What Kind Of Millionaire Would YOU Be? – Comment To Win 10 FREE Mega Millions Tickets

What Kind Of Millionaire Would YOU Be?

THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. Congratulations to V. Habib & M. Vermeulen

People change when they receive large amounts of money. Some people change for the better, a few change for the worse and in the rare cases, they don’t change at all. You never know what the future holds. You could become a millionaire this very week on PlayHugeLottos.com, so why not give some thought as to what type of millionaire you will become after winning an online jackpot? 

Get inspired by our list below and comment on what type of millionaire you’d become! A winner will be chosen at random to receive 10 FREE Mega Millions tickets for the MASSIVE 158 MILLION USD DRAW!


1) Lavish Lifestyle Lover

Millionaire Lifestyle

Flying first class to every destination, having champagne on ice at every event, mingling with celebrities and staying in the fanciest hotels. This is a lifestyle that many affluent people already have today, but many lottery winners also take this route after becoming millionaires. Does this sound like you? 


2) Manic Material Millionaire

Material Millionaire

You wouldn’t be seen dead in shoes that aren’t designer, a car that’s cheaper than a Porsche, wearing a watch that isn’t glittering gold, or in a house that doesn’t have the most enviable view and sprawling Olympic-size swimming pool. If you’re obsessed with material things and you can’t think of anything that makes you happier other than shopping till you drop, then you’ll most probably become the Manic Material Millionaire!


3) Seasoned Traveller

Seasoned Travelling Millionaire

You don’t mind flying economy, as long as you get to the destination that’s been on your bucket list for years. You dream of taking the road less travelled and learning about new cultures. You wouldn’t mind staying at a less lavish hotel if it means you get to save money to visit more places. You have a wanderlust for unforgettable adventures. You really want to see as many countries as you can, and you don’t mind living a bit more affordably. Does this type of millionaire sound like you? 


4) Fanciful Freedom Fighter

Hippie Millionaire

Worrying about a house and looking after a family isn’t your thing. You’re most probably still single, soul-searching and going wherever the wind blows you. If you became a millionaire you’d probably sell everything you have and hop from place to place, meeting new people and just going with the flow. You don’t believe in rules and you hate authority. You find happiness in the small things like sitting on the grass with friends enjoying a music festival, knowing that your next activity can be literally anything you desire. 


5) Tough Tycoon

Millionaire Tycoon

You’re interested in business and power. After winning yourself a Mega Millions or Powerball jackpot, the first thing you’d probably do is start your own business, or BUY a few that interest you! You like being the boss and ordering those below you to carry out your grand visions. You want to be respected and seen as powerful. You like to call the shots and be busy every second of every day whilst building an empire. You don’t take nonsense and you’ll demolish anyone who stands in your way. 


6) Exotic Pet Collector

Exotic Pets

You’d rather have a Cheetah sitting on your leather couch than a dog. Your kitchen has a Raven that can read out recipes to you and in your bedroom sits a Palm Cockatoo. Outside, you’ll find a majestic Arabian horse waiting for you to hop on bareback and go galloping on the beach at sunset. You’d be surprised how much these exotic pets can actually cost. Certainly, only a millionaire could afford them. So if animals appeal to you more than shoes and bags, then you might just become an exotic pet collector!


7) Captain Charity

Charity Blessing

How much you have doesn’t really phase you. You’re more concerned about how your struggling friends and homeless street kids are going from one day to the next. If you’ve got a philanthropic side to your personality, you’ll probably establish a charitable trust, a non-profit organisation, or a whole company itself which aims to provide more jobs, food and homes to underprivileged people. So, Robin Hood, does this sound like you? 


8) Property King/Queen

Hot Property

You love everything to do with estates, hotels, B&B’s, resorts and mansions. You want to have a large portfolio of property that will bring you a passive income. You enjoy interior décor and hiring an architect to build your dreams. You like being in control of where people live and the quality of their lives there. If you would enjoy owning a hotel, running a resort or simply renting out a penthouse suite, then you’ll most probably become a Property fanatic! 

So have you decided what kind of millionaire you’ll become? Remember, you can pick more than one if you like! Your comment is a free entry into this lucky draw to win 10 FREE MEGA MILLIONS TICKETS. 

Hurry and enter now!



Good luck!


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Posted by Michał (29/06/2017)

I'll mix 2 kind of millionaire - seasoned traveller and Captain Charity. It'll be classic example of how to kill 2 birds with one stone - I'll give what's the best I can to those in need and to myself :)

Posted by Eunice (29/06/2017)

no 7.. Because their are so many children in this world, specially in Africa that are starving of hunger and the rich people seems to turn their back on these children...

Posted by Victor (29/06/2017)

Dear playhugelottos Your article is really inspiring. To be honest I don't know how a large sum of money can change me however I want to be a bit of everything of your list as I can visualize myself as lavish lifestyle lover and I will share it with people around, I see myself also a bit of manic material millionaire, who don't want branded items? I do love travelling and I would be a great seasoned traveler I already love going to world music festivals and I believe our world is awesome place and would love to explore as much as possible I don't mind staying in guest houses but still enjoy the luxuries of deluxe hotels I sure see myself as fancy freedom fighter and also a captain charity I also would love to start my own business and see it growing big not exactly tough tycoon but a successful business man. I also love animals specially urang utan I might adopt one from Borneo, so I think that makes me a bit of exotic pet collector! I might also invest in real estate and properties in various destinations. I just want to be bit of everything and enjoy everything to the max.

