John’s Weekly Habit Wins Him A $50,000 Powerball Prize

Everyone has a routine in their daily life. Whether it's getting up to go to work, having three cups of coffee, or picking up food on the way home, we all have the routine we are used to. If you’re an avid lottery player, perhaps you also have a routine when it comes to entering draws? Let’s take a look at hoe with Powerball winner’s routine won earned him a $50,000 prize.

The winner’s name is John Gephardt and he’s from Baltimore in Maryland, USA. It looks like his habits paid off because he is now $50,000 richer thanks to them. $50,000 might not be as big as a jackpot win, but it is still a lot of money that can make the world of a difference in someone’s life! No matter how much a lottery win is, keep in mind that is good fortune and one should always be thankful for it. Karma is real! If you show gratitude and stay humble, an even BIGGER lottery win could happen to you. It’s all a matter of patience and positive thinking. 

John is 76-years-old and he regularly plays lottery games but restricts his plays to Powerball and Mega Millions. He enjoys playing the quick pick method. Sometimes it just works for certain people. For example, a man from Jamaica played the same numbers for 20 years and they turned up in a draw worth $75 million! Each person has their own method, so if you’re comfortable with that method and it has brought you some luck in the past, then stick to it! Why not?

So John not only always plays quick picks on Powerball and Mega Millions only, but he also goes to get his tickets from the same Maryland lottery retailer. On the 23rd of May, just like on any other day, he went over to the store to get tickets for the Powerball draw that was happening the following day. 

The jackpot for the draw that took place on the 24th of May was a staggering $249.1 million and it rolled again in that draw, but John was lucky enough to match four of the main numbers and won $50,000! He was the only player in the whole of Maryland to have accomplished that. In other states, however, there were 19 others who also landed in the third tier to win this prize. 

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The winning numbers in the draw were 28-32-33-38-62 and the Powerball was 15. It’s a good thing that Powerball made an adjustment to the game last year because if the game rules had stayed the same, John would have only walked away with $10,000. That’s a huge difference compared to $50,000. 

John was excited during the draw. He was feeling lucky, but he never expected to win so much on Powerball this time round. He checked his ticket immediately after the draw had taken place and instantly realised he won a big prize. Like many players, though, he didn’t know exactly how much. Denice Harvey, from Manteca in California, USA, thought she won just $1 but it actually turned out to be $785,000. 

John quickly got on the phone with his friend Debbi Golamb for help. “It wasn’t until Ms. Golamb informed me I had won more than $100 that I truly believed I had won big,” explained John. His win is the latest big one in Maryland. It’s a good thing John phoned his friend. At a time like that when millions of things are running through your mind, you want to make absolutely sure that you have the correct plans and preparation in place for the next step forward.  

John has plans to put all his money into the bank for the time being. “I want to save it until I really need it. But I’ll keep up my routines and hopefully, I can win more next time,” said John. 

Many winners like to take their time when it comes to deciding what they want to do with their winnings. It’s important not to rush and make the wrong decision at a time like that because your money is a gift – a blessing – and you don’t want to waste it! 

Investing it is always a good option. It’s great to make your money grow and make it work for YOU, not the other way around. You can also invest in real estate, not just investment portfolios. That way you can sell the property for much more when the market goes up. Property will always be a good option because it doesn’t depreciate. 

That could be this Wednesday, even! Who knows? 

The next big Powerball jackpot is 302,000,000 USD and the winner could be YOU! If you want to become the next big millionaire, you have to start acting like one and use all opportunities that come your way! 

Best of luck!

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Posted by Krishnan (30/05/2017)

Hope some day Goddess of fortune will bless me !

Posted by PRADIP (30/05/2017)

my winning photo will be publish very soon, i will win jackpot of OZ PB , on 1/6/2017.

Posted by Julian (31/05/2017)

congratulation and very good be Happy

Posted by Thinh (1/06/2017)

Thanks for the info!

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Posted by Leyla (20/07/2017)


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