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PlayHugeLottos loves its players. That’s why we’re always making an effort to keep you engaged and looking forward to better opportunities all the time. We make it our number one priority to keep the fun at an all-time high so you can win big cash prizes with a HUGE smile on your face. We’ve recently introduced 'Instant Win' games for those who are looking for something different to lottery draws.  Let’s take a look at some of them now. 

You can win huge cash prizes at the fraction of the price.

The beauty of these new instant win games is that you no longer have to wait days at a time for your lucky numbers to show up in a draw. The impatience and uneasiness can become exhausting for many players, which is why we thought of introducing these fun new instant games. 


Instant Games

Instant Games on PHL

                        Win big with instant games on PHL

PlayHugeLottos now features a fine range of instant win games and scratch cards to choose from. This is not to say that you shouldn’t play the lottery anymore. No, that’s definitely not what we mean. What we mean is that after you’ve entered your lucky numbers for you favourite draws, you don’t have to sit idle waiting for the draw to take place. Instead, you can spend your extra time playing instant games and maximize your winnings if you also bag yourself a lottery prize. 

Why wait when you can win a large sum of money right now? There’s no better way to have fun and stay busy while winning an insane amount of cash. Let’s dive into the games right now, shall we? 

Bingo – You could win up to £250,000


Bingo isn't only for pensioners living in a retirement village. Our Bingo games are much more exciting and they’re for anyone who enjoys fun! Our Bingo games kick any other Bingo game’s butt. Are you ready to win big on Bingo? 

Bingo 75 is easy to play. You select numbers from a playing card as the numbers drop down. The patterns are pre-decided and if the player completes a pattern, they win a prize for that pattern. Keep in mind that you don’t have to play with just one card. You can add a further 5 Bingo cards to increase your chances of winning. This game is fun and very engaging. You’ll be shouting “BINGO” in no time! 


Keno – you could win up to £100,000


Keno is also easy to play and it gives you a wonderful opportunity to win up to an incredible sum of £100,000. 



Play Skulldiggery

It’s time to get your pirate on with this game! Are you ready to set sail for riches and find that buried treasure worth up to £75,000? The game sees five locations on the map you can dig for to find your buried treasure. 

How to play


  • Select a stake and press ‘play’ to begin.
  • Mark 5 spots on the map or use the one already provided. 
  • You can also choose an island to play or use the one you’re provided with. 
  • Choose 5 spots to mark with an X and then click “dig”. 


How to win


  • You have to match 3 treasure icons to win. 
  • Unfortunately, you don’t win anything if you match junk symbols. 
  • What are you waiting for? Start digging! 



Lotto Machine - you could win up to £250,000

Lotto Machine

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better – they do! This exciting game combines the thrill of playing the lottery with the nail-biting excitement that comes with scratch cards. Playing the lottery has just been taken to a whole new level! 

Instant win games allow you to play anytime, day or night. Scratch cards are just as fun and easy to play, and we can’t leave them out of the equation now, can we? Let’s take a look at some that can make you insanely rich:  

£100,000 cash, Raid the Piggy Bank, Full Bloom, Super Shamrock and the exciting football-themed ones like EuroCup Scratch, Euro Champions and much more. 

We recommend you give all these games a go as well as getting your tickets for the biggest jackpot on offer. 

That reminds us…Mega Millions has an astonishing jackpot of 323,000,000 USD up for grabs, so make sure you’re in it with a chance! 

Good luck with all your Instant Win games!

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