What Will The Final Euromillions Jackpot Amount Be?

(Comments competition) Thanks to a remarkable €100 million Euromillions Superdraw rollover on Friday night, tonight sees a stunning €111 million jackpot. Will the jackpot be won or will it roll again? What will the final jackpot amount be?

Back in August 2012 we asked you what the final winning jackpot amount would be on Euromillions. That particular rollover run ended up making history when it reached the jackpot cap and paid out a whopping €190,000,000.00!

The lucky winning couple, the Bayfords, have been in the news since then with various plans and projects for their cash, including organising a proposed reunion of legendary rock ‘n roll outfit, Guns ‘n Roses.

The ability to make your hearts desires come true at the drop of a hat is one of the biggest reasons we are in this game. Living the lotto lifestyle starts with matching 7 magic numbers but where it ends up is totally up to you.

Before we go any further let’s take a short break and place our entries for tonight’s €111 million jackpot. The exact destination is somewhere unknown but it’s sure to be the kind of place dreams are made of.

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Looking back at previous winning accomplishments can be inspirational but right now we are focused on the future...

We want to know what YOU think the final jackpot amount will be on the current Euromillions rollover run. Will it be won tonight? Or will it rollover, climbing even higher than €111 million, perhaps to another record amount?

Leave your guesses in the comments section below and the closest guess will take home a 3 month subscription to Euromillions.

Some guidelines for the competition:

Only one guess is allowed per player. In the event that multiple guesses are made the first guess made will be the one that counts.

In the event that more than one person chooses the same amount, the person who posted first will win!

Winning jackpot amount is based on the figures that appear on the PlayHugeLottos.com results and winning page after the draw.



Euromillions Results

Thanks to everyone who entered our competition. The player whose guess was closest was Pawel who placed a guess on the 27th March of the final jackpot amount being: 132.250.000 Euro (a paltry 236,743 away from the final figure).
Congratulations Pawel, your account has been credited with 24 Euromillions tickets, that's 1 ticket in every Euromillions draw for 3 months.


Posted by Debashish D (26/03/2013)

My guess would be EUR 135000000 on 02nd April 2013.

Posted by 5jtamj (26/03/2013)

i47658978 Euro

Posted by Kasweka (26/03/2013)

My Guess for Euro Millions Lotto Draw will be 123,000,000(Million) on 29 th March 2013 Friday.

Posted by Panikos (26/03/2013)

No rollover! Jackpot will be won today!

Posted by +Lan (26/03/2013)

I think someone will win it tonight!!

Posted by ChBy (26/03/2013)

€111 000 000 draw date 26 March

Posted by ChBy (26/03/2013)

€111 000 000 draw date 26 March

Posted by Guntis (26/03/2013)

124 millions 29.03.2013.

Posted by LXbeo (26/03/2013)


Posted by Līga (26/03/2013)

121 million on 29th March 2013.

Posted by Samson (26/03/2013)

The final amount will be 115,450

Posted by Boris (26/03/2013)

EUR 188,000,000

Posted by Olivia (26/03/2013)

Jackpot wil be won today 4 sure!

Posted by XnpL (26/03/2013)

I think some one will win it at about EUR 144,000,000 :-D - will be super awesome

Posted by Jinny (26/03/2013)


Posted by Sukanta (26/03/2013)

the next jackpot amount 133,000,000 euro

Posted by Eirini (26/03/2013)

I think will be 130.000.000!

Posted by D5np+ISIzu_ (26/03/2013)


Posted by Lim (26/03/2013)


Posted by Padmanabha (26/03/2013)

Euro 123 million

Posted by Vijay (26/03/2013)


Posted by Miroslav (26/03/2013)


Posted by Danica (26/03/2013)

140.000.000 €

Posted by David (26/03/2013)

tonight it will be won. no more rollovers.

Posted by Vladimir (26/03/2013)


Posted by Rudolf (26/03/2013)


Posted by Surendranath (26/03/2013)

111million euros.

Posted by Anuj (26/03/2013)

Euro 163,000,000

Posted by Anil (26/03/2013)

Euro 124,000,000

Posted by Sudha (26/03/2013)

Euro 134,000,000

Posted by WCqEOR-CirHt (26/03/2013)

Euro 136 million

Posted by Harry (26/03/2013)

final jackpot will be 153 million euros

Posted by Bq29l9L (26/03/2013)

I think it will be won on Friday 29 March, jackpot at £108000000

Posted by Oleksandr (26/03/2013)

153 millions euro.

Posted by Lai (27/03/2013)


Posted by -3_JIV (27/03/2013)

eur131,786 millions on the 29 march 2013!

Posted by Moses (27/03/2013)

130,000,000 euros !

Posted by Kasweka (27/03/2013)

150 Million Euros will be the next draw for 2nd April 2013.

Posted by T D P (27/03/2013)

142 million Euro

Posted by Jinny (27/03/2013)

153,000,000 euros!

Posted by Jinny (27/03/2013)

163,000,000 euros!

Posted by Vikas (27/03/2013)

210,000,000 eur

Posted by Vprabhu (27/03/2013)

200,000,000 EURO

Posted by Danica (27/03/2013)


Posted by Sreenivas (27/03/2013)

My guess is 132,900,000 euros for 29th march

Posted by Vladimir (27/03/2013)


Posted by Miroslav (27/03/2013)


Posted by Rudolf (27/03/2013)


Posted by Manasa (27/03/2013)

It will be 130,890,000 euros for 29th march 2013

Posted by Balasubramaniam (28/03/2013)

159,000,000 Euros

Posted by Balasubramaniam (28/03/2013)

159,700,000 Euros

Posted by Balasubramaniam (28/03/2013)

159,700,000 Euros

Posted by Julian (28/03/2013)

€130 million it to be won some one

Posted by Prunella (28/03/2013)

€150 million it to be won some one

Posted by Anthony (28/03/2013)

166,784,365 Euros

Posted by Subrat (29/03/2013)

No rollover! Jackpot will be won today i.e 29.03.2013.

Posted by Kabo (29/03/2013)

176,000,000 EURO

Posted by Krishnan (29/03/2013)

It will be won around 148.5 million Euros today Good Friday

Posted by Chandrashekhar (29/03/2013)

am gonn hit it and no rollovers 130 millon euros is mine.

Posted by Sophie (29/03/2013)

146.000.000 €

Posted by Patrick (29/03/2013)

EURO 190 Million

Posted by Taner (30/03/2013)


Posted by Rakesh (31/03/2013)

19 july 2013 (Friday)with 250 million Euro jackpot will be won.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (18/05/2013)

its great to know there are Superdraw every now and then. but it would be more exciting and enlivening to have superdraws more often/frequently. i hope the lottery authority/managers look in that direction and spread MORE joy!!!

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