Tradesman Wins £250,000 On National Lottery

Scotland has recently shown it's lucky colours after a tradesman from Denny won £250,000 on a scratch card. The winner has been playing the National Lottery for a long time and never thought they would ever win. The news came as such a shock for him that he been had trouble convincing his family of the win. 

The lucky winner’s name is Kevin Campbell and he describes himself as a “hard-working tradie”. His good fortune found him in Denny when he popped into the Village Store in Stirling Street last week. He needed to buy some water for some of his co-workers. While he was at the store waiting in line to pay, he noticed that he would have some spare change, so he decided to use it on a Purple Limited Edition Scratch card from the National Lottery. Little did he know, that that small decision would soon change his life! 

“I scratched it when I got back into the car and I couldn’t believe it – I think I actually just kept scratching away even though there was nothing left because I thought it was a mistake,” explained the winner. “I kept saying over and over, ‘Is it real? Is this real?’ and I had so many butterflies in my stomach,” he added further. 

Kevin Campbell works very hard at his job and has been dreaming about a lottery win for a very long time. He’s known by his friends as “the humble one”, and he always makes an effort to make his friends and colleagues laugh whenever he can. He’s the type of guy you can really count on if you need to, so this lottery win couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. 


National Lotto Win


The National Lottery scratch card winner called his mother and girlfriend as soon as he found out the good news, but it was bad timing because neither of them was answering their phones! He decided to call their bosses instead. “From the moment I said those words, ‘I’ve just won a quarter of a million pounds,’ it all started to become real,” he said. 

As it goes with many lottery winners, the shock of a lottery win is a very strange thing. Many winners have trouble believing the news because they think nothing good like that will ever happen to them. That’s where we go wrong as lottery players! We think that everyone else is luckier than us, and we will never win anything. But that’s not true! Your lucky day will come. You just have to make sure that you get your lottery tickets to stand a chance. A lottery win can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time. 

The winner is well-known amongst his family and friends as a jokester, so you can imagine what a hard time he had trying to convince everyone that he was really telling the truth. Most of his family and friends thought it was all just a big joke. Now that the news has finally settled, Kevin plans to take the advice of both his mother and girlfriend, and invest in buying a house. 

“I will definitely be buying my first house in my hometown of Denny. I think I’ll also treat my girlfriend and the lads to a holiday to officially celebrate,” said Kevin. 

It makes us happy to hear how Kevin’s life has changed for the better after this exciting lottery win. You can also change your life with a lottery win by getting yourself some lottery tickets for the biggest draws on! 

Don’t waste any more time – these draws are drawing near!

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Posted by PRADIP (7/08/2017)

congratulations to them.

Posted by PRADIP (7/08/2017)

after winning by me , my photo will be published like that.

Posted by PRADIP (8/08/2017)

i can't wait more to see my picture with WINNING JACKPOT, with my family.

Posted by PRADIP (9/08/2017)

if i won 2.50 millions $, then i will be very much happy.

Posted by PRADIP (10/08/2017)

my inner voice is told to me, i m now very close to winning jackpot.

Posted by PRADIP (13/08/2017)

i m waiting to see, when my life will be change ?

Posted by Zeljko (14/08/2017)

Congratulations. This is really life changing....

Posted by Leyla (25/09/2017)


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