5 Things To Do When You Win Powerball

American Powerball dominates the minds of millions of players all over the world. On a daily basis, at least once a day, players fantasise about their numbers matching up for a massive jackpot win. This popular American lottery is made famous by its enormous jackpots. There have been many jackpot winners this past couple of years, so who’s to say that you can’t be next? Let’s discuss the steps you should take if you won yourself a life-changing fortune.

You see the thing is, anyone can win. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, where you live, or how many cars you drive. Lucky favour nobody in particular. If you have a Powerball ticket, whether you are the Pope or a street sweeper, you have as much chance as ANYONE to scoop a jackpot prize. As long as you have yourself a ticket for a big draw, you stand a chance to change your life for the better. Especially if you get your lotto tickets online at PlayHugeLottos. 

If you’ve had past experience playing the lotto online, that’s fantastic! If not, fear not. It’s very easy to play and win. Now let’s discuss what you should do once you find out that you’re the newest Powerball millionaire. 

When it comes to accepting your winnings, you can either do so in the form of an annuity, in which case you would gradually receive your winnings in the form of instalments. The other way you can accept your winnings is in the form of a cash lump sum option where you receive the bulk of the bulk all at once after federal taxes have been deducted. Not all American states apply the federal tax to your winnings. Some states, like Florida, don’t apply any taxes at all. 

Here are a few tips when it comes to winning the lottery:

1. Make sure you keep your winning ticket safe.

If you have a physical ticket, make sure it doesn’t fly out of your car window on the way home. You should also sign the back of the ticket too to prove that it is indeed yours in case it lands up in the hands of someone else. You should also keep the news to yourself until you have the winnings in your account. You should only tell family members who you know you can trust. 

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If you’ve made a wise choice and played the lotto online, you don’t have to worry about your ticket getting stolen or going missing because it’s online under your account and nobody can tamper with it. If you win a huge Powerball jackpot online, your confirmation email for you ticket purchase is all the proof you need to claim your prize, really. 

2. Give yourself some time to catch your breath. 

Let the news sink in. Make sure you are breathing deeply and are sitting down. Life-changing news like a Powerball windfall could make you faint or make your heart beat rapidly. It’s very important that you stay calm. But even more importantly, you should call the Powerball lottery officials immediately to notify them that you are the winner. 

If you played the lottery online, the website will call you to notify you that your ticket was the jackpot winner. You will need to prepare yourself for the media frenzy surrounding your name as the winner. Then, you should start planning your future without any distractions from anyone. Powerball lottery winners have 180 days to prove they are the winners and to claim their prize. 

Next, you need to decide if you want to keep your identity anonymous or not. Then you need to decide if you are going to accept your winnings in the form of a lump sum or an annuity. Deciding which country you want to open a bank account in is also something to consider. Give yourself ample time to consider all avenues that would impact your life after this lottery win. 

Then prepare yourself for a couple of very crazy weeks ahead. 

3. Don’t quit your job just yet.

The thought of retiring early and spending the rest of our days on a tropical island sipping Pina Coladas is very tempting, but don’t make that decision too fast. There are still things that you need to get sorted regarding your financial future. You need to hear from the lottery itself that you are indeed the winner and that you will be receiving your winnings. Only once your winnings are in your account can you start making fast decisions. 

Keep that mysterious smile on your face a secret and also don’t tell a soul you cannot full trust about your lottery win. Make especially sure that you do not tell your colleagues. You just never know. You will start seeing rumours flying around you when the news gets out about the win. People in your town will be going frantic and the temptation to tell will be intense, but for your protection and for the safety of your winnings, rather don’t tell anyone until you have the cash in pocket. 

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4. Hire a lawyer and financial advisor.

The services of a top lawyer and advisor will be costly, but small in comparison to your millions and future millions! What do we mean by future millions? Well, you hire a financial advisor to help you grow your wealth and make your money worm for you! Hiring these two experts is an investment in itself and it could be the best move you make if you don’t want to waste all your money and end up penniless like some of the horror lottery stories out there. 

5. Consider changing your address and phone number. 

Many people will claim that they know you. They are just looking for hand-outs if they find out that you are the winner of the jackpot. To avoid any unpleasant circumstances or stalkers, change your number and address. You can choose to remain anonymous, but should you decide to go public, then prepare yourself for the deluge of attention you will be getting. You’ll become a celebrity overnight! 

Never underestimate the power of social media. Be careful what you start posting about – never brag about your wealth. Sooner or later people will figure it out and could even hire people to target you. 

Charities and investors will also be trying to get you on the phone – resist at all costs! Don’t be opposed to the idea of moving or getting a house in another country. Who wouldn’t want a new adventure? Plus, you can spend some time there until the media frenzy quiets down and life resumes its normal pace when you return home. 

Since we’ve given you these 5 helpful tips on what to do after a Powerball win, why not enter your lucky numbers for the massive 337,000,000 USD draw? 

The clock is ticking and your millions are waiting!


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