Ireland’s First lottery Winner Keeps Lifestyle Unchanged

Ireland’s first-ever lottery winner experienced her bout of good fortune in 1989. The woman has revealed that since her big win that turned her into a millionaire, she hasn’t changed a thing about her lifestyle despite winning £1.2 million. She doesn’t plan on changing anything in the near future either! Read more about her fascinating story here. 

Rita Power won £1.2 million on the Irish lotto back in 1989. She was the first millionaire for the Irish Lotto at the time. Back when she first won, she told lottery officials that she wanted to remain grounded and hold onto her normal life for as long as she could. She said that she was satisfied with how her life was, and the money would allow her more freedom to travel and live more comfortably. She said that even though she was a millionaire, she had self-respect and enough class not to waste her money on material possessions or flashy cars. 

The 72-year-old record breaker has revealed that her and her husband John Doe, have managed to keep their lifestyles the same since the win. In 1989, Rita Powers owned 10 cows on her farm and kept her old Ford Fiesta for a few years after she won her million. 

Rita said that her lottery win gave her the time to focus on raising her children with strong moral values. It also afforded her the time to make sure they remained the quiet, humble country dwellers they’ve always been.  “A lot of people have been happy with their wealth and good fortune over the years but we’re quiet country people. We don’t go on about it. When you have nothing and you get something, you appreciate it and don’t squander it,” explained Rita. 


First Irish Lotto Winner


Her son, Declan, said that he is happy with the way his mother handled their newfound millionaire status. Rita didn’t hide away every penny, though. She did find a way to enjoy her winnings and spend it wisely where she could. She spent some of her winnings on homes for her children. “We’re still grounded, we have the same friends. We have our houses but we’ve stayed the same,” said Declan. 

Rita said that if she were to give any advice to other lottery winners, it would be to keep their win a secret and keep themselves as grounded as possible. “Mum was the first, that’s why she couldn’t stay private. But if you have the option to go private, do it,” explained her son Declan. 

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Posted by Thinh (3/08/2017)

Thanks for the info!

Posted by Julian (3/08/2017)

Its very very good keep it up I am very hear this

Posted by PRADIP (3/08/2017)

congratulations to him / her.

Posted by PRADIP (3/08/2017)

after winning huge amount in lottery, she don't change her lifestyle, she understand the value of money !!

Posted by PRADIP (3/08/2017)

after winning huge amount in lottery, she keep her head cool.

Posted by PRADIP (3/08/2017)

i pray to GOD for his gift & mercy on me, just 1 m $ in lottery.

Posted by PRADIP (4/08/2017)

i will change my lifestyle , where it's necessary.

Posted by PRADIP (4/08/2017)

after getting jackpot in lottery, i will change my lifestyle , i will form a charitable trust , with my "late father name".

Posted by Thinh (5/08/2017)

Thanks for the info!

Posted by PRADIP (5/08/2017)

let me first win, then i will think about life style.

Posted by PRADIP (6/08/2017)

i want to change my life after winning lottery, from struggle life to easy life.

Posted by Zeljko (6/08/2017)

It is very good to keep your head cool and think what to do before you do it.

Posted by Leyla (8/08/2017)


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