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Three Ways To Win The Lottery

“Lottery”, from the Dutch origin “loterij” meaning “fate” – a game of chance that dates back as early as 187 B.C. during the Han Dynasty in China. In Ancient China, players would participate in a Keno-style game of chance that contributed to financing government projects including the infamous Great Wall of China. The theme of the lottery travelled for centuries across the globe, from China to Ancient Greece to the Roman Empire and then finally the first official public lottery went on record in the Dutch town of Sluis. Since then, there’s been an explosion of national lotto-style games all over Europe and the rest of the modern world, offering cash prizes in the multimillions.

Tips For A Well-Stocked Bar

The USA Powerball lottery results once again dangled its jackpot prize for the lucky player to claim – we’re sure it’s due to be dished out very soon! And with the current jackpot prize sitting on $173 million for Saturday’s draw there should be a throng of players entering for their chance to win the incredibly large cash prize. Whoever is the next Powerball winner will have 173 million reasons to celebrate and no doubt host a party with all their loved ones. And what’s the best ingredient at a party besides a good laugh? It could only be your fully-stocked bar ready and waiting to create some lottery-celebrating cocktails that will satisfy your guests’ every whim.

PlayHugeLottos Goes Mobile!

Today, PlayHugeLottos are proud to announce the re-launch of our mobile site. Our mobile site is now up and running. The new, user friendly, mobile site - designed specifically for mobile devices such as Smartphones and iPads - will enable lottery players to play the biggest jackpots whilst on-the-go.

Intoxicating Jackpots!

The intoxicating weekend of lottery draws offering up more cash than Scrooge McDuck contains in his estate has passed with some excellent results for a select favoured lottery enthusiasts – the UK Lottery (as is often the case) awarded prizes in all prize categories and over in South America the Mega-Sena followed suit. In the US lotteries, the Mega Millions and Powerball both stepped aside to give the SuperLotto Plus a chance in the limelight, which didn’t disappoint. All in all, we’re sure the weekend ended with many a smile and celebration.

Being Interactive With The Lotto

Street artists aren’t the only ones that interact with their surroundings.  So too do huge lottery jackpots that have the ability to capture our creative side. After all, how often have you dreamt up fantastic ways in which you could spend your jackpot win?

Million Dollar Booze Cruise With SuperEna Max

You have to admit, a Million Dollar Booze Cruise does sound good. That’s if you have a mil to spare, an extremely expensive taste for the world’s most niche beverages and not to mention a liver to spare. If however you need funding for the cruise of a life-time then play Thursday’s €129,000,000 SuperEna Max and you could be off experiencing the world’s best cognac’s and diamond-filled ice buckets.

Sky Rise Towers With Jackpots To Match!

It’s a trifecta of jackpots in the hundred million range this week at – the SuperEna Max lottery has a €123 million jackpot, Mega Millions is skyscraper high on a cushion of $149 million in jackpot cash prizes and Powerball has been rolling for a few draws to create the $114 million jackpot prize available in Wednesday’s draw. With prizes so inordinately high we are taken to the latest trend in residential property – the residential tower.

Own It And Smile Forever

When you win the lottery, what’s the first item you’d like to own? We wouldn’t even consider merely renting a luxury item after winning a sum of money in the Mega Millions range of the current $149 million first prize – why rent when you can possess your dream items forever? And with jackpot prize nearing $150 million, there’s no luxury item you can’t afford.

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