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Powerball and Mega Millions are well known by most people, but not many of them actually realise that they can play them online! It truly is a shame because entering these huge draws could really change your life forever. If you’ve ever been curious about these American giants, then keep reading for everything you’ll ever need to know. 

The United States of America is vast. So vast, in fact, that it is divided into North, Central and South America. It’s in your best interests to know more about these amazing lotteries because they could change your life completely with a few tickets here and there. It’s happened to many people in the past, so it’s very possible! 

The American lotteries aren’t the only ones changing the lives of players around the world. Aside from Powerball and Mega Millions, there are other lotteries that can make a huge difference in someone’s life if they won big. In our list of the biggest and best lotteries, we have included the Canadian lotteries like Lotto649, Lotto Max and also Mega Sena, which is the largest lottery in Latin America. 

Let’s get to know these lotteries a little better so we can see how they can change our lives…


Play American Lotteries Online


US Powerball – the record-breaking lottery

The mightiest lottery in the world never ceases to impress the public with its astounding prizes. Powerball hold the record for the world’s biggest jackpot draw. The record was broken in January 2016, after a whopping $1.6 billion was shared between three winning tickets. Before this huge draw, Mega Millions recently held the record for the biggest jackpot at $656 million. That’s just to give you an idea of how huge it was!

To be the next big Powerball jackpot winner, all you have to do is match six lucky numbers! A player must choose five main numbers from a pool of 69 and one bonus ball from a pool of 26 numbers. 

Making dreams come true with Mega Millions

Before Powerball came along and broke the record for the biggest jackpot ever drawn, Mega Millions held the record for a while. The record was previously $656 million, which is now the second-highest jackpot. The fourth biggest is $648 million, which was also drawn by Mega Millions. 

The massive draws don’t stop there, either. On the 11th of August, 2017, Mega Millions drew its fifth largest jackpot in history. A very lucky winner from Illinois walked away as the sole winning ticket holder and a jackpot of $393 million. 

Magical Mega Sena 

Mega Sena is the sweetheart of lotteries for Brazilians. It’s also the largest lottery in Latin America. With over 20 years behind its name for lottery draws, this lottery has changed the lives of many people.  

One of the most famous Mega Sena winners, Roberto Kuppe, won 19 million Reals. His win was practically written in the stars for him. He won a smaller prize playing Mega Sena and used that money to buy himself another ticket. It was with that ticket that he hit the jackpot! This just goes to show that investing your smaller lottery prizes into more tickets could multiply your luck! 

Playing Mega Sena is quite simple. All you have to do is choose six numbers from a set of 1-60. On the day of the draw, if you match all the six numbers of the winning combination, then the entire jackpot is yours!

Canadian Lotteries

When it comes to North America, it isn’t only the US lotteries that are popular. Lotto649 and Lotto Max are also a hit with lottery players. When it comes to playing Lotto649, the player must pick 7 numbers from a set of 49, and when playing Lotto Max, a player must choose 6 numbers. 

There have been many winners over the years of these exciting lottery draws, and each of these games certainly has massive jackpots that can change your life for the better. 

How to join the action and play American lotteries online


how to play lotto online


For those who live in parts of the world outside of the USA, do not fret! You can still take part in these historic lottery draws. Thanks to the introduction of online lottery service providers, you can participate in any major lottery draw that you like! 

All you have to do to get started is:

1) Register a free account here on

2) Deposit play credits so you can enter your lucky numbers

3) Sit back, relax and wait for the day when you become a millionaire!

It’s as simple as that. There are currently MASSIVE draws taking place on this week, so make sure you don’t miss out. Get your tickets now!

We’re crossing our fingers for you!

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Posted by Zeljko (4/09/2017)

I played mega sena few times here but never played any Canadian lottery.

Posted by PRADIP (5/09/2017)


Posted by PRADIP (5/09/2017)

i m also fan of USA MEGA MILLIONS.

Posted by PRADIP (6/09/2017)

mega millions and power ball both are very excellent draw.

Posted by PRADIP (7/09/2017)

power ball is more attractive to me.

Posted by PRADIP (8/09/2017)

if i won biggest AMERICAN lottery, then my life will change BIG WAY.

Posted by PRADIP (12/09/2017)


Posted by Leyla (30/09/2017)

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