$27.3M New Zealand Powerball Winners Are Speechless

What would you say if someone told you that you had just won $27.3 million on the New Zealand Powerball? Nobody really knows exactly how they would react until it actually happens to them. A couple from Thames in New Zealand recently won the top prize in the draw that took place on the 27th of May. They are still speechless and can’t believe their good fortune. 

The winners have asked if they can remain anonymous for personal reasons, so the lottery commission has granted them this request. Their lottery win is the fourth-biggest New Zealand Powerball win ever to have been won in New Zealand. 

The winning lottery numbers for the draw which won this couple their millions were 2-3-8-9-28-36 and the Powerball was 10. Every winner handles a major lottery win differently. Even days after the big win, the couple plays the lottery regularly and they still can’t believe what’s happened to them. “It still doesn’t seem real to us. I keep crying every time I think about it. We were lying in bed last night and I said to my husband, ‘I’m cuddling a millionaire.’ We both just cracked up laughing,” said one of the winners. 

The couple discovered their big win while sitting down for a relaxing cup of tea together. They decided to use the time to check their lottery tickets. After checking the results using a mobile application, the wife immediately recognised that their numbers matched. “I didn’t even need to circle any of them, they all just lines up on the top row. “I couldn’t breathe! I kept trying to speak, but nothing would come out. Eventually, I turned to my husband, in a flood of tears and told him that I thought we just won the jackpot,” explained the wife. 

International Lotto Win

Their big win is the latest in New Zealand after a woman in Auckland won $500,000 on the New Zealand Lotto. Another couple is also celebrating after winning $22 million also on the New Zealand Lotto. 

The couple wanted to make sure that their eyes weren’t deceiving them in any way, so they asked their son to double check their ticket for them. After confirming it with their son, they all headed to the Martina Four Square where they bought the ticket from. They drove past immediately after they saw journalists with cameras waiting outside the store. The instead returned home for another cup of tea to “calm their nerves”. 

Instead of going back to the store, they called in and said that they were the winners of the massive jackpot. Alan and Marjorie Tyrie, who are both 58, also celebrated their UK Lotto winner by having a cup of tea. We still don’t know how they are wanting to spend their New Zealand Powerball winnings, but they mentioned that they want to pay all their bills and debts first and then consult a financial advisor to help them manage their money efficiently. 

We offer the New Zealand Powerball on PlayHugeLottos so make sure that you don’t miss out on this terrific lottery when playing other bigger ones too! It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on it because the jackpots do grow to incredible sizes when you least expect them to! 

This lottery is based off the original American Powerball. Let’s discuss some more interesting facts about it. The game was introduced in February 2001 as an additional to the main New Zealand Lotto. It quickly established itself as the biggest and most popular lottery in New Zealand. 

Draws for the New Zealand Powerball take place every Wednesday and Saturday. In October 2007, the minimum jackpot value was increased from NZD$1 million to NZD$3 million! The lucky number pool also increased from eight numbers to ten in total. 

The New Zealand Powerball has recently introduced new game changes which include an increase in the maximum size that the jackpot can reach. The cap has been set to NZD$50 million where before it was just NZD$30 million. This lottery has made many millionaires, so if you would like to be the next one, you can! 

You stand as much chance as anyone else on this earth to scoop a lottery jackpot. All you have to do is make sure you get yourself a ticket for the draw. That’s basically it! As long as you have a ticket, you stand a chance. You can’t ever hope to win if you don’t play or play often. That’s another thing. If you hope to increase your chances, you should make sure that you play regularly. 

Get your tickets for the next big draw now! We look forward to seeing you become a millionaire. 

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Posted by Krishnan (5/06/2017)

Of course their bank balance will speak !!

Posted by PRADIP (6/06/2017)

my heartiest congratulations to him.

Posted by Julian (6/06/2017)

Good luck and be happy with your family

Posted by Krishnan (6/06/2017)

Speech is silver and silence is "gold" !

Posted by PRADIP (7/06/2017)

i will jumping with my ticket and shouting !!

Posted by Leyla (9/06/2017)

Good luck!

Posted by Ritwick (11/06/2017)

Wow congrats!

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