Lotto Winners: From Dog Baskets To Tarantulas…

Lottery winners. Love them or hate them but we all want to be them! Open your browser and there’s the latest lotto winner, in all their glory. Smiling from ear to ear, popping champagne, holding the great big cheque and telling the world how they are going to spend their millions.

It’s these lottery players that went out of their way to buy lotto tickets. Whether they bought their lotto tickets online or at the local corner store while picking up a pint of milk, the fact is, they had a lotto ticket and the chance to win all that money.
So where do they come from? How did they choose their numbers? And where did they stash the winning lotto ticket?
Where would you stash your cash?

EuroMillions Lottery winners

Just how many times have you looked at these lotto winners and thought, “Why couldn’t that be me?”  The simple truth is, it can be. You just have to give yourself the opportunity to stand a chance of winning and there’s no other way than to buy a lotto ticket.  We’re not saying that you have to spend your last dime on the lotto. Not at all. But if you have a few quid to play a line here and there, then do so.
Let’s take a look at lottery winners and their lucky lotto stories:

Lottery Winners

Lottery winners are immediately faced with figuring out how to spend more cash than they have ever been able to fathom having, and the way that some winners choose to spend their windfall is unusual, to say the least.

From legalising pot, celebrating with a shiny new trouser press, creating an all-girl wrestling show to a new pair of hips for your wife or hiding the winning ticket in the microwave, lottery winners have done it all.

Choosing those elusive numbers

It’s not all about winning the lotto due to your postcode as there is the small matter of picking the right numbers on a normal lottery. While some simply refuse to spend too much time thinking about which numbers to play and play a Quick Pick, many online lotto players prefer to choose the same numbers, all of which mean something very special to them, every draw.
Then there are those lottery players who swear that they have to play their lucky numbers, whether it’s a loved one’s birthday, a squad number of their favourite sportsman or in some cases a set of lotto numbers they dreamt of.

I have to agree, if I dreamt of winning the lotto and remembered each and every number, I would definitely go out of my way to play those numbers!  This is exactly what happened to 58-year-old engineer Terry Vigus last year. He scooped a massive £1.1million on the Lotto after dreaming his numbers just a few weeks before!
He said: "I saw the balls drop and one by one they matched the numbers on my ticket.”

"In my dream I had matched five and was waiting for the sixth ball to fall when I suddenly woke up!"

Dream it, wish it, do it

It's written in the stars

Some lotto players think there is a formula to winning big on the lotto but others rely solely on lady luck herself or a sign from above.

We just have to look at best friends Carly Wiggett and Becky Witt. These ladies won £336,000 on the EuroMillions in 2013.  How?  Carly's mother read their horoscopes in the daily newspaper which suggested they were in for a huge windfall. The immediately bought a lotto ticket.  While getting ready to go out, a friend of their texting them and told them that they had won big. They naturally thought their friends was just having them on but soon discovered that they had in fact won £118,000 apiece. I bet that was a good night out!

I guess now would be a good time to let you know that the August lottery horoscope is live. You never know what the stars are trying to tell you…

Is today your lucky day?
For those you don’t know your Leo from your Libra, and prefer getting your hands dirty building something rather, we have good news as the jobs with the most lotto luck show that the building trade have had the most lottery wins than that of any other vocation.  For those into manufacturing, driving and administration you too are in with a good chance.

Jobs with the most lotto luck

Where to hide your winning ticket

Can you believe it - one tiny piece of paper can be worth millions. It’s no wonder that those who have just found out that they won the lottery get seriously paranoid about where to keep the winning lotto ticket safe.

These tickets have been stored in some bizarre places. One winner actually hid the winning lotto ticket in the dog’s basket, while another under the snake tank.

Let’s face it.  Lottery winners have their work cut out for them. It’s not for the faint hearted and keeping your cool is definitely hard.  From stories of people splashing their millions without a second thought to purchasing a new pair of hips for your wife, buying a tarantula, these winners are at least all doing what makes them happy.

Don't forget, anyone can win with lotto, so, if you're a builder with a dog basket fit for a winning lotto ticket, then it might be in your best interest to buy a Lotto ticket this week!

Dog in a dog basket

The dream of being able to go from rags to riches is one that everyone fantasizes about. Who wouldn’t want to quit their job, move to a mansion, pay off their family’s debts, travel the world and fly in a private jet?

With this Thursday’s SuperEna Max jackpot currently standing at 95 million Euro and the La Primitiva soaring to 66.5 million Euro – you need to give yourself the opportunity to become an instant millionaire and the best place to do it, is right here at!

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Posted by -3_JIV (5/08/2015)

I have safe pocket call "PHL"

Posted by Yudhister (5/08/2015)

Thanks for the information.......God bless

Posted by Wilhelmina (5/08/2015)

Oh yes, today is my lucky day!

Posted by Ndeshipanda (5/08/2015)


Posted by Krishnan (6/08/2015)

Quite true. Even the Goddess of luck to smile upon a person with a jackpot winning, a person has to hold a ticket, that too it is all the more easier to be reminded of a winning rather than remembering to look for the results.

Posted by Julian (6/08/2015)

Every dog has its day. It might be in your best day today I wish I get some ?!

Posted by Julian (6/08/2015)

Every dog has its day. It might be my best day today I wish I get some ?!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (6/08/2015)

If you think too much of the jackpots, then most probably you will dream of numbers. I think it's better to choose random numbers when you are making your selection.....who knows...the hammer may drop if you're lucky at the time!

Posted by Niranjan (6/08/2015)

Hope Today SuperEnaMax Makes my Life Super Duper

Posted by Amos (6/08/2015)

I am Lucky

Posted by Paweł (7/08/2015)

Euromillions-Time to get rich

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Posted by Krishnan (10/08/2015)

It is believed that dreams which occur during the early hours of the morning come true.

Posted by Piotr (15/08/2015)

Lucky Day superenamax

Posted by Ndeshipanda (16/08/2015)

I cant wait to win something from those jackpots. I play too much but didnt get any single penny

Posted by Ndeshipanda (16/08/2015)

I cant wait to win something from those jackpots. I play too much but didnt get any single penny

Posted by Ndeshipanda (16/08/2015)

I cant wait to win something from those jackpots. I play too much but didnt get any single penny

Posted by Osaru (21/08/2015)

thanks for the tips

Posted by Debashish D (26/08/2015)

I can only say that lady luck can smile on us from anywhere. The place is not that important. Amen.

Posted by Sonu (1/09/2015)

every dog has a day like same every man has a day!

Posted by Leyla (14/10/2015)

Good luck!

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