Your Weekend Lotto Bucklist

For some unknown reason, it's harder to dream up a large sum of money... than a yacht, a mansion or some other tangible goal. Which is why, when you play the lottery online, you should aim for... something physical you want, and good way to make sure you get what you want is to make a lottery win bucket list.

Win the lottery

Fantasising about what that moment would be like… Sitting on the couch drinking your morning coffee and skimming through your Facebook newsfeed, when the latest lottery numbers from catch your eye. Somehow, the numbers look vaguely familiar… but no… it can’t be. Can it? After a mad dash, with your fingers sliding, tapping and shaking over your smartphone, you login to and find your transaction. You quickly compare the numbers. Do they really match? THEY MATCH!! You have just won the jackpot and become insanely rich!

What would you do?  Where would you go? Every actually made a lottery jackpot win bucket list?

We’re not talking about winning a small lottery jackpot. We need to base our plans on the big time… and the bigger the better! 


Well, you are in luck! The biggest international lottery jackpot currently takes place this Friday boasting a gigantic jackpot worth $144 million!  Just for one second imagine what you could buy with that kind of cash! 

$144 million Mega Millions jackpot


Many great things come from Italy, but the best by far, has to be SuperEna Max!  With a staggering 122 million Euro up for grabs this Saturday evening, you could be buying anything your heart desires.

Boozy bucket list

Whatever you do – don’t just sit there dreaming of a better life. Get UP! Walk over to your computer or simply lean over and grab your smartphone and play the lottery online right now!

With $144 million Mega Millions this Friday and $122 million SuperEna Max on Saturday, you will have more than enough to ticket your wildest dreams on your lottery bucket list!

Good luck gaming!
The Team

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Posted by IWw0Ut- (4/03/2016)

MEGAMILLIONS looks good!

Posted by Ndeshipanda (4/03/2016)

This weekend i will buy couple of tickets

Posted by Samson (4/03/2016)

I played my numbers for Superenamax this weekend and hope to win.

Posted by Ying Kwong (4/03/2016)

I like SuperEna Max, let's enjoy!

Posted by Selmy Jeremia (5/03/2016) is the best lottery currently

Posted by Ricardo (5/03/2016)

Any of this will create you to be a millionaire .

Posted by IWw0Ut- (5/03/2016)

my bucket is full of wishes too....

Posted by Yudhister (5/03/2016)

this is very exciting

Posted by Selmy Jeremia (6/03/2016)

Playhugeslottos is the best simply lean over and grab my smartphone and play the lottery online

Posted by Zeljko (7/03/2016)

It is truth, for most of us is really hard to really imagine how much 15 million really is.

Posted by Aldert Roy (9/03/2016)

nice jackpots hope for the best and good luck too you all

Posted by Aldert Roy (9/03/2016)

nice jackpots hope for the best and good luck too you all

Posted by Leyla (30/03/2016)


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