Woman In Disbelief After Winning Oz Lotto

After a nation-wide hunt for Queensland’s Oz Lotto winner, a young woman has come forward, realising that she was the one everyone was looking for. The Cairns Oz Lotto player is still in shock and disbelief as she never imagined something this spectacular could ever happen to her. 

A winning Oz Lotto ticket to the value of 40 million AUD was sold on a Tuesday night draw. As you can imagine, it sparked a massive media campaign to help find the lucky ticketholder. The winner, who wants to stay anonymous, is a mother from Cairns in Australia. She was shocked to realise that she had the ticket lottery officials were speaking about. She couldn’t process the fact that she had become a multi-millionaire virtually overnight. 

Oz Lotto Winner

After getting on the phone with lottery officials in Queensland, she had her deepest desire fulfilled when she learned that she indeed had the winning lottery ticket. She described the whole scenario as simple, “unreal.” Many lottery players think they know exactly how they’re going to feel and react after realising that they’ve just become a multimillionaire. The truth is, NOBODY will ever know how they are going to react. Some people go numb and can’t speak because they’re in shock, others scream at the top of their lungs because of all the adrenaline racing through their veins. 

She and her family all live in Cairns and they told lottery officials that they don’t plan to flaunt their good fortune. They are tremendously grateful to have been given such a special blessing. They would like to use their newfound wealth to spend more time together as a family and finally buy the dream house they’ve always wanted. 

“I’m stressing out! I can’t believe it. It hasn’t sunk in yet that we’re going to have so much money. Oh, my god! And to think that all of this fortune came from one simple Oz Lotto ticket that cost me next to nothing. I am really glad I made that decision. It could just be the best decision I’ve ever made in my life,” explained the happy Oz Lotto winner. 

The first thing that ran through the winner’s mind after seeing that her numbers matched, was how her husband could finally cut down on the hours he spends at work. He could now enjoy his life with his family. “I was feeling so down in the dumps last week thinking that we’ve never really had anything exciting to look forward to. That nothing was letting up on us. But then this ended up happening!” she said. 

She is really looking forward to buying her dream home. It’s going to be a house even better than they first imagined, because they can afford it now! She also wants to hire a cleaner so she has more time to relax and do the things that really make her happy. “Then we’ll work out how to invest it to make sure that our kids are set up for life too,” she added. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an Oz Lotto newbie or not, here are some facts about the game that we think you should know!

- The game has a guaranteed jackpot of 2 million AUD every Tuesday. 

- If there is no jackpot winner, the jackpot will roll and be larger the following Tuesday. 

- Oz Lotto jackpots tend to follow the same pattern: $2 million, $5 million, $10 million, $15 million, $20 million, $30 million,         $40 million, $50 million, $60 million, $70 million, $80 million, $90 million and $100 million. Any changes made to these figures are made at the discretion of the lottery officials who control the draws. 

- The record jackpot won on Oz Lotto stands at a whopping 100 million AUD. 

- You need to match all 7 lucky numbers to win a Division 1 prize. 

- If you match 3 numbers and a supplementary number you can win a consolation prize. 

- The odds of winning the jackpot are in in 45,379,620. 

- The odds of winning any prize at all are 1 in 7 with a 12-game quick pick selection. 

- You can increase your odds of winning by playing in a syndicate due to sharing the costs of tickets with other lotto players. Cheaper costs mean more tickets! 

- The most common main numbers in 2015 were 2, 33, 4, 19, 21, 26, 30, 36 and 45. 

YOU could be the next Oz Lotto jackpot winner if you get yourself a ticket NOW! Only those who play can win. 

So what’s it going to be? 

Act NOW!

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Posted by Thinh (26/06/2017)

Thanks for the info!

Posted by Ildefonso (27/06/2017)

Great article and congratulations to the winner and her family.Good move to remain anonymous.

Posted by PRADIP (28/06/2017)

after winning huge amount or sizeable in lottery, people don't want to believe, because it's unexpected !!

Posted by Leyla (29/06/2017)


Posted by Leyla (29/06/2017)


Posted by Thinh (3/07/2017)

"Only those who play can win" ---> absolutely!

Posted by Zeljko (26/09/2017)

Congratulations to her. I hope to be in her place once...

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