How Lottery Winners Spend Their Winnings

Nobody plays the lottery just for fun. It would be totally pointless to simply fork out cash, select your lucky lotto numbers and that’s that.  No, we play the best international lotto games because we want to win millions. The more the better.

Dreaming and scheming about how you will spend the jackpot when your lucky day arrives is all part of the lotto excitement. It’s no big surprise that online lottery players are all quite similar in what they would do if they won – clear debts, quit job, buy big house, travel etc.  Or would you..?

The Survey

A few months back, the UK National Lottery ran a survey on 3000 big lottery winners. What they wanted to establish, was what the winners spent their money on.

Surprisingly, there were quite a few surprises…

Win the lottery and quit your job

Would you quit working if you won the lottery?
The biggest shock came from a question posed to lottery players, asking them if they would quit their jobs if they won the lottery.  Surprisingly only 59% gave up work – which maybe sounds a lot but it does mean 41% did not.

We can only put it down to the fact they love their jobs and find the structure and social interaction.
What’s more is, 31% of the big lotto winners also do voluntary work, adding even greater weight to the argument that ‘we just wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves’ with so much time on our hands.

Do lottery winners really share their wealth?

We’ve all read the lottery winner stories online, with the latest lottery winner promising to help his or her family or donate some cash to a charity, but do they really?
Well the answer is, the definitely do!

Collectively, the 3,000 winners won over £8.5 Billion and of that they gave away a mammoth £1.17 Billion to friends and family. That’s a lot of promises kept! If you think about it, that in itself has created 510 new instant millionaires. You have got to love the lottery.

On the other hand, someone a math savvy will tell you that that’s just 14%, and not that great after all. In fact, it could actually come across as rather stingy.

Some say it all depends on whether the winner have grown up children or not. But, why not give to your parents in that case…  It might also depend on exactly how much was won and whether inflation will interfere with your long term goals.

At the end of the day, just how much you would give away (if at all) will be up to the lottery winner.

Would you be happy to give away more than that to your family and friends? Let us know by commenting in the comments section below this article and earn some LottoPoints at the same time!

Buying A Big House with your lotto win

One the reasons you might not get what you really would like from your jackpot winning lottery relative would be the fact that lottery winners go big when buying a new home. With £2.72 Billion spent on just their main home, that’s more than 31% of winnings going on the big house alone! Those spectacular views, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, plus all the latest smart-house gargets after all, do cost a bomb.

Buy a big house with a lotto win

Looking at the survey though, lottery winners have also cleared a total of 3,700 mortgages for their family and friends. With 390 of them giving their old home away too. So if your family don’t play the lottery yet, maybe it’s time to encourage them!

Tell them to head on over to today and play the world’s biggest and best international lotteries all under one convenient site.

Cars, Glorious Cars!

Right up there with the instant gratification of winning a lottery jackpot and immediately going out and spoiling yourself, is buying a brand new shiny car.
If you were wondering what some of the cars were that the 3000 lotto winners bought were, you will be disappointed to know that they did not all go crazy on Porsche or Ferrari. What they did spend their new found wealth on was Audi, Range Rover, BMW and Mercedes.

Win the lottery and buy a super car, super cars, lotto lifestyle

Travelling in style

By now these lottery winners must be seasoned travellers and know when to spend a few extra bob to make the trip more luxurious, right?

Well, not exactly.

While many lottery winners jetted off to a tropical island – be it the Caribbean, Canary Islands, Maldives or Mallorca, 300 lotto winners kept it real and went out and bought a caravan.  Thankfully, holidays at home, with family and friends are still a winner.

Travel in style with the lotto

How would you spend your lotto jackpot win?

Personally, I would probably be stereotypical winner too. Big house, couple of luxury cars, guarantee a good life for my kids, help out my favourite charity and quit my job. It would definitely be time to stop writing out the lotto lifestyle and start living it!

Then again, you never really know until it happens to you.

Have you got your ‘Winners List’ all sorted? How would you spend your ‘just go crazy’ portion of the cash?

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Whatever jackpot you choose to play, you could win millions to make basically any dream a reality.

Good luck gaming world!
The Team


Posted by Samson (9/03/2016)

We have to help others who have helped us in our financial crisis and i will definetly help those who have helped me.

Posted by Ndeshipanda (9/03/2016)

i really need that life. problem is that, its a difficult task

Posted by Selmy Jeremia (9/03/2016)

Good luck gaming world The the best is the best

Posted by IWw0Ut- (10/03/2016)

Charity and generosity are noble gestures after winning.

Posted by Zeljko (10/03/2016)

If I would win a jackpot I will quit my job and then do some charity or other activity which will make me happy. Because one has to do something. And would share some of the money with my family.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (11/03/2016)

winners can find really awesome ways to spend

Posted by Yudhister (12/03/2016)

i will spend money with my family if i 'll win,they deserve a better lifestyle too

Posted by Benson (12/03/2016)

Hope no one just spend everything on extravagant lifestyle

Posted by IWw0Ut- (13/03/2016)


Posted by Ricardo (15/03/2016)

Surely being a phillantropist when you win the jackpot would be a good karma.

Posted by Leyla (26/03/2016)

Good luck gaming world The the best is the best

Posted by Wilhelmina (29/03/2016)

I will definitely enjoy my winnings, but will also share my winnings with my family.

Posted by NM0idf (19/07/2016)

HYCR Depending on the amount won I would pay off my kids morgages, have a trust fund for my grandchildrens education, pay for my Lions Club's dream of building a community center to serve the less fortunate, find ways of improving my and my wife's health and have a great holiday.

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