5 Interesting Facts About Powerball

US Powerball is one of the largest lotteries in the world. Over the years this American lottery game has made many millionaires as well as enormous record-breaking jackpots. The higher the jackpots go, the wilder the frenzy gets around the world! 

People all over the world enter the highly-anticipated draws. The beauty of playing the lottery online is that you don’t have to live in the United States to play. Now it doesn’t matter where you are from because you can still get tickets online. We’ve compiled a few facts about the Powerball game that not many people know. 


The biggest jackpot in history wasn’t won by a single ticket. 

You should know by now that the biggest jackpot in lottery history was broken by Powerball last year. It reached a whopping $1.6 billion on the 13th of January. The winning numbers belonged to three winners, however, and not only one. This enormous jackpot was shared amongst three players. 

Each lucky ticket holder walked away with 528.8 million Dollars. These winners, therefore, cannot be considered as the “biggest Powerball jackpot winners”, but they were part of the biggest jackpot win to have ever taken place! 

There were two other exciting draws that saw prizes of over 600 million Dollars being won. Since these two jackpots were also divided among several winners, they are not exactly the winners of “the highest Powerball” prize, but they were part of one of these massive draws in the history of Powerball. 


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The winner of the biggest single-handed Powerball win was Gloria Mackenzie, who in May 2013, cracked a jackpot of $590.5 million all to herself. Since nobody else matched the same numbers that she did to take home the jackpot, she didn’t have to share the prize with any other players. This earned her instant glory as the sole Powerball jackpot winner. 


It isn’t impossible to enter all the possible winning combinations. 

That’s right. It’s isn’t impossible! It can only be done if you have unlimited money, time and a mathematician, however. So although not impossible, it is still extremely difficult. If you want to really make sure you win the Powerball jackpot, simply enter all the statistically possible winnings combinations! The magazine “CNN Money” once stated that you would have to spend approximately $584 million in order to get close to winning the jackpot. 

So, for example, if the jackpot reached $1 billion again, a player would have to buy $416 million’s worth of lottery tickets to get an 80% chance of winning the jackpot. With so many rich and crazy people in the world, you’d think this has already been attempted, right? Well, not quite. It all comes down to how the tickets are bought. You can’t buy countless lottery tickets with different numbers. If you did that, it would take more than 9 years before you would have been able to play all the possible number combinations. 

An Australian investment group once tried to play all the possible winning combinations of numbers in 1992, but they didn’t make it in time for the next draw. 


US Powerball draws are monitored by heavy security. 

Can players trust that everything runs fairly and smoothly with US Powerball draws? Yes, they can. When so much money is involved, you can be sure that everything is taken care of and nobody manipulates the outcomes. 

During the draws, several officials from the lottery organization are present. An independent auditor, as well as a security officer, are also in the room. As you can imagine, there are also many security cameras. The drums with the lotto balls are stored in a double-locked and alarm-secured safe. The ballots are sealed after the drawing by the inspector and also stored in a secure safe. All the equipment is regularly checked according to the technician’s specifications. The balls and drums are also maintained andtested on a regular basis. 


The Powerball lottery revenue doesn’t work the way you think it does. 


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Not many people know how the lottery actually makes its money. People think that the lottery keeps all the profit and only gives a fraction to the winner in comparison to how much it made from ticket sales. This isn’t true, though! 

Of the money made from lottery tickets, 50% goes towards paying winners in the various prize divisions, 40% to good causes and charity, and 10% to the retailer who sold the winning lottery ticket. 

Depending on which federal state the lottery operator is based and according to the legislation governing them, they get to decide how they want to use their profits after 40% has been donated to good causes and 10% paid out to the person who sold the winning ticket in their store. The actual revenue that the lottery makes in comparison to the winners isn’t as much as you think it is. Remember that their revenue depends on the size of the state and the number of players. It also has to account for employee salaries, advertising, and contributions towards education funds before the lottery can ever see their “profit”. There are a lot of ongoing operating costs that many people aren’t actually aware of. For example, with the Virginia Lottery, nearly their entire profit goes towards an education fund. 


There were once 110 big winners in a single draw. 

Yes, you read correctly, and no, there was no mistake! On March 30 in 2005, something really unusual happened. In the second prize division, there were a staggering 110 people! That’s an unusually high number, wouldn’t you say? Usually, there are no more than 5 players in this division. 

The Powerball operators were highly confused and suspicious, as anyone would be! The odds of so many people landing up in the second tier are very slim. They conducted an investigation into who the winners were, and it turned out that 110 players entered the lucky numbers of a fortune cookie made by a company in Long Island, New York. The numbers in the fortune cookie were 22-28-32-33-39 and 40. Except for 40, all the lucky numbers matched theirs. 89 players received $100,000, and 21 received $500,000. 

Who’s to say YOU can’t be next? The US Powerball jackpot is a whopping 261,000,000 USD and it has YOUR name on it! Hurry – the draw takes place on the 2nd of August 2017. 

Get your lottery tickets online now! 

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Posted by PRADIP (1/08/2017)

i like usa pb very much.

Posted by PRADIP (1/08/2017)

every buyer has a dream to win big jackpot in lottery, it's only have in "US PB".

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Good news

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power ball is also a very exciting game.

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I like to play Power ball.

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