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How to spend a Mega Millions jackpot

Have you ever wondered what you could buy if you won the Mega Millions jackpot? With average winnings during 2018 running at $641 million (as of October 2018), the answer is a lot. Let’s take a look at some of the previous Mega Millions jackpot winners and see what you could have bought if you were the winner.

How to invest lottery winnings

Players who win the lottery or a claim of the jackpot are often confused about what to do with their winnings. Most will not come forward publically, and so often they have to decide how to spend it all by themselves. Here are a few possibilities these players should consider when thinking about this type of investment.

How to win a US Powerball jackpot

Richard Lustig from Orlando has won the lottery more than seven times during his life. That’s an astonishing feat. But is it really all just luck? Has the universe smiled on Lustig and determined that he should have the lion’s share of winnings? Or can we learn something from him?

Powerball Winner, Robert Thomas couldn't believe he won!

When Robert Thomas was told by the store owner who sold him his lottery ticket that he had won, Robert didn’t believe him or that he was a Powerball winner. He wasn’t sure whether David Eicher, owner of Fas Chek where the ticket was purchased, was telling him the truth or merely joking around. He wasn’t joking though. Robert had bought the ticket that made him $2 million richer, and it would have been half that amount if he hadn’t doubled his entries into the last moment.

Meet Ronnie Parker, a Mega Millions winner

Ronnie Parker was going about his day job when he realized that he was a Mega Millions winner! The 65-year-old from Dawson Springs, Kentucky won $1 million after matching 5 white ball numbers, which meant he got the second prize available on the night. Despite being officially retired, Ronnie was working for his son-in-law’s towing business because he prefers to stay busy and help out where he can.

Powerball tips to help you win the next jackpot!

Playing the lottery is always an adrenaline rush for players. Whether playing the lottery online or buying tickets in store, players need to be smart about how they choose their numbers. With the tips below, players could increase their odds of a win. Check them out and start making your lottery dreams come true!

Michigan woman almost throws winning lottery ticket in the trash!

No one knows when luck will shine on them and they will win the Powerball lottery. Powerball is a multi-state lottery in the US and was the very first game to use two drums to draw winning numbers: one for the white balls and one for the red. Players can buy tickets at participating retailers and can also play Powerball online. Winners are drawn on Wednesday and Saturday nights and the draws are held in Florida. Players can find the winning numbers drawn on the television, the Powerball website, across newspapers and online. The jackpot can be won when all five white balls in any order are matched, along with the red Powerball. 
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