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USA Powerball Lotto Tickets Online

How To Play Powerball Lottery Online?

If you thought to yourself that playing the lottery online was fun and exciting, just wait until you buy Powerball lottery tickets online at When you play Powerball online, you enter a crazy world of massively huge record breaking jackpot prizes.

The international Powerball online lottery is very well known by USA lotto players from all over the planet as one of the most sought after and popular lottery games in the world as the American Powerball consistently churns out the largest and the best lottery jackpots anyone ever experienced.

When you play Powerball online, you are offered the possibility of winning absolutely huge cash prizes which is why it is very important that you buy Powerball lottery tickets online from You can follow these very easy steps to play Powerball online:

How to play Powerball lotto tickets online
  • First register on or log in to your existing account. 
  • Deposit the payment for your Powerball online ticket into your account using any of our very secure payment methods. 
  • Once your payment funds reflect in your account, you can play Powerball online.

To buy Powerball lottery tickets online is straightforward.

The American Powerball is a two drum lottery game with one drum holding 69 white balls and the other drum holding 26 red balls. Only one red ball is drawn from the second drum and that red ball is known as the ‘Powerball’.

When you buy Powerball tickets online:

  • Pick your five (5) lucky numbers yourself.
  • Pick your lucky ‘Powerball’ number.

The winning ‘Powerball’ number will be drawn from the second drum containing the red balls.

What actually is the Powerball?


The red Powerball (bonus ball) is the reason you can win the Powerball jackpot. It is picked from the second of two rotating drums and is red in colour. If you match five numbers from the first rotating drum you need the red Powerball to match as well and this very important ball is the reason you can be a Powerball winner.


Powerball lotto tickets online

How do I win the Powerball Lottery Jackpot?

To win the Powerball jackpot all you need to do is match all five white balls in any order as well as the red Powerball with the draws taking place every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday night at 22:59 ET. The draws take place at the Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, USA. Don’t miss out on this amazing US lottery and be sure you buy Powerball lottery tickets online at When you play Powerball online, you are elevated into the possible dream of being an American Powerball multi millionaire.

More Information about Powerball:

  • The American Powerball is a multi state lottery and it takes place in all but six of the United States as well as the District of Columbia, the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.
  • In 1992 the Powerball lottery replaced the Lotto America lottery and became the first lottery game to use two rotating drums to draw the winning numbers. The first drum is used for the white balls and the second drum is for drawing the red Power ball which gives the lottery its name.

How late can I play the American Powerball online?

The cut off time for playing the American Powerball online at is an hour before the draw takes place.

Is it possible to play Powerball from overseas?

The good thing is that you are not limited to buying your Powerball tickets to a designated area because you can buy Powerball lottery tickets online at from anywhere in the world. Browse our Powerball Resource Centre for more information on playing the Powerball lottery on

The Powerball Jackpot Rollovers

The American Powerball lottery jackpot starts at $20 million and grows by around $10 million each time the jackpot has not been won. The jackpot often reaches values of hundreds of millions of dollars. In 2016 the biggest lottery jackpot ever in the history of the world was a Powerball jackpot worth in excess of $1.5 billion dollars.

There is no jackpot cap with the American Powerball lottery and it will keep rolling until it is won so stand by for more jackpot records to be broken by the amazing Powerball lottery.

The Powerball Lottery Prize Table

There is a lot more to the Powerball lottery than just the huge jackpot prizes. In every draw other cash prizes that are worth between $4 and $1,000,000 are also awarded. The value of these prizes depends on how many numbers a player has picked correctly and the number of prizes won in each drawing is limited only by how many people pick correct numbers.

Below is an idea of what you can win:

Matches Prize
Normal balls
(pool of 69)
(pool of 26)
5 1 Jackpot
5 0 $1,000,000
4 1 $50,000
4 0 $100
3 1 $100
3 0 $7
2 1 $7
1 1 $4
0 1 $4
Please note that the values depicted on this page are approximate values only and not necessarily actual winning amounts. Always consult the lottery results page for up to date information.

The US Powerball Lottery Jackpot Payout Options

Winners of the Powerball jackpot have two options in which to claim their prize by either opting for winnings to be paid out in a lump sum or with the annuity payout option. If you decide to go for the lump sum payout option you get your winnings immediately but you only receive about 60% of the actual Powerball jackpot.

If you choose to go for your Powerball jackpot payout via the annuity payout option, you will receive your first payment immediately with the following balance paid out each year in instalments and can take up to thirty years to get all of your money. Each annuity payment does earn you 4% though which will make the resulting last payment be the biggest and final instalment. The cash payout from the annuity option is calculated from the size of the American Powerball jackpot prize total.

When you play Powerball, there is no limit or cap on rollovers and the Powerball jackpot will continue to roll over until it has been won. This often allows the Powerball lottery jackpot prizes to reach many hundreds of millions of dollars in prize money and if more than one person wins the American Powerball lottery jackpot, the prize money will be split evenly among all of the winners.

Online lotto tickets winners payments

What are my chances of winning the American Powerball?

The chances of winning the Powerball jackpot and other lottery prizes are shown below:

Matches Your chances of winning
Powerball match 38 to 1
1 number + Powerball 92 to 1
2 numbers + Powerball 701 to 1
3 numbers 580 to 1
3 numbers + Powerball 14,494 to 1
4 numbers 36,525 to 1
4 numbers + Powerball 913,130 to 1
All 5 numbers 11,688,054 to 1
All 5 numbers + Powerball 292,201,338 to 1

So you won the Powerball lotto with


What would happen next once you’ve won the international Powerball online lottery? You decided to play Powerball online and buy Powerball lottery tickets online from and after checking your lucky numbers, you realise you are a Powerball winner. You then double-check by looking at your Powerball winnings numbers again and you know you have won. If this dream of being a Powerball winner is real, this is what you need to know:

After the initial shock and elation of realising you just won the American Powerball lottery on or you have won one of the other amazing prizes, your next move is really easy.

Once the results of the Powerball winnings numbers have been published and you have matched the Powerball winning numbers, we immediately credit your account. We like to suggest you seek professional advice to assist you if you have a big win to help you manage your American Powerball winnings according to the local legislation for claiming any international lotto winnings.

How do I claim my American Powerball lotto prize with


Once you buy Powerball lottery tickets online with and you find out you are a Powerball winner, the first thing that happens is one of our customer service agents will telephone you and congratulate you should you have won £/$/€200 or more.

Your next step is to file a ‘cash withdrawal’ request from your account at so you can claim your prize. After we receive your cash withdrawal request, one of our security team will contact you to make sure your account is verified before granting the withdrawal request.

After that procedure, your winnings will be credited to a bank account of your choice once the requested amount has been approved. You can have your winnings paid out in several web wallets. This option will depend on which country you are living in and will include various other factors.

With all lottery players, the minimum withdrawal amount is set at £10, €12 and US $15.

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