to adjust to the news of becoming a newfound millionaire. 

As is tradition, EuroMillions winners are asked what they would like to do with their winnings. Violet explained that her house is in desperate need of a new kitchen, so that is going to be at the top of her spending list. After the kitchen is refurnished, she wants to move onto other parts of the house like the living room and master bedroom. 

Violet’s plans don’t stop there, and we don’t blame her! How often does a lottery win come along? She plans on spoiling her children with some gifts and going on a family holiday. This win came at a perfect time for Violet because she retired three years ago from her job at the Tweed View Residential Care Home and she now has more free time to enjoy her winnings. 

She currently spends her time knitting and making dresses, so she really wants to get herself a new sewing machine to help her with future projects. She bought her winning EuroMillions lottery tickets from her local Mace store in Norham. 

The EuroMillions Superdraw is this Friday, the 15th of September. There are only two Superdraws a year, so this is one exciting event not to be missed! You can get your tickets right here on PlayHugeLottos.com, so what are you waiting for? 

This week YOU could 130 million Euro richer! 

Get your EuroMillions tickets now and become a winner like Violet! 

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Posted by PRADIP (13/09/2017)

i m now waiting for that good news, will be come in my life also very soon.

Posted by Zeljko (15/09/2017)

I just played it....hope this time 130 mill will be mine....

Posted by PRADIP (15/09/2017)

after winning 1 m $ , then i will buy CAR for my MOTHER.

Posted by PRADIP (16/09/2017)

after winning jackpot in lottery, i must form a charitable trust.

Posted by PRADIP (17/09/2017)

i want to see myself happy, like her

Posted by PRADIP (19/09/2017)

after winning jackpot in lottery, so many things will come in my mind to buy, but i should expenses very cautiously.

Posted by Samson (20/09/2017)

People have different options to buy once they win jackpot

Posted by PRADIP (21/09/2017)

when people earning more, then their choice will be to buy new and attractive things.

Posted by PRADIP (23/09/2017)

now i m in a que, to win this amount.

Posted by PRADIP (24/09/2017)

when money come in people's hand, then men can fulfill their wishes.

Posted by PRADIP (5/10/2017)

my luck must be open one day, GOD ?

Posted by PRADIP (6/10/2017)

first i will buy to gift to "GOD" & "MOTHER".

Posted by PRADIP (9/10/2017)

expenses also cautiously.

Posted by Debashish D (14/10/2017)

very thoughtful of the winner.

Posted by Leyla (20/10/2017)

Good news

Posted by Leyla (26/10/2017)

Good news

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