Let’s Recap The 33m Lotto Ticket

It’s a story that’s been going around for weeks now and how a grandmother who came forward claiming to have won her share of the £66m Lotto draw and how this story has sparked mystery in the biggest uk jackpot in history to date.

Susanne Hinte, 48, of Worcester, a grandmother of four, came forward to claim that she had the lottery winning numbers, unfortunately, she forgot the winning ticket in a pair of jeans which went through the wash and got damaged in the process.

Let’s face it, it could happen to anyone, and would be an absolute nightmare. 

The story started off with the biggest uk lotto jackpot. After 14 consecutive rollovers, lotto player from all over the globe were super excited to see their favourite lotto game boast a gigantic jackpot. Excitement was in the air and everyone made sure they too bought a lottery ticket into the draw.

Susanne’s daughter called her mum and casually asked her, “You didn’t perhaps buy a lotto ticket.  This prompted Susanne to look for her lotto ticket. She eventually did find it, in a pair of jeans that has already been washed.  Regardless of the damage done to the lottery ticket, she claimed the win.

Sussanne Hinte posing next to her washing machine

She said: "Since I found it in my jeans pocket, my daughter and I have been drying it out with the hairdryer.

"You can see 2016 but not the date. This is one of only two shops I buy my tickets, and I remember coming in here the day, or the day before, because I had to buy something else."

This is where the investigation into the claim begun and she sent in her crumpled and torn lottery ticket into be examined.

Since then numerous things have come out of the woodwork:

  • Susanne seemed to distance herself from claims she had purchased the winning ticket and posted on Facebook: "Not once have I said I have the winning ticket."The ticket did have the winning numbers on it. Camelot will do the checks so as it stands nobody knows if it’s the winner."
  • Her daughter Natasha said: ‘She has never said she “I’ve won the lottery”, she’s said she has the winning numbers and I’ve seen them.
  • The date that the ticket was purchased is completely ripped.
  • Other key details such as the barcode and millionaire raffle code have also been destroyed.
  • The winning numbers are fine. (but when was the ticket purchased)
  • Ms Hinte, in a separate case, will stand trial in Birmingham Magistrates’ Court on March 1 after being charged with two counts of dwelling theft. She first appeared there last June.

But the Watford-based firm has allegedly already decided she did not win, with its investigators not even trying to obtain CCTV footage from the shop where she claimed to have bought the ticket.

damaged lotto ticket, damaged 33m lotto ticket

Camelot said that they have received hundreds of submissions from people claiming to have lost the winning ticket for the January 9 draw – with the numbers 26, 27, 46, 47, 52 and 58.

A spokesman said anybody 'intentionally attempting to defraud' could face charges. The offence of fraud by misrepresentation carries a maximum penalty of ten years in jail.

The grandmother who claimed she had a £33million lottery ticket but accidentally put it in the washing machine is definitely not the winner, it was claimed last night.

These are the checks to counter fraud:

  • As a record exists of where every lottery ticket is purchased Camelot checks if the winning ticket was bought there
  • The 'winner' is quizzed on the number and combination of tickets purchased and whether any were Lucky Dip
  • The time and date of the purchase is checked against the claimant's story
  • If legible then the barcode is double-checked
  • Available CCTV is studied and the retailer who sold the ticket is questioned
  • Claims have to be made in writing within 30 days

The real 33m lottery winner claims prize

The real winner has just come forward and claimed the win

Late yesterday, the real winner came forward to with a legitimate ticket and claimed the prize. Therefore , the fact that Camelot did not bother requesting the CCTV footage makes perfect sense now as they already knew where the tickets was purchased.

With all the publicity surrounding this particular lottery win, it’s no wonder that real winner of the £33m jackpot has chosen to remain anonymous.
It just goes to show, never take a chance at claiming a lottery win, as the powers that be, will always be one step ahead of you.
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The PlayHugeLottos.com Team

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Posted by Samson (29/01/2016)


Posted by Ying Kwong (29/01/2016)

Enjoy peace of mind playing at PHL ; )

Posted by Ritwick (29/01/2016)

The chance of money makes people go wild

Posted by IWw0Ut- (30/01/2016)

i guess if you take a chance at something,....give it a shot, something could come out of it... if you don't get anything, you could say to yourself that you at least tried.

Posted by Darren (30/01/2016)

People will do anything. Always better to buy online anyhow.

Posted by Benson (30/01/2016)

lucky people :)

Posted by Ildefonso (31/01/2016)

Well,dishonesty never pays (excuse the pun),hopefully the real winner enjoys their new wealth in peace.

Posted by Paweł (1/02/2016)


Posted by Amos (1/02/2016)

too bad for her

Posted by Zeljko (2/02/2016)

This proves that it is much safer to play online, security backups will save the ticket.

Posted by Zeljko (2/02/2016)

This proves that it is much safer to play online, security backups will save the ticket.

Posted by 6Xy6ffX (4/02/2016)


Posted by Ricardo (4/02/2016)

It is much safer to buy your lottery ticket on line as there will always a record of the transaction plus the email of confirmation thereon.

Posted by Yudhister (7/02/2016)

And that's why i play online...........

Posted by IWw0Ut- (17/02/2016)

After the correct winner gets the prize, what happens to the...eh...fake claimer.....does she get jail time?

Posted by Leyla (29/02/2016)


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