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True or false, you can win the lottery anonymously?

Lottery winners are also celebrities, from the moment they win that jackpot their names will be seen online, in newspapers and sometimes even television. People around the world will quickly get to know everything about them. Where they live, where they work and how much they’ve won. But do all winners really want their personal information out there for anyone to read? While some might enjoy it, others can’t imagine anything worse. So can winners remain anonymous when they win the lottery? Let’s find out together.

The supersized game; Mega Millions Max

It’s been an exciting few weeks for our players. They’ve been enjoying promotions, exclusive lotteries and game updates leaving them smiling from ear to ear. We can officially say that we have no intention of slowing down either. So are you ready for our newest announcement? We’re proud to announce our newest lottery, Mega Millions Max!

Lotto luck strikes again and again and again

How often do you find yourself sitting and daydreaming about winning the lottery? About what you would do with millions of dollars and how you would live your new millionaire lifestyle? We’re sure you’ve indulged in fantasies like this from time to time. Now how often do you sit and daydream about winning the lottery twice? Not much we would guess. But it has happened and there are lotto players out there attracting lotto luck like bees to a honeypot.

Can you believe these lottery facts are true?!

Lotteries do more than just make people millionaires. Lotteries change lives, they turn dreams into realities and they provide the world with some pretty exciting stories. Rags to riches never fail to inspire the world, but while winner stories are stirring the hearts of many there are also some pretty strange things happening out there. Let’s look at some peculiar lottery facts.

Quick pick vs self-pick: what’s really the best

If there was a formula to winning the Powerball jackpot, we’d all be millionaires by now. The mystery of which numbers will be drawn and who will be a winner is all part of the appeal of the lottery. We enter our numbers and then wait for draw day. Whether you match 1 ball or all 6, matching any ball means you win something! But how do you choose your numbers and what are your options? Today we’re looking at quick pick vs self-pick.
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