What Are The Best Lotteries To Play?

By now you probably know that winning the lottery isn’t easy. True. It's not. But most importantly, you have to realise that it isn't impossible! We read about lottery winners in the news every week, so it’s highly possible that you could also be a lottery winner in the near future. Let’s talk about which lotteries are the best to play if you want to maximise your chances of winning and at the same time take home a very big prize. 

Best Online Lotteries To Play

It’s a good thing you’re on PlayHugeLottos.com because you have easy access to all the biggest and best games in the world right at your fingertips. Being a regular online lottery player, you’ve probably wondered what game would be a good idea to play on a particular day. 

Each of us has our own habits when it comes to playing, but at the end of the day, all players have one thing in common: we want to make the right choice and we want to WIN. 

We’ve compiled a list of questions you've probably asked yourself...

“Which lotteries have the biggest jackpots?” 

Jackpot history was made when a top prize of 1.5 billion USD was shared by three lucky tickets on the 13th of January 2016. In the blink of an eye, three winners had their lives changed forever. Their tickets correctly matched all six winning numbers in the draw. Each winner accepted their prize as a lump sum instead of instalments. Their happiness was brought about by the following numbers: 4-8-19-27-34 and 10. 

The second-highest jackpot win to date was on another American lottery, the Mega Millions game. On the 30th of March 2012, the top prize reached a colossal $656 million. At the time, it was a world record. The prize was also shared amongst three lucky players. 

It isn’t only American lotteries that create big jackpots, though. The popular EuroMillions lotto has sold a winning jackpot ticket for 190 million Euro twice in the past. 

The Italian lottery, SuperEnaLotto is another jackpot without a cap on the top prize. In October 2010, it climbed to an incredible 177.7 million Euro before being won. The prize was scooped by a syndicate of 70 people from Milan. 

The Oz Lotto, a famous Australian lottery has also reached a massive record with a jackpot of 111.9 million AUD in November 2012. The prize was shared between four players. 

“Should I even bother with the special offers?” 

Lottery Special Offers

If you really care about how much you spend on lottery tickets, then you should probably take advantage of special offers and discounts when they come your way. On PlayHugeLottos.com, you always get the opportunity to buy discounted tickets or even get tickets for free! Paying less means you get to play more, thereby increasing your odds of taking home a prize!

PlayHugeLottos even runs competitions where you can win a luxury holiday or hundreds of tickets to the biggest lotteries in the world. If you want all this and more, then make sure you subscribe to our newsletter. Not only do we keep you informed about all the biggest jackpots on offer, but we also remind you which draws are happening soon so you don’t miss the cut-off times. 

Our most recent competition was a VIP trip for two to see the F1 Grand Prix races in Monaco. 

“Should I focus more on smaller prizes or go for the jackpot?” 

If you follow lottery results closely, you’ll see that many lottery games actually award players with really huge consolation prizes if they match certain numbers. It doesn’t matter if you don’t hit the jackpot because your number selection could end up winning you a lovely cash prize in the lower tiers. Something is always better than nothing!

For example, Powerball and Mega Millions rewards their winners in the second prize tier with a guaranteed $1 million. EuroJackpot is also very generous because of its second tier which awards players with a minimum prize of 1 million Euro. 

Let’s take a look at the probabilities of winning prizes in the five most popular lottery games we offer: 

EuroMillions - 1: 13
Mega Millions - 1: 14, 71
SuperEnalotto - 1: 20
US Powerball - 1: 24, 87
EuroJackpot - 1: 26

“Should I save time and play quick picks instead?” 

If you’re someone who doesn’t have the time in the day to select their own lucky numbers, then making use of our quick pick feature might just be the way to go. 

Quick picks help you choose your numbers perfectly at random and fast so you can play more and make sure you don’t miss any cut-off times. 

If you’re someone who has certain lucky numbers that they play and doesn't want to manually enter them each time, you can go to your transaction history in your account and simply hit “Play”. You then select the draw date, and you’re ready to play those same numbers for the next big draw. 

“Should I try my luck on the current biggest jackpot?”

This shouldn’t even be a question. No matter what the odds are, you should always enter the current biggest jackpot. Don’t have the loser mentality. Have the winner’s mentality! How else do you think other jackpot winners won their fortunes? Play staying humble and positive and entering big draws! They are no different to you. Not a single player had a greater advantage over you when it came time to buy their lottery tickets online. 

In summary, you should be entering ALL our big jackpot if you want to increase your chance of winning big. You have to stay in the game and be positive if you hope to come out victorious. 

Enter the biggest jackpots on PlayHugeLottos now:


US Powerball – 435,000,000 USD

SuperEna Max – 204,000,000 Euro

Mega Millions – 90,000,000 USD


Put that WINNER’S mentality into action and play the lottery online today!

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Posted by PRADIP (9/06/2017)

i think all lotteries are best to play.

Posted by PRADIP (9/06/2017)

in your bucket all lotteries are not best ?

Posted by PRADIP (9/06/2017)

only GOD knows !! very very hard earned money i m investing here.

Posted by Krishnan (10/06/2017)

Most of the big wins as per Statistics, are quick picks only, though there may be cases of chosen numbers hitting the Jackpots

Posted by PRADIP (11/06/2017)

best lottery us pb i played, only 1 no. i can match, rest 2 nos. i have missed, just played next number.

Posted by PRADIP (11/06/2017)

best lottery super ena max i played, but failed to match a single number.

Posted by PRADIP (12/06/2017)

when GOD help me, then all lottery will be "THE BEST" .

Posted by Thinh (12/06/2017)

Thanks for the info!

Posted by Julian (13/06/2017)

My one is lottery super ena max & Euro

Posted by PRADIP (13/06/2017)


Posted by Leyla (14/06/2017)

Good news

Posted by Antonius (20/06/2017)

any lotterries is good

Posted by Thinh (23/06/2017)

“Should I even bother with the special offers?” ---> Yes, I always take the advantage of special offers.

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