THE SUPERLOTTO PLUS (California Lottery)

History Of The SuperLotto Plus:
SuperLotto Plus is a lottery game unique to California and is very similar to the style of the Mega Millions game. The game originally began in 1986 as the California Super Lotto and had a straightforward 6/49 draw format. In 1990, the game structure was changed to a 53 ball set, and a seventh bonus ball was added. In the year 2000, the name was officially changed to SuperLotto Plus, along with the ball set and selection criteria. This is the current format for the game. California State Lottery  

As this game is similar in DNA to the Mega Millions game, the way it is played is identical. Players need to choose five numbers from a possible 47, as well as one number from a possible 27 (the Mega number). The number selection process, since the name change and selection criteria, has been 5/47 (regular numbered balls) and 1/27 (Mega numbered ball).

In order to secure a full jackpot win, the game’s competitors need to match all six numbers correctly as per the draw. This Californian lottery game has a total of nine prize tiers and boasts overall odds of winning one of the prize tiers at 1 in 23. The odds of winning the actual jackpot, are 1 in 175,223,510.

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The California SuperLotto Plus game boasts a starting jackpot of $7,000,000, with the biggest prize ever paid out weighing in at an impressive $193,000,000. This jackpot was scooped up by three lucky winning ticket holders in February 2002. Other noteworthy jackpot wins thanks to the SuperLotto Plus, has been $72 million paid out in 2007 and $56 million paid out in 2005.

As with all the other American lottery games on offer, the SuperLotto Plus lottery jackpot can be paid out either as a once-off lump sum (which would be an estimated 50%-60% of the jackpot value) or as an annuity option – paid out in 30 annual payments. While the lump sum payment is generally preferred, the annuity payout is graduated.

What this means is, the payments begin at 1.81% of the jackpot amount and rise exponentially, to the point where the final payout is 5.56% of the advertised amount. This represents an improvement over the previous payout structure of 2.5% initial payout, with the final installment being 5.1% of the prize.

SuperLotto Plus draws are held bi-weekly; every Wednesday and Saturday at 19h57 Pacific Time.

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