Blow Your Mind Open With The Lottery

Playing the lottery can be seriously exciting sometimes, if not all of the time. But for some lottery players, they not only got more than they bargained for, but they have a lottery story that will blow your mind. 

And the jackpot winner is… a Panda!

First it was Grumpy Cat, now its Pandas. Think about it, not a day goes by that a Panda doesn’t fall about and look absolutely adorable on your Facebook newsfeed. So it’s really no surprise at all that Chinese lottery winners, who wish to remain anonymous opt to wear Panda masks to hide their identity while receiving their oversized lottery winning cheques.

Panda playing with a lottery ball

Lightning can strike more than once!

There have been numerous lottery winners that have won the lottery on more than once occasion, which well and truly puts an end to the silly old saying that says the odds of getting struck by lightning are better than the odds of winning the lottery. If you think well, ok, so there might be one or two lottery players that have forked out a load of money over the years, and have miraculously found luck twice – think again. 

Here’s a list of just a few that have won the lottery more than once:

Richard Lustig – Winning the lottery has become second nature to Richard. He won the lottery 7 times. To make you feel a tad better though, none of his lottery wins where in the millions. In fact if you total up all seven lotto wins it comes to exactly $1 million. But at the end of the day, there’s no denying the fact that his super lucky and million dollars richer thanks to playing the lottery.
Calvin and Zatera Spencer - Calvin and Zatera Spencer had a solid three weeks of lottery fun. Their first lottery win was a massive $1 million on the US Powerball lotto game. Just two weeks later, lightning struck the couple again when they won $50,000 in prize total across 10 winning Fantasy 4 tickets. But it didn’t end there for this lucky couple. The very next day, Calvin bought a scratcher and won another $1 million lotto prize! Still wondering if you could ever hit the jackpot more than once?

Robert Hamilton – Another super lucky lottery winner is Robert Hamilton who bagged three lottery wins in 3 months. With his first lottery win of $1 million, Richard immediately paid off all his debts, bought a new home and invested the rest into his business. Lady Luck must have really liked this guy, as just three months later he won another $1 million. With all his debts paid off, happy in this new home and the business in the black, Richard was now in the amazing position to spoil himself. He purchased a motorcycle, and you get bet your bottom dollar it must have been quite some ride!

Kenneth Stokes – For those of you that are still in awe with the fact that so many lottery players have won the lottery in such a short space of time, let us introduce you to Kenneth Stokes. Kenneth didn’t waste any time scooping up lottery wins that’s for sure, as dear Kenneth here won the lottery twice in one day, on the same lotto game! Now that’s worth waking up for!

Ernest Pullen – Ernest won $1 million on a scratch off lotto ticket, and decided that he had done his share and worked for what seemed like eternity and retired thanks to the lotto win. While finally enjoying his retirement, he bought another scratch-off ticket, not thinking anything of it really. To his utter shock he won again – this time double the winning amount! According to Ernest, the numbers on his second card were the very same numbers on a winning lottery card he had purchased in a dream. (Let’s not even tackle that list of lucky lotto players for now.)
Virginia Fike – They say your name says a lot about you. In Virginia’s case, not only is her name Virginia, but she lives in Virginia, and its seems that she likes doubling up things in life, as not only does she have to deal with people saying, “aah Virginia from Virginia”, but thanks to her love for playing the lotto, all anyone ever remembers is the fact that Virginia won the lottery twice in one day! Virginia had purchased two Powerball lottery tickets, and each ticket had matched 5 of the 6 numbers drawn.

Bill Morgan – No list of lottery winners winning more than once could omit the following lucky guy. What started out as a near death scenario definitely turned into Lady Luck sticking around for quite some time!

Lightning strikes lottery winners twice

When being nice costs you dearly

When 84-year-old Gloria Mackenzie won at the world-record lottery jackpot prize (at the time) the world could not be happier that a gran bagged the prize. But, there was one lady who although said she didn’t mind, must have been kicking herself for being polite. While queuing up to buy a Powerball lottery ticket with the jackpot prize soaring to $590 million back in 2013, Mindy decided to let Ms. Mackenzie go ahead of her due to her age. Both purchased Powerball quickpicks, but it was Ms.Mackenzie’s Powerball lottery ticket that produced the computer generated jackpot winning numbers. We would like to add though, that anyone reading this article, must please not be put off being nice to old ladies – Karma is watching!

What a lot I got!

A staggering 30% of female lottery winners reportedly stash their winning lottery ticket in the bra! What men do with their winning lottery tickets, unfortunately has never been questioned – or no one’s saying.

Winning Lottery Tickets

Play your fortune cookie lotto numbers

Fortune cookies – love them or hate them, but whatever you do, if you break one open and you are presented with your lucky lottery winning numbers, play them! In 2005, a batch of fortune cookies had the same line printed and inserted into fortune cookies. Low and behold, an unprecedented 110 people won the second prize tier for that particular draw – all playing their fortune cookie lotto numbers!

Lottery numbers in fortune cookie

Best of luck!
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Posted by PRADIP (26/04/2017)

my pray to GOD will heard very soon.

Posted by Krishnan (26/04/2017)

29 and 10 are going to be two of the luck numbers for today's PB ???

Posted by PRADIP (27/04/2017)

every moment waiting for the good news.

Posted by Ildefonso (28/04/2017)

Amazing stories,if it's mean to be,it will happen for you.

Posted by Krishnan (28/04/2017)

compared women men are less secretive

Posted by Ildefonso (29/04/2017)

Anonymous winners more my style..interesting stories nonetheless.

Posted by PRADIP (2/05/2017)

i m now ready to receive oz pb jackpot, on 4/5/2017.

Posted by PRADIP (3/05/2017)

i love it, so i m expecting to gin jackpot of oz pb this week.

Posted by Thinh (9/05/2017)

Thanks for the info!

Posted by PRADIP (10/05/2017)

lottery playing also extra excitement to me.

Posted by PRADIP (10/05/2017)

after winning usa pb, today's draw jackpot or 1m $ my bank a/c. will be tension free.

Posted by Zeljko (11/05/2017)

You have a chance to win only if you play.....

Posted by Thinh (16/05/2017)

SuperEna Max jackpot is rising quickly!

Posted by Leyla (31/07/2017)

Good news

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