Posted by Елеонора (29/06/2017)

3 and 7 and a little 2 :)))

Posted by Frank (29/06/2017)

Maybe it's strange to say, but I stay the same as I'm now. Why wait till you're a millionaire to live the live you want. OK you can do more in a shorter amount of time. But I still help where I want to help and do the things I want to do.

Posted by Bharath (29/06/2017)

3) Seasoned Traveller After wining jackpot I m like a bird fly where wind goes.

Posted by Frank (29/06/2017)

Maybe it's strange to say, but I stay the same as I'm now. Why wait till you're a millionaire to live the live you want. OK you can do more in a shorter amount of time. But I still help where I want to help and do the things I want to do.

Posted by Sandeep (29/06/2017)

3 and 7 type of millinore

Posted by Morkel (29/06/2017)

I will buy a yacht and cruise the world after empowering my sons in building the biggest solar powered electricity farm in Namibia to provide cheap electricity to my country.

Posted by Thinh (29/06/2017)

5) Tough Tycoon ---> this would be me!

Posted by Huda (29/06/2017)

LLL and CC Lavish lifestyle lover and captain charity

Posted by Елена (29/06/2017)

3) Seasoned Traveller, Please. My dream <3

Posted by Andre (29/06/2017)

No 7, and to study a few short courses.

Posted by Tatyana (29/06/2017)

Perhaps I will choose "3"

Posted by Tatyana (29/06/2017)

Perhaps I will choose "3"

Posted by Plescan (29/06/2017)

3) Seasoned Traveller.

Posted by George (29/06/2017)

6.Exotic Pet Collector. I'd buy a farm in Africa and fill it with wild animals. 🦄🐃🐘🐜🐁🐗🐞🐒🐿🐍...😊

Posted by Sonu (29/06/2017)

3) Seasoned Traveller bcoz I have a bucket list of flying to many destination...I like to travel like roadless travel and enjoy every street food and meet new people and learn new cultures.i want to see as many countries if I win jackpots..hope someday dream will come true..

Posted by Antonius (29/06/2017)

i choose no3. i just want to visit every inch of earth and every who knows maybe tasting abit of the space

Posted by Arvin Vicente (29/06/2017)

I will be a property king and invest my money in banks in order to become one of its major stakeholder.

Posted by Lowell (29/06/2017)

Number 8, make my fortune grow...

Posted by Scott (29/06/2017)

I'd be 2and7

Posted by Евгений (29/06/2017)

For a start, I'll choose 3 and 7. Will continue to act on the circumstances.

Posted by Riaz (29/06/2017)

Seasoned Traveller If i win the jackpot i never stop to see my world till the end of my life...

Posted by Irina (29/06/2017)

likely No. 1 - a Lavish Lifestyle Lover

Posted by Nina (29/06/2017)

I probably Captain Charity

Posted by Alexandr (29/06/2017)

I'm going to travel a lot and everywhere, so I'm a Seasoned Traveller.

Posted by Irina (30/06/2017)

I Shopaholic and Shopomaniac and so I - No. 2 - Manic Material Millionaire.

Posted by Aleksandr (30/06/2017)

I will live as before, only the standard of living will be different, much higher.

Posted by Ildefonso (30/06/2017)

A combination of 3 and 7.

Posted by Muhammad (30/06/2017)

None of the above!

Posted by Muhammad (30/06/2017)

When I win millions, I have to be 1 in 1000,000!

Posted by Hyunsoo (30/06/2017)

8) Property King / Queen - My dream is to be a landlord from my childhood. So I would like to settle down my past suffering from money because of my childhood. There are a lot of things I had to do because I did not have enough money. Things I did not do with money I want to do everything freely. When I become a landlord, I can do things I never wanted to do.

Posted by Nane Hee (30/06/2017)

3) Seasoned Traveler - It's too hard to work. It's too hard to do business. So I'm free throughout the season I want to travel around the world. Both body and mind are relaxed and relaxed, I want to enjoy a free trip. Through a free and beautiful trip I want to recharge my body and mind.

Posted by Yudhister (30/06/2017)

I believe just being one thing doesn't going to define me,when i 'll win i want to be little bit of many things like i want to be millionaire with a little bit of 'Lavish Lifestyle Lover' not much just little bit then i wanna be a millionaire with a little bit of 'Seasoned Traveller' and 'Tough Tycoon' cause i love travelling and i wanna start my own restaurant and lastly i like to be 'Captain Charity' i just wanna help some people,to provide education and shelter to poor kids.

Posted by Kabo (30/06/2017)

3 and 8. Seasoned traveller and property king

Posted by PRADIP (30/06/2017)

i want to be a millionaire , because my investment in lottery with my serious and struggle money, i m struggling from my childhood and my family (mother) also, first i will protect myself from struggle life, then i will start to charity with needy person, charity like: medical assist, education assist, natural calamities assist, environmental assist etc. i will do business with that money, will provide to my office staff, good salary, good bonus, ltc, leave salary and FAMILY PENSION also, after retirement tears will not come out from their eyes !! i m bachelor, i will do marriage.

Posted by Edwin (30/06/2017)

No 8 amen haleluyah from Indonesia

Posted by Jozsef (30/06/2017)

I'd try all of them, except pet collector.

Posted by Premkumar (1/07/2017)

I will choose 1) Lavish Lifestyle Lover and also would like to be 7) Captain Charity as i believe what we receive from this world to make our DREAMS come true, at the same time we also need to give back to the world

Posted by PRADIP (3/07/2017)

only this way dream come practically in my life !!

Posted by PRADIP (4/07/2017)

thank u , mr. H & mr. V.

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