Really Good Reasons Why You Should Play The Lotto Online

There are millions of people that buy lotto tickets. With the help of the internet, people can now partake in the biggest and best lotteries from around the world, and with just over 60% of the adult population playing the lottery at one time or another, it’s no wonder that lotto jackpots have reached such astounding amounts.

We all love to dream. To dream of a life where we have everything we ever wanted. It’s for this very reason that playing the lottery has steadily grown in popularity. The fact that everything is speeding up with the help of technology, also makes playing the lottery online that much more attractive.

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Here are few other reasons, why you should play the lotto online:

1. Wider Choice of Lotteries Online
Walk down to your corner shop and buy a lotto ticket. What did you buy?  A ticket into your National lottery, of course. But what if you were given a choice into this week’s $100 million US Powerball but you only have the option to buy a EuroMillions ticket with a 30 million Euro jackpot.  You’re an avid and loyal EuroMillions lottery player, you say. Fair enough, but what if you could buy a EuroMillions ticket and get a Powerball ticket for free?  This is where playing the lottery online comes in very handy.

By subscribing to an online lottery website, like, you will be offered various special offers when it comes to playing the lottery online; and all these little offers will have your previous player history and preferences in mind. 
With the world’s biggest lotteries based in the US, Europe and Australia, taking part in these lucrative lotteries can only happen if you play the lotto online.

Registering online
is fast, easy and 100% safe, and you will instantly be given the choice to play any of the available lotteries.

Play the lotto online

2. Never Lose Your Lotto Ticket

A week doesn’t go buy that someone hasn’t misplaced or lost their lotto ticket. Read any of our lottery winner stories and you half of them will have a ticket misplaced, only to be double checked week’s later and be the winning jackpot ticket. 

To make sure you never lose your lotto ticket, play online. It’s that simple. Play the lotto online has been around for years and quite natural already. have been in the online lottery industry since 1998! That’s a long time for an internet based company. With this comes 17 years’ experience when it’s comes to mastering special offers, loyalty rewards, payment gateways and naturally making sure our loyal online lotto players have a chance of becoming instant millionaires!

By playing the lottery through the PlayHugeLottos portal, you will never run the risk of losing your lotto ticket, as your physical ticket is kept inside a vault and you have access to your transaction at any time, via your email or your transaction history.

3. Never Miss A Draw

By subscribing to our reminder mailers, text reminders and following us on social media, you will never miss another draw. 
By playing your favourite lotteries in the various play options, you will also enjoy massively discounted lotto bundles with lottery entries into future draws.

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4. Double Check Your Transactions

Buying your lottery tickets at the corner store can get messy. You purchase a lotto ticket with your pint of milk, crumple it into your pocket and take no notice of how much you are spending on the lotto during the month. Playing the lotto online gives you the ability to track all your transactions in a simple and complete overview of all your past purchase. Online lottery players will also be able to double check voucher redemptions, special offers and wins, giving you full control of your account.

5. Automatically Cash Out Smaller Prizes

How often do you go back to the local store and claim a small win?  Every time, sometimes, hardly ever? Looking at that statistics, more than $2 billion in lottery prizes go unclaimed every year! Most of these unclaimed prizes were smaller prizes. By playing the lottery online, you will never have the hassle of making a special trip to claim your smaller prize win, instead, your winnings will be automatically added into your online account.

You will be able to replenish, withdraw or convert your winnings to vouchers at cost price! You will also be given the option to convert your winnings to Play Credits, which can be used to play any of the available lotteries on offer.

6. Playing Online Is Quicker And Less Hassle

For lottery players that are constantly on the go, playing the lotto online could not get any easier when playing via your mobile phone.  With just a few clicks of the mouse you will have your lucky lotto entries in no matter where you are.
For those of you that would like to play the biggest jackpot in world right here, right now sign up and be part of the online lottery action.

The world’s biggest jackpot you can play for right now are:

As you can see there are literally millions to be won every day of the week – if you play the lottery online

Best of luck!

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Posted by Ildefonso (25/08/2015)

Need a PHL player to win a jackpot soon,when that happens many will be inspired.

Posted by Julian (25/08/2015)

Its safe and I like to play online very much

Posted by Ritwick (25/08/2015)

I like playing online only on playhugelottos.

Posted by Osaru (25/08/2015)

i really do love playing lotteries online,so much fun and so much opportunity

Posted by IWw0Ut- (26/08/2015)

The advantages are almost unlimited

Posted by Debashish D (26/08/2015)

Playing Lotto Online is the most easiest and the most safest way to earn millions of dollars without any worries. PHL website is ultimate.

Posted by Felhix Olokani (27/08/2015)

Especially at PlayHugelottos.Com it is much easier to play a variety of World Lotteries online and I should hope that transferring of winning proceeds is far better at PHL

Posted by Sonu (1/09/2015)

playing online is safe

Posted by IWw0Ut- (1/09/2015)

Winnings get deposited straight into your account! No hassle, PHL pays!

Posted by Leyla (13/09/2015)

I like to play online very much.

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