What Happens After You Win The Lottery Online?

We’ve all fantasised about winning the lottery online. We’ve envisioned all our lucky numbers matching up and changing our destinies. But we don’t really give much thought for as to what would happen afterwards? Do you actually know what to expect? We don’t think most lottery players have a clue about what to expect, so today we’re going to shed some light on what you could expect if you win the lottery. Financial advice, special bank accounts and friends are some of the most important things to consider, but let’s take a more in-depth look. 

Just imagine actually winning the lottery. We’d all have our fantasy shopping lists going haywire right before our eyes. Plush 4K TV’s, a solid gold swing ball set, and only the good Lord knows what else. When faced with the reality that you’ve just become a millionaire, many possibilities will be racing through your mind: charity, luxury cruises, businesses, shopping sprees, cars, and the list goes on. Would you turn into a madman determined to go into stem cell research to figure out a way how to re-grow lost limbs, or would you go into building an ethical caviar production line? It all depends on your personality.  

For those of you lucky enough to have an unforeseen windfall of cash land in your lap, certain protocols will need to be adhered to. You won’t just get the whole lot of cash plonked into your account. The governing body of the lottery you won your fortune with, has a team of ‘Winning Advisors’. These highly-skilled individuals will be there to help you resist the urge to blow all your cash in one go. 

Andy Carter, a Senior Winners Advisor at Camelot, was kind enough to share some useful insights with us. Andy leads a team of five people and they’re based in and around the UK. If a player wins more than £50,000 on the lottery, the team goes out to their house, pays them their prize and looks after them until they know where to go from there on. 

The lottery commission is notified of a win after the lucky player rings the number on the back of their ticket to make their claim. The commission then gets their details, calls them back and tell them what to expect next. Andy and his team will then go and visit the winner to sort out some paperwork. There’s nothing more to it than that, really. They make sure to look after the person during a time like that because it’s a moment nobody forgets and they want to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible. Stress-free is the key!

Andy’s team makes sure they have access to legal advice, financial advice and they are asked if they would like to go public with the news or remain anonymous. In order to be a successful lottery winner advisor like Andy, you must have good listening skills, good empathy and you must be energetic and upbeat. You have to mirror people’s emotions. If they are jumping up and down with excitement, you also have to do that! If the people are nervous and quiet, you must respect that too and not make them uncomfortable in any way. 


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The lottery winners are offered certain forms of protection should they wish. If the winner has won millions of Pounds or Euros, they advise the winner not to put their money in a normal high street bank account. They have contacts with all the major banks. Some of them even have departments that deal solely with lottery winners. One of Andy’s representatives will go with the winner to the bank and open up a separate account shielded from the branch network. It’s all about privacy and safety for the winner. SO if they walked into a branch of a particular bank network, they would never know that they have so much money in their account as it would be separate. 

Andy ensures that the funds go over there discreetly and swiftly. They make sure that the winner’s wills are in place because of how big their estate has become. It constantly needs managing. They all meet with lawyers and financial advisors. 

When it comes to releasing the winner’s identity, the decision is completely up to the individual. Andy says, “There will always be those people who want to tell the whole world, and you also get others who don’t want to tell a single soul. Whatever their choice is, we need to respect that because the winner’s privacy is very important to us.” 

Only 15% of lottery winners go public and those who do are given information and advice on media interest. The lottery commission of that particular lottery game will handle the announcement and get in touch with the media. Interviews are a feature but not always necessary. 

For those lottery winners who decide to go public, there becomes a sort of community for them. It makes the transition much easier when they have other winners to relate to and talk about how their lives have changed. 

“I think it’s quite useful for people to find someone else who’s been in the same situation. It’s a really unique club. There are only about 4,300 lottery millionaires,” said Andy. 

There are always pros and cons to going public with a lottery win. The pros are that you can speak to people who have experienced the same thing for guidance and advice. The cons could be that friends and family start asking you for money and people might find a way to stalk you and blackmail you for money. 

Whatever you decide, make sure that it reflects your true personality! 

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Good luck! 

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Posted by Thinh (14/07/2017)

Thanks for the info!

Posted by PRADIP (14/07/2017)

after winning in lottery jackpot or 1 m $ , first i will wait till credited that amount in my bank a/c.

Posted by PRADIP (14/07/2017)

after winning jackpot , as per my earlier plan , i will implement my activities.

Posted by PRADIP (15/07/2017)

after winning jackpot, i will do first my "MARRIAGE" !!

Posted by Thinh (15/07/2017)

Hope to win big some day!

Posted by PRADIP (16/07/2017)

already i make my list, what to do with my winning J a c k p o t !!!!!

Posted by PRADIP (17/07/2017)

after winning lottery with huge amount, then every hours will be happy hours.

Posted by Leyla (17/07/2017)

Good news

Posted by PRADIP (17/07/2017)

before going to bed , i must see my winning amount.

Posted by PRADIP (17/07/2017)

first i will give this winning news to my "MOTHER" !! then celebrate.

Posted by PRADIP (18/07/2017)

every one wants to count winning money like that.

Posted by Ildefonso (20/07/2017)

Persistence pays off,plan for success.

Posted by Ndeshipanda (21/07/2017)

What if i dont win anything?????

Posted by Alain (24/07/2017)

The idea of introducing the winner to a bank so that his account is kept private is excellent. However it depends where is the bank as overseas nationals may not be allowed to open a bank account in a country where they do not reside. They need to give documentation to prove their residence, etc..

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