Billion Dollar Lotto Winners Keep Working

One of the three winning Powerball tickets that managed to correctly predict all the winning lottery numbers for the 1.5 billion Dollar jackpot, from Tennessee, have told lottery officials that they plan to keep working.

John and Lisa Robinson, Powerball winners

Winning the 1.5 billion Dollar Jackpot

The couple from Tennessee, Lisa and John Robinson, bought their winning Powerball lottery ticket on Wednesday, just hours before the draw. It was Lisa who called John and asked him to buy some tickets on his way home from work.  John wasn’t feeling well at the time, but not wanting to disappoint his wife, he stopped off at Naifeh's Food Mart in Munford, and purchased the Powerball lottery tickets.

When he got home, he apparently laid out the four lottery tickets, each ticket representing a family member, and still not feeling well he then took a nap.

With the world officially lotto mad, Lisa waited until the televised lotto draw took place. Keeping track of four tickets can be slightly confusing during the live draw, but it wasn’t long when she realised that one of the tickets matched every single number that had just been drawn.

"I was running down the hallway screaming and crying," Lisa Robinson recalled. "I said, 'You have to check these numbers!' John was fast asleep and was like, 'Whaaa?'"

Once John realised that his wife had not completely lost her marbles, and he had doubled checked the numbers himself, he wanted to surprise their daughter, Tiffany, who lives nearby.
He wanted to do so face to face, so he hatched a plan to get her to come over, by saying that he needed some headache medication.

"She got someone else to bring it," he sighed. With his plan foiled, he ended up telling her the amazing news over the phone.

"I said 'Tiffany, we got the winning numbers!' She said, 'No.' I said, 'Yup'," John recalled.

Once he had told Tiffany, he called his brother, who works in finance. His brother immediately referred him to a financial advisor, who in turn also recommended a lawyer.

The lawyer advised them to travel to New York on Thursday evening to appear on NBC's Today show early on Friday. They appeared with their daughter Tiffany and black and white dog Abby.  The couple opted to take their $528.8 million share in an immediate cash payment instead of annual payments over 29 years.

"We're going to take the lump sum because we're not guaranteed tomorrow," John Robinson said.

Due to the fact that they had only slept for an hour in the last 48 hours, they excused themselves from the press conference to get some rest.

You just can't sit down and do nothing

When asked what they plan to do with their new found wealth, they both agreed that they would pay off their two children’s student loans and their mortgages. After that, they are going to invest the rest.  They are going to keep living in their home, and even keep their jobs.
"Big fancy houses, elaborate houses, they're nice. But you have to clean them," John Robinson said.

John works at a distribution centre and Lisa at a dermatologist's office. They have both already gone back to work. 

"That's what we've done all our life. Work. You can't just sit down and do nothing," he said.

"Got my wife on my arm, what more could I ask for?" John said.

You can just sit back and do nothing

Play the lotto online now!

The other two holders of the $1.5 billion lotto draw have still not come forward. These tickets were sold in California and Florida. Under lottery rules, a winner has up to a year to present a ticket and all three of these states have laws requiring their names be released publicly.

In the words of the 1.5 billion Dollar lottery winners, "you just can't sit down and do nothing."  It’s no good just sitting there dreaming of a better future.  If experiencing a multi-million Dollar lotto win is something you feel that you would be really good at, then play the lottery online today, and who knows, it might just be your lucky lotto numbers that appear!

Good luck with your entries!
The Team


Posted by Ying Kwong (20/01/2016)

After jackpot win, one should continue to work for the kind of job that one's interested in : )

Posted by IWw0Ut- (21/01/2016)

Happy for you guys! You are still sober about it all. :) well done

Posted by Ildefonso (21/01/2016)

I can't understand why folks who win millions say things like,"I will keep my job"..smh.There is so much you can do once you have the financial resources,you only live once,enjoy the blessing.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (22/01/2016)

I guess after a short while one does succumb to the 'lazy' life of the super rich! we just have to wait and see.

Posted by ZqTd (23/01/2016)

What luck in choosing the right numbers!

Posted by Ritwick (24/01/2016)

Lucky couple.

Posted by Zeljko (25/01/2016)

I do not understand why he wants to keep working, there is a lot of places on this globe worth a visit. If he likes to work he can find a new job later or start his own business....

Posted by Darren (26/01/2016)

Good thing he went to the Food Mart, thanks to his wife.

Posted by Samson (29/01/2016)


Posted by Yudhister (8/02/2016)

i believe its upto winners what they want to do after winning.

Posted by Leyla (25/02/2016)


Posted by IWw0Ut- (17/04/2016)

Working will stop you from being bored when you are rich

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