El Gordo Spanish Christmas Raffle Winners Galore

The phenomenal £2.1 billion El Gordo lottery dwarfs every other lottery out there, and ticket holders all around the world are popping champagne corks galore with all the winning El Gordo Raffle numbers being announced.  The build up to the annual draw once again saw excited El Gordo de Navidad players queue up for hours to make sure they bought their tickets from the “luckiest” vendors, where jackpots were hit before.

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El Gordo de Navidad winners 2016

This year, the lucky ones winning the majority of the 2.3 billion-euro ($2.4 billion) prize-fund were workers at a home for the elderly, as the winning lottery numbers were sold in one city neighbourhood.

Every year people from all over the world, especially those residing in Spain sit in tense anticipation for approximately four hours as the ceremonial draw takes place. As is customary, the winners' numbers, revealed on wooden balls, were sung by a group of 22 children at Madrid's Royal Theatre.

The number 66513 appeared on 1,650 tickets, with each ticket holder winning 400,000 euros ($418,000).

wins €4.000.000 for billete ticket sheet


wins €1.250.000 for billete ticket sheet


wins €500.000 € for billete ticket sheet


wins €200.000 for billete ticket sheet


wins €60.000 for billete ticket sheet


El Gordo de Navidad Raffle winning numbers for 2016

There are many more prizes of €1000 down to €20, so check your ticket numbers carefully. You can check all 2016 El Gordo winning ticket numbers here.

The El Gordo works like a raffle, with 100,000 5 digit numbers from 00000 all the way up to 99,999 available. The numbers are then reprinted to meet the huge demand for tickets, with numerous ‘series’ available. The first prize of El Gordo goes to a single winning number. It's rather complicated, so here's an example. In 2006 the winning El Gordo de Navidad number was 20297 and the prize amount was 3 million euros. There were 180 series' of the number 20297, so the 3 million was paid out 180 times to a full sheet or ticket with that number. So the total payout to the first prize number of 180 x 3 million = 540 million euros. Anyone holding a tenth of a ticket, a "décimo" of the number 20297 in 2006 won the corresponding amount of the 3 million prize for each ticket in the series. So a "décimo"which is a tenth of the number 20297 won €300,000 in 2006.

Normally, as we’ve seen in previous years, the winning El Gordo de Navidad tickets are normally sold in several different lottery offices around the country but this year they were all sold from one office in the modest Acacias neighbourhood of the Spanish capital.

Spanish television broadcast images of people dancing and singing in the streets elsewhere after winning some of the lottery’s lesser prizes. The Spanish lottery spirit is always an event not to be missed. After all, what better way to bring a neighbourhood together than to make them all instant lottery winners!

Other international lotteries, like the US Powerball lotto game, might have higher jackpot prizes, but if someone wins, it’s just them that celebrates a huge lotto win. With the El Gorldo de Navidad raffle though, which dates back to 1812, entire neighbourhoods celebrate with each other – making the lottery win even more special.  In fact, this year the Spanish Christmas raffle dished out 25 million prizes! That a huge amount of smiling, cheering and seriously happy lottery players all over the world.

Retirement workers win big on El Gordo de Navidad

Many of the winning El Gordo raffle tickets were bought by those who work at Penuelas retirees’ home.  A few residents also opted in to buy El Gordo de Navidad tickets as well. Apparently, they have been buying raffle tickets for well over fourteen years.

 According to a therapist at the retirement home, Evelyn Mayordomo, aged 36, she said, “We’re delighted that some retirees also won.”
She went on to say that most of her work mates are planning to pay off their mortgages or buy apartments.

“We’re all working class people, people that needed it,” said Mayordomo.

Another extremely luck El Gordo de Navidad winner, is Marian Lopez, 37, who is four months pregnant and shared the top winning ticket with her mother.

When asked how she felt about her El Gordo de Navidad raffle win, she joked, saying, “The ‘Fat One’has struck me twice,” referring to her slight baby bump.  Due to the huge prize-fund on the El Gordo raffle, the raffle was also nicknamed, The Fat One. She said she might spend the money fixing up her house.

A gas company worker, Vicente Villaverde, 44, who lives across the street from the lottery office, said he has bought lottery tickets ending in 13 for the past six years.  The reason being is that he’s experienced so much bad luck in his life, that his lucky number 13, simply had to bring him some good luck for a change. “And this year it has!” said Villaverde, dressed in blue work overalls. He said that he plans to use his El Gordo de Navidad raffle prize money on speech classes for this seven-year-old son who has Down Syndrome and buy his girlfriend a car.

“The ham, the champagne, the whisky are on me this year!” he told his partner over the phone.

In the past, entire families, offices, communities and even villages have got rich after buying shares of the same number. In 2011 the tiny Spanish farming village of Sodeto, which has just 250 inhabitants, won £600m in one fell swoop. The village has since been dubbed ‘the luckiest in the world’.

There are a few El Gordo Raffle players who definitely go big buying raffle tickets, like Augustin Ramos, who took over running the lucky lottery office four months ago, bought one of the 1,650 tickets for himself and his wife, Maria Josefa Rojo Cabrera.

“I felt happiness seeing that those that won needed it,” said Rojo Cabrera.

Organizers said ticket sales totalled 2.6 billion euros ($2.7 billion) this year, up 3.5 percent from last year.

El Gordo raffle ticket holders either tuned in to watch the draw live or double checked their numbers on the media. If you too were one of the lucky ones to buy an El Gordo raffle ticket, make sure you double check your El Gordo de Navidad lotto results which will be sent via email to you.

It’s always good to know that no matter where in the world you are, that you too can take part in the amazing raffle right here at PlayHugeLottos.com and give yourself the best possible chance to winning a huge lotto prize.

Last year, PlayHugeLottos.com was lucky to have had quite a few big El Gordo de Navidad players’ winners, and this we hope that the amount of winners will be even higher!

So best of luck with your El Gordo results, and here’s to you winning a huge prize!

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Posted by Krishnan (23/12/2016)

Just fantastic !

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Congratulations " El Gordo Spanish Christmas Raffle Winners" !!!!

Posted by PRADIP (24/12/2016)

today i have purchase "US POWERBALL", before Christmas i want to win 1 M $ or JACKPOT, GOD must bless me and keep my pray.

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GERMAN LOTTO's result pending, will publish on MONDAY, i m very much optimistic about my JACKPOT WINNING, GOD knows !!

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Congratulation winners!

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Fantastic news for the Spanish, I had a win once 5+ 1 bonus number in the Portuguese lotto, feels good when your 15 years awaiting numbers wake up, I believe betting in PlayHugelottos.com will surprise me with a big Jack pot, faith and believe will to all betters.

Posted by Carlos (7/01/2017)

great news for the Spanish, I hope to win this xmas, I always buy 5 tickets.

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Congratulations " El Gordo Spanish Christmas Raffle Winners" !

Posted by PRADIP (27/01/2017)

when i will win jackpot, then i will celebrate like this......

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