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Never underestimate the power that a scratch card can have. Many people see scratchers as a way to win a few bucks here or there, but they never take into account that by playing the RIGHT kind of scratch cards, they could potentially become millionaires! Players in the past have walked away with insane sums of money from winning big on scratch cards. We’ve compiled a list of the biggest scratch cards winners in history, and how YOU can be the next big winner right here on 


1. Grace Walker (£1 Million) 

Grace Walker Scratchcard Winner


Grace was a housewife from Lanarkshire in Scotland at the time when she won one of the biggest scratch card prizes ever. Her lucky card was chosen based on its colour, pink. Pink is her favourite colour! Even despite her massive windfall, she declared that she isn’t going to stop playing scratch cards. 

Even after becoming a newfound millionaire, Grace and her husband have decided to still live in their council house which has been their home for a staggering 30 years. 


2. Jackie Murphy (£1 Million)


Jackie’s win came at just the right time when she could use the money. She was a bride-to-be when she stopped to buy a scratch card at the end of a long work day. After she discovered that she was a winner, she raced back into the store to verify that her win was actually real. When the store clerks confirmed the reality that she was now a big winner, she became weak at the knees and had to be helped into a chair. 

While she was sitting in the store catching her breath, she called her partner of 10 years to tell him the amazing news. The couple planned to use the money to pay for their wedding and other things. Even though they were now very wealthy, they decided to still carry on with the budgeting they initially planned before their big win. Jackie had bought her dress at a sale and her wedding shoes even came from Tesco. The only change their wedding plans underwent was the facts that there was now a free bar for friends and family. 


3. Lewis Rider (£1 Million)


Lewis was a bartender when he had his big win. He swapped pulling pints to popping champagne corks instead after he banked a million on a lucky scratcher. He bought his winning ticket on a whim after he went out to buy some food for his dog, Marley. 

He plans to invest in property and have a family holiday to Lanzarote. Ever since his life-changing scratch card win, he was recently featured in the media after he bought £20,000 worth of Arnold Schwarzenegger memorabilia from movies like Terminator 2. He was also promised to have a meet and greet with the movie star, but he was devastated when bodyguards told him he was too drunk at the time to meet Arnold! 


4. Susan Richards (£3 Million)


Susan had just worked a gruelling 12-hour shift as a carer and she decided to stop at the supermarket on her way home instead of going straight home. It was that decision that changed her life because she picked up a £3 million winning scratch card. 

She didn’t go to the store with the sole intention of buying the scratcher, though. It was a spur of the moment thing. She had the exact change needed in her pocket at the time and took that as a sign. She asked to see the manager after her ticket proved to be a winner. The manager confirmed her ultimate dream that the card was a winner. She immediately called lottery officials to confirm her new future as a multimillionaire before calling her family to tell them. 

When lottery officials asked her what she would like to spend her money on, she said that she wanted to go to America with her family in memory of her late father who always talked about winning the lottery and taking the family on a trip to the States. 


5. Mystery Millionaires


An unknown winner from Burnley became the UK’s biggest scratch card winner in 2014 after he claimed a whopping £4 million from a £10 scratch card. The shopkeeper who sold the winner the card, Mohammed Ikram, said the man was a regular at his shop but would never reveal his identity without the winner wanting to reveal his identity. 

The amazing moral of this story comes about when we tell you how he actually won. The winner had actually bought himself a ticket that was unsuccessful. He didn’t take no for an answer, so he took out the £20 in his pocket and asked to buy two more! The third card was the one that made him a millionaire. That just goes to show that you must never give up. Stay in the game and your win will happen one day!


6. Ross Hearst (£4 Million)

Ross Hearst Scratchcard Winner


Nothing starts off the New Year with a bang like winning a massive lottery prize! This is just what happened to Ross Hearst at the start of 2016. Ross was employed as a road worker and although he wasn’t a regular scratch card player, he experienced one or two modest wins which inspired him to keep playing the game. 

When he bought himself another ticket on New Year’s Day and saw it was a winner, he was in total shock! He called the officials to confirm the win before phoning his wife, Jocelyn. After 22 failed attempts at getting her on the phone, he finally reached her. She thought Ross was just playing a joke on her!

They had their first baby on the way at the time of the win, so the money couldn’t have come at a better time for them. They were adamant that the money wouldn’t change them that much. Ross would like to get himself a new car, whereas Jocelyn has her eye on a new Dyson vacuum cleaner! 


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