Two Huge Reasons To Play The Lotto This Week

If you're new to the world of online lotteries, or if you've been a fan but still have not jumped on board the train to extreme wealth, but would love to play for any of the seriously huge lotto jackpots which constantly roll over and bigger – carry on reading this article!

With so many lotteries available to play online, from anywhere in the world, the question is – “Which lottery should you play?

Go for gold and play the biggest lotto jackpot

We all want to win the big one! To do so, all you need to select the right number combination, and with the vast array of international lottery draws, there is always that one really big payout to play for! With the world’s biggest international lotteries all offer on, you are definitely in the right place to play the lotto online, as right now there’s not one but two gigantic reasons to register and play the lotto!

SuperStar Week at

SuperStar Week is here!

If there’s ever a good time to play the lotto, it's got to be during our SuperStar Week! After all, imagine a full week of lotto action at your fingertips.

With a total of €585 million to play for, there’s going to be record amounts of lottery ticket purchases this week with the latest SuperStar week kicking off from Tuesday 24th May and including the draws that take place on Thursday 26th and Saturday 28th on the one and only SuperEna Max lotto game!

Play all three SuperEna Max draws now

With a total €585 million to play, we suggest giving yourself the best possible chance of scooping millions this week by making sure you play all three highly anticipated lotto draws. The first of these massive draws takes place this Tuesday the 24th May, 2016, the next draw on Thursday the 26th and ending on Saturday the 28th May, 2016. Simply select the draw dates, pick your six lucky numbers and the extra SuperStar number.

Make sure to get your lottery tickets online for these majestic SuperStar Week SuperDraws.  Just one lucky win could have you set for life with its astronomical lotto jackpot prize.

Mega Millions rolls over to $203 million

It’s not just the Italian SuperEna Max lotto game that has online lottery players grabbing their keyboards to play their lucky lotto numbers though, as the Mega Millions shocked lotto fans last Friday night when it once again rolled over! This time, it’s bulldozed its way straight through the 200 million Dollar jackpot mark, reaching a jaw-dropping $203 million!

One thing is definitely for certain –this Tuesday is lotto heaven!

With huge jackpots like these, we strongly urge every lottery player to please ensure that they play the lottery as soon as possible.

Thankfully, the beauty about playing the lotto online is that you don’t have to stand in any long queues and by doing so you will have more time to get other things done in the meantime. If by any chance you are in need any more motivation or assurance to buy your lottery ticket online, here are few more reasons why playing the lotto online is best:

Eliminates Time

It is so much easier to sit at home or on the run for that matter, and buy a lottery ticket from your smart device or PC than to have to drive to the store and stand in line for a lottery ticket. After all, you cannot always be guaranteed that your local lottery has jackpots like the SuperEna Max and the Mega Millions lottery.  Besides, playing the lotto online takes less than 5 minutes compared to how long it would probably take to get to the store, fill out your ticket and still have to wait for a receipt.


When you play the lottery online, you get to play not only the local selections, but also a large selection of international games. The odds can also be much better in some of these games.


Everyone loves surprises. When signing up to an online lottery ticketing buying agent such as, you are awarded bonus plays or discounts as a reward.  For seasoned online lottery players at, make sure you double check your inbox for our latest newsletter and remember, your LottoPoints! This week makes it the perfect time to redeem them and increase your chance winning the lotto this week!


Last but not least, should you win any money in the lottery, we will arrange that the funds be deposited directly into your account. This saves you the trip to claim your prize at the store. Playing the lottery online is therefore pretty effortless as we take care of all the drab admin work and allow you to enjoy all the benefits in the end. After all, after just over 18 years in the lotto industry, we love making the process not only simple but exciting at the same time!
Win big when you play lotto online with now!

With the world’s top international lotteries available on, there is always something to play for - so make sure you play!

* Comments Competition *

Which lotto game are you going to play this week and why?

As there’s really no right or wrong answer, we will randomly select a winner who will win 5 FREE lotto vouchers OF THEIR CHOICE!

Competition closes on Thursday, 26 May and the winner will be announced on Friday, 27 May, 2016.

Let’s get playing!
The Team



The lucky winner of 5 FREE vouchers is:


Congratulations Bharath!!! (Please contact us via Live Chat and let one of our Customer Service representatives know which 5 lotto vouchers to load into your online with us.)

Thank you to everyone for participating in our contest. If Mega Millions rolls again - we will definitely be back with another contest next week!


