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A Millionaire Lotto Lifestyle In A Nutshell

If you really want to win the lottery, then you have more than likely repeatedly asked yourself the following question: "What is it like to be a millionaire?" Very few of us really imagine what the ordinary days of millionaires are like, so let's take a look just how your daily routine will change if you are lucky enough to win this week’s seriously huge €235 million SuperEna Max jackpot right here at

Enjoy The Lottery Lap of Luxury

If there was ever two things that go perfectly hand in hand then it’s the lottery and the F1 Grand Prix – as both offer thrills, adrenalin and a minted millionaire lifestyle. Which is why it’s no surprise at all that there's a new Powerball ad out giving F1 fans a taste of what it's like to live in the lap of luxury - in an adrenaline-fuelled outdoor stunt that is. Intrigued?  Then carry one reading…

Irish Lottery Winner Only Has Two Days left To Claim

Lottery players right now are dreaming of winning either this Friday’s $174 million Mega Millions jackpot or the SuperEnaMax lotto jackpot with a staggering 155 million Euro up for grabs. But let’s say you actually win. We can only imagine how that would transform your life and how happy that would make you feel. But would it shock you to know that the chances of you actually claiming the prize is rather large? 

Get That Winning Feeling - Play The Oz Lotto Online

Ever since you realised that you could be part of your favourite international lottery, you have dreamt of the day that you finally see your lucky numbers appear. For as long as you can remember, you’ve been waiting for this very day. You’ve probably had countless dreams about winning the jackpot. Every single night, you’ve prayed for it like there’s no other and now finally that moment has come. So now the question is, what does it really feel like to win million on the Oz Lotto?
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