$180M Mega Millions Winner Opens Steakhouse

Every lottery winner has a different dream for how they want to spend their jackpot. Some winners invest their money, others buy a huge mansion, and a large number of winners start their own businesses. For a Mega Millions lottery winner who won $180 million on Mega Millions, they finally decided to make one of their biggest dreams come true - starting their own business. 

Ricky Knudsen won $180 million on the Mega Millions jackpot 3 years ago. He’s finally opened his very own steakhouse which he’s always dreamt of doing. He runs “Oak Glen Steakhouse” with his partner and son, Brandon Gallegos. At the time that Ricky won his life-changing Mega Millions jackpot back in 2014, he had made plans to build a new house in the mountains of Southern California, purchase a few new cars, and a condo in Hawaii. 

In the year of 2015, he bought himself a buffalo ranch and lovely property in Oak Glen. He is the type of person who likes to keep busy, so he decided to open his own business nearby his house too. Gallegos and his brothers, Josh Badillo and Brock Knudsen all manage the running of the steakhouse, saloon and the Apple Creek Meadows wedding where their sister, Kylie Knudsen is the director. It’s really great that a family can pull together and run a business together smoothly. Rick Knudsen Junior also manages the nearby buffalo ranch. 

Mega Millions Winner Opens Steakhouse

Brandon has had some experience running businesses before because he’s been in the restaurant industry for 17 years. It was his father’s idea to eventually start their own business after he won a large amount of money on Mega Millions. 

At first, the idea was to open a bar, but he changed his mind after looking around at the buffalo ranch and being given a hint from a friend that the place would do really well if they opened a steakhouse on the property. The rest is history. 

Michael Graham, a former basketball player who won the lottery with Powerball, also decided to enter the restaurant business. Another lottery winner by the name of Nathan Kendall from Iowa also opened a restaurant after scooping $50,000 on a Super Crossword scratch card. 

When it comes to his steakhouse, the Mega Millions winners wanted nothing but the best. No expense was spared when it came to revamping the property. The steakhouse features an upscale Western-style interior for the bar and saloon. Their gardens on the mountainside are also perfectly manicured for the outdoor weddings. 

The winner’s steakhouse serves all prime and certified Angus beef at less than average market prices. “I would rather keep the room full and the chairs full than charging $52 for a rib-eye like some other steakhouses,” commented Brandon. Their menu is undergoing a major revamp so customers can expect new exciting meals on the menu in the near future. We hope that the restaurant will become a big success for the lucky Mega Millions winner. 

Congratulations to this lucky Mega Millions winner for still following their dreams after coming into such a great deal of money. It’s inspiring to see lottery winners staying true to the grind because it’s very easy to get lazy after becoming rich. It gives all of us hope. Don’t let go of your dreams! Once you become the next big online lotto millionaire, you can make all your dreams finally come true. 

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Posted by Thinh (11/07/2017)

Thanks for the info!

Posted by PRADIP (12/07/2017)

i now don't want to disclose my "DREAM" !!

Posted by PRADIP (12/07/2017)

after winning jackpot or 1 m $ "I WILL DO MARRIAGE" (now i m 51 yrs ! bachelor !)

Posted by Leyla (14/07/2017)

Good news

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