Celebrities That Have Either Played The Lotto Or Won

Besides wanting give our families the chance to live the lotto lifestyle, one of the major reasons for playing the lottery is to level the playing field between the average Joe and the super-rich and famous.  The fact that anyone can win the jackpot, with or without a wonderful talent, gives us hope that we too can become overnight millionaires. By simply playing your lucky lotto numbers, you can go from zero to hero in a blink of an eye.

The ultimate game of chance

But have you considered the fact that celebrities also play the lotto?  It may be that they could quite possibly be tired of the ease at which they earn their wealth that set them up to living such luxurious lives. Playing the ultimate game of chance, without a doubt, does give one a flutter in the belly and the sense of wonder, “will my lucky numbers get picked?”

Whatever the reason, celebrities that play the lottery are more common than you think.

Let’s take a look at just a few celebrities that have admitted to still buying lottery tickets, even after they have made it big in the world.


Celebrities that have dropped a few quid on Italy’s SuperEnaLotto are, Elizabeth Hurley (500 tickets), George Clooney (1000 tickets) and even Madonna!  The fact that they don’t really need the money, gives these celebs the opportunity to do some good.

Celebs that have played the lottery

Clooney and Hurley had had plans to help charities to assist victims of the Haiti earthquake in 2010.

Madonna too, bought SuperEnaLotto tickets and SiVinceTutto tickets. She won a hefty €120,000 which she used to help build schools in Malawi.

Another celeb who loves playing the SuperEnaLotto is Paris Hilton. Paparazzi have snapped pictures of heiress Paris Hilton buying tickets more than once, saying that she’d donate a mere 10% to charity if she ever won.  In contrast, our average Joe, Roy Cockrum won a $259m Powerball jackpot last year and pledged to give most of it to charity.

Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton plays the lottery

Mega Millions

John Legend’s supermodel wife, Christine Teigen bought her first lottery ticket when the Mega Millions soared to the gigantic record-breaking jackpot amount of $656 million.

Even, Chris Singleton, who always played basketball to strive for the best winning stats, slam-dunked $10,000 on lottery tickets.

Another sports star, Matt Kemp, who signed a $160 million contract posted a photo of himself holding his Mega Millions tickets. When asked about his Mega Millions lottery tickets, the outfielder said, “You know what's better than $160 million dollars?  $640 million dollars!

Matt Kemp

Play Mega Millions now - Current jackpot is $129 million
Other sportsmen that have also played the lottery are:

Rob Dyrdek – He spent $700 on the Mega Millions lottery and the jackpot was only half the record breaking amount.
Joshua Gates – The host of Syfy’s Destination Truth got his Twitter followers to help pick his lottery numbers and promised to share the winnings with him, if he won. Unfortunately for Joshua and his followers, he didn’t.
Simon Cowell

Even though Simon Cowell is worth a staggering £359m and counting, the X Factor guru, hinted that he has actually won a few big prizes on the Lotto with his personal set of lucky numbers. He also told the Daily Mail, “I still play. But I tick the box that says no publicity so no one would know.”

The gala afternoon tea for some of The Health Lottery’s most deserving recipients was an idea Mr Cowell dreamed up more than a year ago.

Simon Cowell, Simon Cowell at the Health Lottery Tea Party

Simon will be Simon - having a cheeky smoke break at the Health Lottery Tea Party

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman has on more than one occasion bought lottery tickets for his co-workers on set. While filming, "Les Miserables", Huge bought lottery tickets to the value of £250 for the crew.
This isn't the first the Hollywood actor bought lottery tickets on set. While shooting, "Real Steel", he treated them with 500 US Lottery tickets.

"It's my way of paying taxes. The very first film I did in America, I was embarrassed to say two months in that I didn't know half of the crew's names. So I thought that on a Friday afternoon I'll whip by and buy Lottery tickets for everyone and hand them out. I say it's an Australian tradition, but it's not," the former "X-Men" star said about that gift.

Hugh Jackman, Hugh Jackman buys lottery tickets


The former head of Barclays bank, Rich Ricci, has without a doubt lived up to his name. Not only is he worth £100m, but he also owns dozens of champion horses. Right up there with the things he loves doing is, playing the EuroMillions lottery

As you can see, being a wealthy celebrity doesn’t necessarily make you immune to playing the world’s biggest lotteries. The excitement of winning a vast amount of cash can grab just about anyone’s attention. Let’s face it, playing the lotto is way easier than waking up at 4am and heading off to set for a full 12 hour day’s shooting. 

With just a few clicks, you could buy lottery tickets online and feel the thrill that comes from playing the lottery and seeing your numbers hit the jackpot!

250 million SuperEnaMax lottery jackpot, SuperStar week

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Posted by ZqTd (29/10/2015)

With all the celeb's playing too, it sure is the draw of the luck as I can not complete purchasing so many tickets ;-(

Posted by IWw0Ut- (30/10/2015)

Do celebs need to play the lottery jackpots??????

Posted by Krishnan (30/10/2015)

Is wealth contagious?!

Posted by Ricardo (30/10/2015)

Big money attracts everyone that includes me.

Posted by Ying Kwong (30/10/2015)

Everyone would like to join the Lotto parties, celebrities included

Posted by Julian (31/10/2015)

The Management of money is, in much, the management of self. If heaven allotted to each man seven guardian angels, five of them, at least, would be found night and day hovering over his pockets

Posted by Ricardo (2/11/2015)

Everyone wants lots of money.

Posted by Krishnan (2/11/2015)

The desire to have more and more money is directly proportional to quantum of wealth one has !

Posted by Ritwick (3/11/2015)

This is news to me

Posted by Rakeemah Binti (11/11/2015)

they are human.....

Posted by Leyla (15/11/2015)

Good news

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