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Exotic Location to View the MOST Amazing Sunsets (Part.1)

So you’ve just won an amazing lottery grand prize with one of the giant lottery games on and are looking for the most beautiful holiday destination.  Why not consider a romantic trip for you and a loved one to view some of the most amazing sunsets around the world – you’ll certainly be able to afford it.  Here are some of the most beautiful and exotic locations to view the grandest sunsets.

If You Won The Lottery

Loyal lottery players here at PlayHugeLottos love the lottery. Whether you play your favourite lottery, play the lottery with the best cost-benefit ratio or seek out the biggest jackpots, we all love the idea of our lucky numbers coming in and winning that elusive jackpot that will change our lives forever.

UK Lottery Presents a New Millionaire

The 1,940th UK National Lottery draw took place on Saturday July 26th 2014.  The weekend was very exciting in the land of lottery concerning winnings and payouts with UK Lottery.  Let’s review proceedings over the weekend and all the winners and UK Lotto prize category standings.

How to………… Lose a Million Dollars? (Part.2)

Part.1 of our article on how to lose a million dollars covered some really costly blunders such as PayPal giving away $92 Quadrillion (which we strongly doubt the company posesses), a sleeping banker transferring millions and a lady throwing away her winning lottery ticket.  To ensure these oversights don't happen to you, make sure to sign up with the safest, most reliable online lottery vendor,  The site secures all your personal information and gives each playing piece of mind when competing online for the astronomical jackpot prizes.  Let's continue with Part.2 of How to LOSE a Million Dollars: 

Mandela Day Good Deeds

Mandela Day (Nelson Mandela International Day) is an international annual birthday celebration in honour of Nelson Mandela and officially declared by the United Nations in November 2009. It takes place on his birthday, the 18th of July, every year and the first official UN Mandela Day took place on the 18th July 2010, although some people starting celebrating it on his 91st birthday, the 18th July 2009.

How to………… Lose a Million Dollars? (Part.1)

At PlayHugeLottos we usually cover news and stories on how you can win millions and become wealthier by participating in the world’s most popular lottery games hosted by the world’s most prolific online lottery vendor,  For today’s piece of news we cover the polar aspect of how to win a million – how to LOSE a million dollars, to serve perhaps as a warning to potential lottery winners of how a silly mistake could be profoundly costly; literally.  Here are some of the world’s most dense and foolish ways to lose an exorbitant fortune.

SuperEna Max SuperStar Week Is Coming!

It's time to put the champagne on ice, let off the fireworks and get your boogie on! Between the 24th and the 29th of July 2014 will be offering yet another extraordinary and mega exciting SuperEna Max SuperStar Week!  With a staggering EXTRA 100 million Euros added to the SuperEna Max jackpot!

10 Most Expensive Restaurants in the World (Part.1)

While treating the love of your life out to a fine wine and dining experience might seem like a good idea after a bonus lottery win, some dining experiences truly cater to the super affluent and the ludicrous price of some dishes can only be topped by the lavishness of the cuisine.  Players better be sure that their win is in the top lucky lottery prize tiers.  Let’s have a look at some of the most expensive restaurants in the world, where one night out could literally break the bank:

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