Worldwide Lottery Results 23 June 2015

Find out the latest lottery results and winning lottery numbers for various lottery games around the world.

EuroMillions Lotto Results

A very lucky EuroMillions ticket scooped the whole jackpot of €24,835,107.00 on Friday.

The winning EuroMillions numbers for Friday the 19th June 2015 were:   07 – 14 – 20 – 31 – 42 and Lucky Star numbers 03 and 09.
The second tier for those EuroMillions fans who purchased a ticket and matched the 5 main numbers and one Lucky Star number saw 12 lucky winners who each won € 122,938.80.  In the third tier we see 12 EuroMillions ticket holders who matched all five main EuroMillions drawn numbers will be over the moon with an extra € 40,979.60 to spoil themselves with. Down in the fourth tier, there were as many as 89 players who became instant lotto winners. These players were awarded with their prize of €2,762.60 for matching four numbers and both Star Balls.

EuroMillions lottery results for the 19th June 2015
UK Lottery Lotto Results

In the middle of the controversial announcement that the UK Lottery will be adding an additional 10 balls to the ball format, and giving away a free chance to those who match 2 numbers in the air, the UK Lotto jackpot attracted plenty of attention. The winning UK Lottery numbers for the 20th June, 2015 were:  01 – 06 – 23– 25 – 32 – 35 and bonus ball 27.
Unfortunately no player was able to match all the winning drawn UK Lotto numbers to take home the jackpot.

All was not lost, however, as there was two lucky UK Lotto tickets matched five numbers out of the six plus the Bonus Ball of 17 to win a second tier prize of £ 169,826.00.

208 people managed to match the 5 main winning drawn numbers and won £ 1,386.00 each.

The next UK Lotto jackpot will be worth £5.6 million on Wednesday, June 24th June 2015.  Buy a UK Lottery ticket now!

UK Lottery results for the 20th June 2015

US Powerball Lotto Results

One super lucky Powerball player scooped up the $ 80,000,000.00 Powerball jackpot on Saturday night. 80 million is enough to do just about anything your heart desires and they only have themselves to thank for buying a Powerball ticket and taking a chance to change their lives forever!
The winning Powerball numbers were:  09 – 10 – 16 - 20 and 57 as well as Powerball 15 to take home the $80 million jackpot, the next draw will be worth $40 million! So, if you too would like to become a multimillionaire – you know what to do!

One player managed all 5 main Powerball numbers to bag the second prize of $1 million.  Twenty six players correctly predicted four of the main Powerball numbers and the elusive Power ball to snatch up $10,000 for their efforts.
Powerball lotto results for the 20th June 2015
SuperEnaLotto Lotto Results

The SuperEna Lotto saw not only no jackpot winner but no second tier winners either.  The winning SuperEnaLotto numbers for Saturday the 20thth June, 2015 were:  06 – 11 – 21 – 65 – 66 – 85 and the Jolly number 23.
Five lucky tickets did however win prizes worth over €25,613.09 after matching five numbers. The next jackpot draw will be on Tuesday, and it will be worth €18.1 million.
SuperEnaLotto Results for the 20th June 2015
Mega Millions Lotto Results

The Mega Millions seemed to be playing copycat when it too did not produce a jackpot winner or a second tier winner on Friday evening. The winning numbers were:   04 – 35 – 36 – 52 – 68 and the Mega ball 08.

Thirty five players matched their 4 main numbers and the Mega ball to take home a $ 5,000.00 for their trouble.

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Posted by Julian (23/06/2015)

I will go for it and win

Posted by Krishnan (24/06/2015)

Best wishes to all those who matched all the numbers and won the jackpot. Some day HugeLottos will be intimating me of my Jackpot win sure.

Posted by Ritwick (24/06/2015)

When do I win oh God??!!

Posted by Amos (26/06/2015)

I can, i will, i must win.

Posted by VPv6hQ (29/06/2015)

Congrats to all winners. When will I win

Posted by Leyla (30/09/2016)

Congratulations all winners.

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