Mayweather Buys Knockout $4.8M Super Car

Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. is an American professional boxer. He is an undefeated five-division boxing world champion. Born on the 24th of February, 1977, Floyd has won eleven world titles and the lineal championship in four different weight classes. Mayweather also has many more other accolades to his name. He is a two-time Ring magazine Fighter of the Year (winning the award in 1998 and 2007) and he also won the Boxing Writers Association of America Fighter of the Year award in 2007. 

Now that we know this famous world-champion a little bit better, we can go on to discuss his most recent splurge. Mayweather topped the Forbes and Sports Illustrated lists of the 50 highest-paid athletes of 2013 and 2014, making him the highest paid athlete in the world. 

Manny VS Mayweather


So, how do you upgrade from a $3.8 million Ferrari? Well, that’s get a $4.8 MILLION super car to take its place. At least, that’s what Floyd Mayweather is planning to do, according to reports by TMZ Sports. Sources close to the boxer have revealed that he is inches away from closing the deal on an ultra-rare sports car called a Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita. Now, let us just put things into perspective for you. This super car is so rare that there is only THREE of its kind in the entire world. Yup, you heard right. 


Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita     Dashboard

This car is lightning fast. It can go from 0-60 in 2.9 seconds and tops out at 250 miles per hour! His friends and acquaintances say that Floyd has had his eye on the car for a while now, but he is finally pulling the trigger. Sources say that his car guy Obi Okeke at Fusion Luxury Motors has already imported it to his L.A. showroom specifically for Mayweather. 

Floyd Mayweather is currently in Los Angeles for the BET Awards – so don’t be surprised if you see him rolling around town in this super car by the 4th of July. The boxing champ certainly does live up to one of his nicknames, “Money”, when it comes to his car collection. You can simply ask the auto dealership that has sold him over 100 cars in the space of 18 years, including 16 Rolls-Royces. 

“He’ll buy a car before a fight. He’ll buy cars after the fight. He’ll buy cars on holidays,” says Josh “Chop” Towbin of Towbin Motorcars in Las Vegas. Mayweather has that kind of money to throw around wherever he pleases. He is one of the world’s most highly paid athletes and his payday for his May fight with Manny Pacquiao earned him $100 MILLION alone

Towbin Motorcars will never pass up a sale when it comes to Mayweather, its executives tell USA TODAY sports. It has happened many times that he calls in and wants to come shopping at 2 am. And , of course, the dealership is more than happy to oblige. 

“We never know when Floyd will get the bug to go car shopping,” says Jesika Towbin-Mansour. It is, of course, worth the effort though. A Rolls-Royce can run north of $400,000. A Bugatti passes $2 million like a speed bump – and Mayweather owns all here of them along with dozens of others both equally classy and mind-blowingly expensive. 

The champ also pays in cash – sometimes duffel bags full of it. There’s so much cash that the auto dealership had to buy a new cash-counting machine just to accommodate Mayweather! On top of that, he’s very fussy about what he chooses to buy. 


Mayweather and His Duffel Bags


“These cars are an extension of his persona. They are the best of the best, as he is,” says Towbin Mansour. 

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SuperEna Max


Best of luck!

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Posted by VPv6hQ (29/06/2015)

Oh my. What a gorgeous car. If I win I will be looking at one hahaha

Posted by IWw0Ut- (29/06/2015)

Money can buy you anything!

Posted by Ritwick (30/06/2015)

Impressive collection of cars he has then.

Posted by Julian (30/06/2015)

Not a Super Car But I will the cash when I will win

Posted by Marcin (1/07/2015)

I love Rolls-Royce

Posted by Amos (4/07/2015)

Such a story is my motivation. You will read my story on this website soon.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (23/08/2015)

nice choice

Posted by Sonu (1/09/2015)

money speaks

Posted by Leyla (2/10/2016)


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