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What do multimillionaires eat?

We love hearing about what multimillionaires have and do, from the fancy Rolex watches they wear, through to the amazing supercars they drive, but the question is: what do multimillionaires eat? Well, anything they want really. There are some taste experiences however that are reserved for the super-wealthy and today PlayHugeLottos is investigating what the world’s most expensive culinary delights are, from ingredients to jaw-dropping meals.

The ultimate luxury tech gadgets you need

2020 is set to be a super exciting year in terms of new gadgets and technology hitting the shelves. From gaming stations that mimic G-force through to speakers that give you the chance to own your very own moon, we're keeping you in the loop in terms of the best gadgets every international lottery winner should buy.

How to have a luxury staycation in your own home

If it’s not possible for you to enjoy the trip you’ve been dreaming about, we have something else for you to consider - a luxury staycation in your own home. We’ve brought you everything from international lotto guides to insight into hot and cold numbers and now we’re showing you how you can turn your very own home into a luxury staycation.

How PlayHugeLottos and video chats can help you stay social

Whether you find yourself alone for an extended period of time because of social distancing, or you simply live two plane trips away from your family - being alone can be tough. No dinner parties, event launches or night’s out with friends. However, it’s the 21st century and just because you’re alone, doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. Here is our ultimate guide on how to stay social while working from home, play huge lottos and video chats can help!

What makes Rolex watches so special?

Rolex is a luxury watch brand synonymous with quality, style and ironically is well known for its timeless design. It’s the ultimate accessory for any lotto winner and can be a great investment too. The brand has been producing luxury watches since 1905 and was even ranked as the 71st most valuable brand in the world by Forbes.

What really happens when you win the lottery?

Winning millions and becoming an instant multimillionaire can often seem like a distant daydream and nothing more. However, with over dozens of international draws happening each and every week, winning the lottery is easier than you think on Let’s take a closer look at what really happens when you win the lottery, so that you can be prepared for that incredible day.

Supercars vs hypercars, what’s the real difference?

Supercars have quickly found their way into the showrooms and garages of the ultra-rich. From their limited edition status to the power under the hood and their customizable features, there’s so much to love about these luxury items. Now, we’re seeing another lavish mode of transportation - hypercars. Today we’re taking a closer look at the difference between the two so you can decide which one is really the best.

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