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Posted by Samson (23/05/2016)

I am going to play Euromillions because you match 5 numbers and win more than 1 million US Dollars.

Posted by Hyunsoo (23/05/2016)

superenamax and la primitiva, because superena max jackpot is large and very large desire, Spanish Lottery la primitiva dates are large and quickly won well, also it has an interesting prize payment system. We may not be selected at random must close the selected teukdeung there is this one, such as winning the lottery is a very unusual child well-being in the rankings.

Posted by PTsKfKK (23/05/2016)

I am playing the Mega Millions jackpot tonight because it is a serious wack of cash

Posted by Victor (23/05/2016)

I would go for superEna Max as it got the biggest jackpot and the superstar week

Posted by Kabo (23/05/2016)

I love SuperEnaMax

Posted by Ольга (23/05/2016)

I am playing the Mega Millions,because I love when a lot of money ;)

Posted by Елеонора (23/05/2016)

Like SuperEnaMax.JACKPOT IS BIG !!! :)

Posted by Taner (23/05/2016)

Of course I am going to play SuperEnaMax lotto this week because of the amazing SUPERSTAR WEEK

Posted by Vladislav (23/05/2016)

I'm going to play the Mega Millions simply because it has the biggest jackpot.

Posted by Karl (23/05/2016)

I'm going for Oz Lotto because the Jackpot-Chances are high! :)

Posted by антон (23/05/2016)

SuperEna Max and MegaMillions - My games. I feel the taste of victory breakneck.

Posted by Yudhister (23/05/2016)

SuperEnaMax and U.S Powerball,cause they always gets bigger and better.

Posted by Vladimir (24/05/2016)

This week I play SuperEnaLotto Max - Superstar. Due to the high jackpot which is Saturday, 28.05.2016 from € 585 millions. :)

Posted by Ildefonso (24/05/2016)

SuperEnaMax,simply because the jackpots are life changing and winning it sets up generational wealth for my family.

Posted by Bharath (24/05/2016)

always play SUPER ENA MAX in one positive thinking that win a jackpot every time so this week also play a superenamax thinking that this time i will hit the jackpot numbers............

Posted by Ionut (24/05/2016)

I like SuperenaMax. But now it's Superstar week so I looove Superenamax :d

Posted by IWw0Ut- (24/05/2016)


Posted by Padmanabha (24/05/2016)

Mega Millions making mind boggling return to the lucky one

Posted by _QaUaY7gFtAk (24/05/2016)

I am going to play both Superena Max and Megamillions, cause one just don't know when the lucky day arrive.

Posted by Lioba (24/05/2016)

Mega Millions, of course, because I love the huge jackpots!

Posted by Lioba (24/05/2016)

Mega Millions, of course, because I love the huge jackpots!

Posted by Sonu (25/05/2016)

Omg megamillions is increasing so high. i love to win this high am going to play megamillions!

Posted by Josephine (25/05/2016)

Till now I haven't won a penny. Let me see if i can get any thing by playing Superena Max it will a dream come true for me and my family. please pray for me

Posted by Oleksandr (25/05/2016)

I will play Euromillions because it is my favorite game with huge jackpots.

Posted by Ricardo (26/05/2016)

Any of these entry will give lots and lots of oppurtunity to .millionaire.

Posted by Debashish D (26/05/2016)

Playhugelottos website is the best in the world, offering its player's a wide range of international and mind blowing lotteries to choose from. I think this competition is a tough one for all of us, as its confusing which one to select. As per the competition, I will be selecting the one which has been initiated by PHL, being my all time favorite, because of their crazy jackpots, its the SUPER ENA MAX SUPER DRAW" lottery for this week, and the reason for it, well I don't think I need to mention that... ;), Yes its because of the SUPER Gigantic jackpot in store for us. P.S : Have already played my entry for the day. May the most deserving person win. Amen.

Posted by Boris (26/05/2016)

Just PlayHugeLottos!

Posted by Patrick (26/05/2016)

I will play SuperEna max cause I want to ride in that fastest Ferari super car.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (27/05/2016)

SUPERENA MAX SUPERSTAR is the one to go for!

Posted by Yudhister (29/05/2016)

Congratulations Bharath

Posted by Leyla (31/05/2016)

Live your dream!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (23/06/2016)

Really a good week for mega millions and euro millions! Good luck you all!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (28/06/2016)

The mega millions is still on the rise and very enticing

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